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"A Murder of Crows"

(22 pages)
Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: John Toleben
Colorist: Tatjana Wood
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Karen Berger
Swamp Thing Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson

Cover: Steve Bissette & John Totleben (signed) Pictured: Swamp Thing vs. the Invunche and the Brujerķa


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John Totleben says on his website that this was the first issue which he pencilled and inked himself.

1:2 See issue 46's 15:2 annotations for notes about Chiloe.

4:1 "Penguin" is a slang term for "nun".
Issue #5 of (ELVIRA'S) HOUSE OF MYSTERY (July 1986) showed the cover of this issue as well as BLUE DEVIL #15 from August 1985 (in which Cain and Abel were appearing). Also shown is a picture of Cain from ST #33. Cain does not appear in this month's issue of SWAMP THING, but it was meant as a clue in a contest for Elvira's readers to explain where Cain had gone. The story was titled "Clue Number One" and should prompt readers to look for him in ST #50 that month (July 1986). "Look at this swamp monster," she proclaims, "Boy, is he Mr. Gruesome! Y'know-- he looks familiar! I think I might have dated this guy!"

4:3 "Newcastle" is a city where Constantine tried to perform an exorcism with Frank, Judith, Anne-Marie and Benjamin Cox. The results were disastrous, resulting in Anne-Marie's scars, Ben's speech impediment and Constantine's confinement at Ravenscar asylum. Although often hinted at, the details are not revealed until the publication of HELLBLAZER #11. Newcastle is also the home city of real-life singer Sting who was the visual inspiration for Constantine.

13:5 Sister Anne-Marie was killed at the end of in issue #46.

16:6 As Judith grows her new legs, so Swamp Thing grows legs.

20:8 "streak" - as in the streak of black in Abby's hair

21:1 "Hill Street Blues" was a popular TV police drama when this issue was published

22:3 Is officer Peggy Long based on a real person?

COMMENT: Learn more about crows in Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN issue 40: "The Parliament of Rooks".

COMMENT: In 2001, DC Comics collected/reprinted issues 43-50 in a trade book titled "Swamp Thing: A Murder of Crows".

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