Nicknames for Britney Spears

Nicknames that sounds like her real name:

Bit-me Spears Bitchney Shit Britney Shit
Britney Skanks Britney Queers Bitchney Spit
Breasty Spears Britney Spread Bratney Spears
Bitchney Screech TITNEY SPEARS!

Nicknames that fits her:

Bi*ch Slut Bull Shit Britney
Slutty Spears Skankarella Thunder Thighs
Booby Spears Biggie Spears Plastic Smears
Spankme Spears Blobby Spears Blubber Spears
Bubble Butt Britney Implanted Whore BIG BREAST BITCH

Thanks to Ypahugirl808 , Stackums24 for some of the nicknames!

Contributions from Anti Britney people:

Bitchney Quears Boob-job Britney Brit-brat Big mouth Britney
Thanks to Tiffany,  Memphis, Tn.
Brit Brat Fat Brat Spears Britney "looks like a retarded frog" Thanks to thanks to

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