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Name: Diana
Nicknames: D, Lil d, Fefe, Drusila.
Age: 14
DOB: September 23, 1985
Sign: "I'm actually a virgo and a libra.......I get so confused :)"
Grade: 9th
Location: North Hollywood, Hometown, Pacoima Cali
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Siblings: "I've got 3 beautiful older sisters. Erica(20), Stephanie(17),Krisha(16)."



Food: Spagetthi, Mash Potatoes, Mac & Cheese...yummy
Ice Cream: Mint chocalate chip
Cookie: Thin mints
Candy Bar: Snickers
Drink: Coke, Mountain Dew...Milk(2% Reduced Fat) :)
Movie: Fox Fire
Actor/Actress: Meg Ryan, Ethan Hawk
CD: "A Place in the Sun"-LIT, "On the Six"-Jennifer Lopez
Duo/Band: Save Ferris, Destinys child, HEAT,
Singer: Jennifer Lopez, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald.
Color: Light blue, Dark Green.
Day of the Week: Friday
Holiday: Halloween...."I like to dress up as things and people that i can never be, on a regular daily basis."