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Celine Dion in duet with...


Celine & Alain DelonAlain Delon

Song: "Paroles, Paroles";

Performed at a TV show on December 1, 1996. 




Celine & AnastaciaSong: "You Shook Me All Night Long" (original from AC/DC);

Performed at the "VH1 Divas Las Vegas" concert, in Las Vegas, on May, 23, 2002.

This duet it's also included as a bonus track on Celine's "Goodbye's (the saddest word)" cd-single.



Celine & Andrea BocelliAndrea Bocelli

Song: "The Prayer";

An amazing song included on Celine's holiday album "These Are Special Times", released in 1998.

Celine and Bocelli performed this song live several times, at Oscar and Grammy Awards ceremonies and even at her 2008 "Taking Chances World Tour".



Celine & Barbra StreisandBarbra Streisand

Song: "Tell Him";

Included on Celine's multi-platinum "Let's Talk About Love", released in 1997.



Bee Gees

Celine & os Bee GeesSong: "Immortality";

Written by the Bee Gees specially for Celine. This song it's also included on the album "Let's Talk About Love".



"Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You";

Performed live in 1989. 



Song: "Mes Blues Passent Pu Dans' Porte";

Performed live with Breen LeBoeuf, during Celine's "Incognito Tour", in 1987.



Song: "Le blues du businessman";

Amazing song and amazing duet performed live at the Millennium Concert, in Montreal, on December 31, 1999.



Celine & Bryan Adams

Songs: "Everything I Do", "When Your Gone" and "It's Only Love";

Also performed live at the Millennium Concert, in Montreal, on December 31, 1999.



Celine & Bryan McNightBryan McNight

Song: "Beauty and the Beast";

Performed live at the "CBS - A New Day Has Come Special", on March 3, 2002.



Café Quijano

Song: "Nadie Lo Entendie";

Celine Dion appears as a vocalist on this song. "Nadie Lo Entendie" it's included on Spanish group fourth album "¡Qué grande es esto del amor!", released on November 4, 2003, and was co-produced by Humberto Gatica.

In interview Manuel, the lead singer of Café Quijano, said: "The only thing, I can say about Celine is that the greatness begins by the humility and she is the best example".



Song: "Knock on Wood";

Performed live at May 15, 1995, at "Taratata", a French TV show.



Celine & Carole KingCarole King

Song: "The Reason";

Included on Celine's "Let's Talk About Love" album.

Celine and Carole King sing it together at the "VH1 Divas Live" concert, on April 12, 1998.



Celine & Charles Aznavour


Performed live on October 1, 2003, at the "1 Fille & 4 Types Special" concert, filmed in Las Vegas, and broadcasted in French and Canadian TV Stations.



Clive Griffin

Song: "When I Fall In Love";

Included on Celine's album "The Colour of My Love", released in 1993.



Songs: "Wishful Thinking" and "Can't We Try";

"Wishful Thinking", was Included on Dan Hill's, 1989 album "Real Love". 

"Can't We Try", was performed live by this two artists in several Canadian concerts, in late 1980's.



Celine & David FosterDavid Foster

Song: "Love Light's The World";

This duet was recorded in 1996 to be included on a David Foster's album. This music producer worked in all Celine's English albums during the 1990's, and always describe Celine as his favorite female singer. 



Celine & as Destiny's Child

Songs: "Emotion" and "When The Wrong One Loves You Right";

Performed live on March 3, 2002, at the "CBS - A New Day Has Come Special".



Song: "Cent Mille Chansons";

Performed live in 1987, at the "Station Soleil", a Canadian TV show.



Celine & Elton John

Songs: "Saturday's Night" and "Sorry (seems to be the hardest word)";

Celine Dion and Elton John got on stage February 20, 2006, in Las Vegas, to sing live together for the first time, in a benefit to raise money for Harrah's Entertainment Inc. workers hard hit by hurricanes.



Celine & Elvis PresleyElvis Presley

Song: "If I Can Dream";

Celine Dion made tv history in America, on April 25th, 2007, when she performed live this song in duet with an hologram of Elvis Presley, during the American Idol "Idol Gives Back" charity special.

Thanks to modern computer and television technology they made a really convincing illusion which let it look as if Dion and Presley really stood together on stage that night. This performance reached #1 at itunes downloads in the US.



Song: "Encore et Encore";

Performed live in 1987, at the Canadian TV show "Station Soleil".



Frank Sinatra

Song: "All The Way";

Included on Celine's 1999 "All The Way... A Decade of Song" cd, and also on her DVD "Live in Las Vegas", released in December 2007.



Celine & Garou

Song: "Sous Le Vent";

Recorded in 2001, for Garou's first album. This song reached #1 at the French singles charts and won several awards. 



Celine & Gloria Estefan

Songs: "Conga" and "Because You Loved Me";

Performed live on October 7, 1999, for Celine's CBS TV Special "All The Way... A Decade of Song".



Henri Salvador

Song: "Une Chanson Douce";

Performed live on October 1, 2003, at the "1 Fille & 4 Types Special" concert, filmed in Las Vegas, and broadcasted in French and Canadian TV Stations.



Il Divo

Song: "I Believe in You";

Included on Celine's "On Ne Change Pas" album, released in 2005.



Song: "If You Only Believe";

Performed live at the "Jackson Family Honors" concert, broadcasted on February 22, 1994. 



Song: "Les Fleurs Malades";

Performed live in 1985, at the "Telethon Les 9 Heures".

Celine & Jean-Jacques Goldman

Song: Là-Bas;

Performed live at the French benefit show "Les Enfoirés", in 1994. 



Song: "Une Chance Qu'On S'a";

Performed live at the Adisq Awards, on November 1, 1998.



Joe Walsh

Song: "Something";

Performed live with Joe Walsh (from Eagles), on February 15, 2008, at the CBS "That's Just The Woman In Me Special".



Celine & Johnny Halliday

Song: "L'envie";

Performed live at the "Les 500 Choristes" concert, on October 9, 2005, and broadcasted on French TV in November 2005.



Celine & Josh GrobanJosh Groban

Song: "The Prayer";

Performed live by Celine and Josh Groban at the rehearsals of 1999 Academy Awards, 2002 "The Concert for World Children's Day", broadcasted on American TV on November 14, and at the CBS "That's Just The Woman In Me Special", on February 15, 2008.



Celine & PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti

Song: "I Hate You Then I Love You";

Included on Celine's "Let's Talk About Love" album, released in 1997.

Performed live on June 9, 1999, in Modena, Italy, at the "Pavarotti & Friends" benefit show.



Celine & Marc DupréMarc Dupré

Song: "Tout Près du Bonheur";

This song was co-written by Celine Dion and it was included on Marc Dupré's 2005 album "Refaire le Monde", accompanied by some vocals by the diva.

Entitled "Tout près du bonheur", the melody was composed by Celine, in 2000, for Marc Dupre and Rene Angelil's daughter, Anne-Marie Angelil's wedding. Celine Dion performed it after the ceremony.

Celine won a SOCAN Award for "Best Composition" with "Tout Près du Bonheur".



Song: "Plus haut que moi";

Recorded in 1993, to be included on an album of this Canadian singer.




Song: "Quand on n'a que l'amour";

An original by Jacques Brell, performed live at the benefit show "Les Enfoirés", in 1996.



Celine & Michael Bolton

Song: "Hold On I'm Coming";

Performed live during Michael Bolton's 1992 US tour. 



Songs. "Mejor Decir Adios", included on Anka's album "Amigos", and  "It's Hard to Say Goodbye", the English version of that song, released in 1998, in "A Body of Work" cd.





Peabo Bryson

Song: "Beauty and the Beast";

Recorded for the soundtrack of the Walt Disney's movie. Also included on Celine Dion album.

With this duet, Celine Won her first Oscar and Grammy Award.





Celine & R. KellyR. Kelly

Song: "I'm Your Angel";

Included on Celine's "These Are Special Times" album, released in November 1998. 

This song reached #1 at the Billboard US Charts.



Celine & os N'SyncN'Sync

Song: "That's The Way It Is";

Performed live on October 7, 1999, at the CBS Special "All The Way... A Decade of Song".



Song: "Quand On S'aime";

Recorded in Las Vegas, on October 3, 2003, and included on Simard's album "Hier... encore".



Song: "Je Reviendrai à Montreal";

Performed live on December 1, 1996, at a Canadian TV show.



Song: "Hélène";

Performed live with Jean-Jacques Goldman and Roch Voisine at the concert "Tapis Rouge - Spéciale Céline Dion", broadcasted on French TV.



Celine & Rosie O'Donnell

Song: "Do you hear what I hear";

Performed live in 1998, at the "These Are Special Times" CBS Special.



Tony Bennett

Song: "If I Ruled the World";

Featured in the album "Tony Bennett Duets an American Classic", celebrating Bennett's 80th birthday. Released on September 26, 2006, this album also features duets with Michael Bublé, Diana Krall, Bono and Elvis Costello.





Celine & Will.I.AmWill.I.Am

Song: "Eyes On Me";

Performed live with Will.I.Am, former element of the Black Eyed Peas, on February 15, 2008, at the CBS "That's Just The Woman In Me Special".



Celine & Yuna ItoYuna Ito

Song: "A World To Believe In";

Released as a single in Japan, in January 2008, to promote Celine's album "Taking Chances".






"What More Can I Give"

This song was written and produced by Michael Jackson in 2001, inspired by the tragic September 11 events. Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Carlos Santana, Beyoncé Knowles, are among the many artists who collaborated on this performance. The song however was never released as a result of  divergences between Michael and his record label.



"Aren't They All Our Children"

Aren't They All Our ChildrenWritten by David Foster and Linda Thompson. 

On November 14, 2002, Celine performed this song with various artists, includin Josh Groban, Enrique Iglesias, Nick Carter or Michael Bublé, for The Concert for World Children's Day.



"Come Together Now"

Released on October 17, 2005. Written by Sharon Stone, Damon Sharpe, Mark Feist, and Denise Rich, "Come Together Now" was inspired by the magnitude of human suffering and tragedy that touched so many lives after the tsunami disaster in December 2004 and the Hurricane Katrina in the USA in August 2005.

Celine Dion participated among Joss Stone, John Legend, Wyclef Jean, Mya, JoJo, Rueben Studdard, Patti Labelle, Gavin Degraw, Anthony Hamilton, Natalie Cole, Stacie Orrico, Kelly Price, Jesse Macartney, The Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone...




Celine Dion, Madonna, Dido, Faith Hill, Joss Stone, Pink, Melissa Etheridge, Fergie, Bonnie Raitt, KT Tunstall, Shakira, Beth Orton, Sarah McLachlan, Anastacia, Sugababes, KD Lang, Martha Wainwright, Angélique Kidjo, Beverley Knight, Shingai Shoniwa, Gladys Knight, e Isobel Campbell are the 23 female singers that performed "Sing", a song by Annie Lennox, released in 2007.






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