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"Resonating digitally...I translate into pure software...perfectly adapted to an electro-silicon environment..."
- "Waiting for God(oh)", Rick Veitch

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Swamp Thing's Blog
Roots of the Swamp Thing
A great ST site with a detailed look at Swampy, his elemental family tree, and John Constantine!

The Continuity Pages by Julian Darius includes a section covering the entire Swamp Thing series and various Alan Moore pages.

Among a plentitude of comics indices, DarkMark has a detailed index of SWAMP THING, from his first appearance up to issue #50.

A Swamp Thing Chronology Holland. has a nice collection of SWAMP THING sketches by pros and fans.

The Official DC Comics message board discusses the new SWAMP THING series and the past ones.

ST CREATORS LINKS:'s Alan Moore page
Moore doesn't do the web, so they do it for him.

Josť Carlos Neves' "Alan Moore, Lord of Chaos"
Well-researched site with articles and many links. "The most complete Moore text/audio/video bibliography in the world"
Focus on Moore's mysticism (In English and Portugese)
Bio & details on upcoming works

Jays Alan Moore Page
One fan's list of links.

Glamazonia is an Italian website with lots of intelligent "articoli" about comics like an Alan Moore bibliography and Fulvio Morlacchini's SWAMP THING page.
(You can use's Babelfish to convert the sites to English.)

Rick Veitch's Web page and his Myspace page
ST artist and writer

Steve Bissette's ComiCon page
Steve Bissette's blog
ST artist

John Totleben's ComiCon page
ST artist


Trevor Z's gallery of original Swamp Thing artwork.
These high-quality images are amazing!

Straight to Hell
An excellent John Constantine website with all covers, characters, synopses,etc.

Phantom Stranger
FAQ and annotations about appearances of the Phantom Stranger character.

Books of Magic
Annotations to Neil (Sandman) Gaiman's mini-series, co-starring John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger. With appearances by every magic DC character!

The Muck Monsters keeps track of creatures similar to the Man-Thing. Extensive Man-Thing online museum.

Monkey On My Back Comics site
has comic reviews in article and podcast form, including a number of issues of Moore's SWAMP THING.

Click here for more info on how Neil Gaiman's classic comic series owes much to Alan Moore's SWAMP THING.

The Wake
- Includes detailed annotations on Neil Gaiman's classic SANDMAN series, assembled by Greg Morrow & David Goldfarb. These annotations inspired me to do the SWAMP THING Annotations.

The Dreaming
- The other excellent website for fan's of SANDMAN creator Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman's website
SANDMAN's creator tells of his other more recent works.


Annotations for U.S.
Alex Ross painted and Steve Darnall wrote the graphic novel about a man who embodies America. If you read it, my exhaustive research here is a must!
Tell your friends!

Silver Bullet Comics
Links to more comic resources

Jess Nevins Annotations Links
Jess' numerous and informative annotations pages include Alan Moore's LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and TOP TEN.

Karpas' list of comic book annotations and bibliographies

Jonathan Woodward's annotation links. I especially recommend the article on "Morrison's Animal Man and its Crisis-Relevance".

V for Vendetta Shrine
Resources on Moores's V for Vendetta mini-series, with link to annotations

The House of Vertigo
Interviews, discussions, fan fiction regarding DC's Vertigo line of comics. I wish it had more Alan Moore stuff...

The Swamp
Info and links about Marvel Comics' Man-Thing and other swamp creatures from other companies

Rick Grimes is a Kubert School classmate of SWAMP THING artists such as Veitch, Bissette, and Totleben. Grimes is mentioned on the cover of issue #55 and on page 6 of #25. The lead character of Robert Kirkman's successful comic book series "The Walking Dead" is named after him.

Jim Wheelock
Artist Steve Bissette wrote in Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman that he thanks comics creator Jim Wheelock for his ideas for the issue #45 story. His name also appears on a tombstone in issue #42 and in Annual #4. Wheelock has written and drawn stories in TABOO and MASKS OF SONAMBULO, as well as reporting on the AngoulÍme comics festival in France.

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