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Name: Holly Blake
Nicknames: Holly Love, Cool Breeze, Holl-bop, Hollsy, Holls, and Holly Bolly Bee!
Age: 14
Sign: Leo
Grade: 9th
Location: North Hollywood, Cali
Hair Color: Red w/ Blonde highlights. "The woman that did my hair calls it "cherry cola."
Eye Color: Light Brown
Siblings: 2 sisters; Jessamyn (6), Emily (17)



Food: Peanut Butter! "And I can't have it either."
Ice Cream: COLD STONE Fat-free cheesecake yogurt w/ raspberries or pumpkin pie and cinnamon.
Cookie: Gingersnaps and sugar cookies
Candy Bar: Reeses, Nutrageous, and Whactamacallit
Drink: Jamba Juice
Movie: Romeo & Juliet or Return to Oz
Actor/Actress: Ryan Phillipe and Martin Lawrence. Wynona Ryder
CD: 702, HEAT, DREAM, Mariah Carey *rainbow*
Duo/Band: Heat, NSYNC, 98 and Destiny's Child
Singer: Brian McKnight
Color: Orange, pretty greens, and blueish greens and of course blue and purple!!!!
Day of the Week: Saturday "Cuz it's alwayz good."
Holiday: Christmas and New Years "I love to party."