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Name: Ashley Nicole Poole
Nicknames: Ash, Ash-Pee, AshleyFathaPoo, Blondie, Smashly
Age: 14
DOB: May 10th
Sign: Tarus
Grade: 9th
Location: North Hollywood, Cali, but my hometown is Blythe, Cali
Hair Color: Right now, Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Blueish-Greenish
Siblings: 2 sisters; Tori(12), Audi(23)



Food: MEXICAN, and Bacon/Apple Pie
Ice Cream: COLD STONE Fat-free cheesecake with raspberries.
Cookie: Apple cookies
Candy Bar: Whactamacallit
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Movie: Now and Then, The Other Sister
Actor/Actress: Mel Gibson. Christina Ricci
Duo/Band: DREAM
Singer: Kim Burrel
Color: Baby Blue
Day of the Week: Friday "Party!"
Holiday: Christmas