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GAINER --- A person who is sexually turned on by the fantacy or reality of gaining weight, getting fat or being fat. This term is used mainly in the gay male community. I happen to be a gainer!

ENCOURAGER --- A person who is sexually turned on by the fantacy or reality of helping or forcing someone else to gain weight or get fat. This term is also used mainly in the gay male community.

FEEDEE --- A person who is sexually turned on by the fantacy or reality of being overfed, gaining weight, or getting fat. This term is used mainly in the straight community and means about the same as Gainer. Since I'm gay, I prefer to be called a gainer!

FEEDER --- A person who is sexually turned on by the fantacy or reality of feeding someone or helping or forcing them to gain weight or become fat. This term is used mainly in the straight community and means about the same as Encourager.

Could a person be both?

Yes, some are exclusively one or the other. Some are varying degrees of both.

Does a person have to act on his/her feelings and actually gain weight in order to be a gainer?

Not always. It seems that with some gainers it is purely a fantacy thing. Others deside to keep it fantacy for health or other reasons. Others find it difficult or impossible to actually gain much weight. Me, I gain weigh quite easily. I just look at food and I gain weight!

FAT ATTRACTION/FAT APPRECIATION --- A person who is sexually or romantically attracted to an overweight person. This is mainly a term used in the straight community to describe someone who is attracted to a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) or a Big Handsome Man (BHW).

CHUBS AND CHASERS --- These are both terms used mainly in the gay male community. A Chub is an overweight gay male. A Chaser is a gay male who is sexually or romantically attracted to a Chub. The terms are similar to BBW/BHM and FA in the straight community. I happen to be both. Since I'm a fat gay, I'm a chub, and I'm also a chaser, since I'm attracted to middle aged, bald headed men with fat arms, broad shoulders, big breasts, huge round bellies, narrow hips, small butts, and skinny legs! So I'm a chubby chaser. Yeah, I know, I'm weird!

Aren't these the same as Feeder/Feedees - Gainer/Encouragers?

NO. The Gainer/Encourager group is more intense, more focused on fat and gaining weight rather than the person as a whole. The FA's and Chubs/Chasers seem to be more into acceptance and it seems to be a light preference rather than a fetish type thing. I seriously doubt that many Chubs or BBW would be interested in becoming even bigger. As for me, since I'm a gainer, I'm into the fetish type thing. I have an intense fetish for having mostly upper body fat. The health risk and the dangers involved in upper body fat really turns me on!

FAT ACCEPTANCE/SIZE ACCEPTANCE --- This is the movement within the fat community to accept one's size and be happy with it. This can range from espousing the idea that fat is good and beautiful to the idea that although slender is a long range goal, it's ok to be fat for now. For way too long fat people have suffered emotionally and socially for their weight and have bought into societies super-slender ideal and thus beat themselves up for not being able to live up to it. Most of those into the Size Acceptance movement are shocked and disgusted by the very idea that anyone would want to be fat on purpose or would actively try to gain or encourage anyone else to gain. So, I guess that makes me a disgusting pig, since I'm deliberatly trying to gain more weight to see how fat I can become! I want to set a new world's record for having the biggest belly!

BEARS --- A Bear is a fat, hairy, gay man. Sort of an overfed gay version of Grizzly Adams. I guess I'm not a "bear" since I'm not hairy. I have baby smooth skin with a lot of stretch marks, a fat round baby face, and a bald head with a little hair on the sides and back.

PADDING --- Padding is the practice of stuffing pillows or other cloth into the clothes to give the appearance of being fat. I use to do this when I was a kid, before I started gaining a lot of weight. When I was ten yeard old, I found an old pair of pants, a size 60 in the waist, and a large shirt. I put them on and stuffed them with pillows to make myself look really fat! Imagine a ten your old kid with a 60 inch waist!

GORGING --- Gorging is the practice among Gainers of eating or drinking large quanties of food or even water, at one sitting, with the object of gaining weight, physically stretching the stomach so that it can hold more, or at least producing the feeling of total fullness and the appearance of a swollen, fat belly. I do this every day, since I'm a glutton! I enjoy stuffing my belly with food.

So, in conclusion, I'm just a big, fat, lazy, ugly, bald headed glutton who's gay, and attracted to middle aged bald headed gluttons like myself! You're probably thinking that I a disgusting pig! That's OK, I don't mind!

You can call me anything you like, just don't call me late for supper!

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