*Terry-Bear's Room*

Hello! Welcome To My Lovely Room! *formerly known as Teresa's Room. Hope ya like the new name, I dunno the purpose er hehe my lil big sissie calls me it all the time. So guess it kinda grew on me or somethin.. hope ya have fun!!

Hey everyone!! Terry-bear here, your friendly, hyper, fun webmistress, hostess with the mostest here! hehe Terry-Bear's Room is under major construction right now, but I promise you that it'll be back up and runnin soon with tons of brand new kick butt stuff, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll.. just love it, because it's gonna be sooo awesome!! I'll have lots of the old stuff up too, because I still think it's cool. Even though you may not. heh j/k Here's a little sneaky peek at what to look forward to: funny stories, poems, my opinions/rants raves, bitchin about stuff, kao-bration, a little celebration of my fave poofy's, kao-anis, some of the sexiest men alive gallery, *RRR* *lol* a fun survey, where to get VERY cool very free stuff, add your link, guess the lyrics and much much more!! Oh and my personal favorite, the cutest backgrounds of course! Because I'm just crazy about cute things. =) Ooh Terry-bear loves! *nummy*

Sooo come back and don't miss all the fun k?!! Since I love winter, and hello kitty soo much bunches and munches, it's a Hello Kitty winter right now in my room! Brrr!! *break out the mittens, your favorite coat, and hurry hurry on down here* The weather's just lovely!! =) One of my sis sites, kittilicious is closed! It was really soo adorable, *oh boo hoo* *sniffle* but this website will never close, because even though I'm no expert, I'm NOT goin anywhere, cause I love making websites and coming up with great NEW ideas forever and ever muhahah *sorry me a bit hyperrr* *lol*. We'll always be sissies though. =) Sooo sit tight and be happy!! =)I'll be back very soon!! buh-byeee ^_^ Thankies for visiting!! Yay! You all ROCK!! If you leave without signing or visiting yup you suck! j/k j/k ha ^_^ P.S. Hey if you wanna be my bro/sis sitey, which will be sooo cool, yay! Because I'd always like new bros or sissies. And would love the promotion since a soul hardly visits.. not even a vampire.. :P or want mee to sponsor ya just email mee. Oh try to say something offensive or rude.. it'll be up here on this site, so the whole world, will know how STUPID and idiotic YOU really are.. j/k that's only if ya bug mee :P.. Otherwise I'm a VERY nice person, but hey don't push it or get use to it too much! *lol* ^_^

Always, Teresa =)



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