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"Wild Thing"

(24 pages)
Writer: Rick Veitch
Artist(s): Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala
Colorist: Tatjana Wood
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Karen Berger
Swamp Thing Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson

Cover: Rick Veitch & Tom Yeates (signed)


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The Chester Williams character is widely considered to be based on the lead character in Bryan Talbot's underground comics of the mid-1970's, "The Chester P. Hackenbush Trilogy". Artist Steve Bissette's art school roommate, Larry Loc, also claims that he was the visual model for Chester.

1:2-5 These four characters are earth elementals from previous eras. They first appeared in #47 and formed the Commitee of Four in last issue to ensnare ST permanently into the Parliament of Trees.
Venus of

Bog Venus was a prehistoric human and represents "Fertility" as the progenitor of the modern human race. It may be visually based on the prehistoric statue known as the Venus of Willendorf. Writer/artist Rick Veitch drew a parody of the statue for his 2008 ARMY @ LOVE series.

Kettle Hole Devil was a union worker from America's "Industrial" Revolution. He may have originated in the Volo Bog 45 miles northwest of Chicago, which developed from a prehistoric kettle-hole geological formation.

Saint Columba suffered "Alienation" as a deformed outcast from a Celtic tribe.

"Ghost-Hiding-In-The-Rushes" came from ancient China, and embodies the Buddhist virtue of "Realization".

Pages 2-3 All the panels at the bottom of these pages are from last issue.

6-7:top left This theory of silicon chips is discussed by Freddy the geomancer in next issue, on page 12.

6-7:right "Be all that you can be" is a recruiting slogan of the U.S. Army.

8-9:4 "You keep America working. For all you do, this Bud's for you" was a slogan for Budweiser beer.
On pages 8-9, the name on the license plate: "Ezra" is the name of author Rick Veitch's firstborn child.

10:1 Link from page 9, truck=The song "Truckin'", by the Grateful Dead.

10:5 Abby began signing over her unwanted checks to Chester in #68.

10:6 Abby's comatose husband Matt worked for the DDI, a shadowy government organization.
That indeed looks like an amanita muscaria - a psychedlic mushroom. Chester is an expert on weeds and fungus, as shown in #43

11:6 Chester tries his idea on Liz in next issue.

11:7 The song is "Ripple", by the Grateful Dead.

13:1 Link from 12:5
"Quality is job one" was a 1985 slogan of the Ford Motor Company.

13:3 "Have you driven a Ford lately?" was a 1984 slogan of the Ford Motor Company.

13:5 "The Heartbeat of America" was a 1987 slogan of the Chevrolet company.

13:6 "Oh, what a feeling" was a slogan of the Toyota company.

14:1 Link from 13:6 - snarled traffic="snarled" thoughts

16:1 Link from 15:4, "listen"

18:3 Swampy visited the planet of sentient vegetation in issue #61, the blue planet in #56, the planet Rann in #57-#58, and the inexplicable horny biomechanical thing in #60.

19:1 Author Rick Veitch also uses the description of the moon as "in lockstep with her sister" in issue #75.

20:2 A tarantella is kind of wild dance.

22:1 Link from page 21, falling="Big Splash"

Sunderland Corp. tied to blow up Morgan Edge's Galaxy Communications building in Metropolis in (last issue)

22:2 Roy Raymond and his assistant Lipchitz appeared in last issue.

22:3 President Reagan was a Hollywood star earlier in his career.

22:5 Ad jingle for Green Giant vegetables: "In the valley of the Jolly (Ho ho ho) Green Giant"

23:1 Ad slogan for Charmin bathroom tissue: "Please don't squeeze the Charmin"

23:3 Aurora was a brand of plastic model kits, including a popular collection of monster models. We saw Benjamin building one in issue 37, page 18. There was no Aurora Swamp Thing model, although Lipchitz may be thinking of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

23:4 Was there really an old film called "Monster Beach Party" or does that term only refer to a genre of films involving monsters on beaches?

23:5 Alan Bolland, whose body was transformed into the Wild Thing, was brainwashed into thinking Morgan Edge is the Anti-Christ. (last issue)

23:6 "Let Hertz put you in the driver's seat" was a slogan for Hertz car rental.

24:2 Swampy figures out what "duality" means in issue #75. And more so in #89.

24:4 We find out what Swampy did with the Committee of Four in issue #74.

COMMENT: There's a parallel in this issue of the Parliament ensnaring ST with their thoughts and stories (to replace his "useless human information") and the Wild Thing's commercial slogans which "program the moods and desires" (as Raymond says on page 22.)

COMMENT: At the end of next issue we wonder where Swampy hid the Sprout. Although it isn't revealed until issue #71, lunatics may find a clue on this cover and on page 19.

COMMENT: In 2004, DC Comics collected issues 65-70 in the trade book "Swamp Thing: Regenesis".

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