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"The Thinker"

(24 pages)
Writer: Rick Veitch
Artist(s): Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala
Colorist: Tatjana Wood
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Karen Berger
Swamp Thing Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson

Cover: Veitch (signed)


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The original printing of this issue included a full-page advertisement for the story crossover between SWAMP THING #76 and HELLBLAZER #9. The meat of the crossover actually takes place in HELLBLAZER #10.

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1 This page is, of course, an homage to Rodin's famous sculpture of The Thinker.

2:3 The Parliament of Trees first confronted ST about the Sprout in issue 65.

3:2 ST told Abby to go home in last issue.

3:5 Abby visited Heaven in #66.

4:3 Batman defended Gotham City against ST in #53.

5:2 Woodrue dissected ST in the classic #21.

7:2 The moon was described as Earth's "sister in orbital lockstep" in #69, page 19.

8:2 The city shown in the background is New York. (You can see the Chrysler Building.)

9:2 The creature at the top is the "Swamp Knucker" dinosaur elemental from issue #74. The figure to the right of the club-carrying being resembles the ancient Swamp Thing known as Bog Venus. (See #68.) "Duality" was proclaimed in issue #69.

10:2 The cultural/symbolic significance of SUPERMAN will be examined in issue #79.

11:2 This scene depicts the gods in Olympus, as seen in George Pérez's WONDER WOMAN series. The silver bracelets at top belong to Wonder Woman. The crowned god is Zeus. On the left, the blonde with the curls is Hera; the dude in the helmet is Ares; the girl above Ares is Aphrodite; the guy with the hammer is Hephaestus. On the right, the fellow with the harp is Apollo; the dark guy to the right of him may be Pluto?; the lady with the bow is Artemis; the green lady in the corner is probably Demeter. Who is the other shadowed figure?

12:2 The two giant wrestling hands of light and darkness first appeared in issue #50. We'll see them again in next issue. The four men being tortured in hell on the pole labled "DDI" are Foley, Skinner, Wicker and Cutley. They were DDI agents who almost killed ST in #50. Swampy killed them in issue #63. The head in the lower left is Anton Arcane.

13 At the center is a Buddhist Wheel of Life. at the lower right we see Alec Holland (whose body was the template for our Swamp Thing) and Linda Holland, last seen in Heaven in #66. Passengers from the airplane (labeled "Monarch") died in issue #71.

15:2 An example of science combined with shamanism was evident in Freddy the Geomancer, last seen in issue #73. The application of math on probability refers to the idiot-savant Rodney, last seen in #72.

21 At the page bottom, near Constantine's picture, the "dangerous variables" ST senses are currently taking place in the HELLBLAZER series.

22 Chester insisted that Abby take the equipment in #69.

COMMENT: In the month that this issue was published, in HELLBLAZER #8, Constantine has a brief flashback of his appearance from SWAMP THING #74.
Also in that issue, John vaguely refers to events in the SWAMP THING series, telling Nergal that "The elementals are all going loopy, y'know."
That issue explains the prophecy that will involve Swampy: "There has been a prophecy incontrovertible - engraved on a stone dredged up from Hell. At the winter solstice, a conjunction between nature and super-nature -- a birth. The child will be a healing power in this realm."
Another page shows a flashback to SWAMP THING #49 and #50.

COMMENT: This issue was nominated "Best Single Issue" for the 1989 Eisner Awards.

COMMENT: In 2006, DC Comics collected issues 71-76 in the trade book "Swamp Thing: Spontaneous Generation".

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