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SWAMP THING Characters:

Roy Raymond was the hero of a strip called "Impossible But True" (later titled "Roy Raymond, TV Detective") which ran in the 1950's DETECTIVE COMICS #153-274. ( Batman was introduced in DETECTIVE COMICS #27.) In his strip, he ran a TV show called "Impossible But True" on which people appeared with unbelievable stories. Roy and his secretary investigated these stories, proving most of them to be hoaxes.
In SWAMP THING he is portrayed as a greedy and arrogant media manipulator. After trying to find a way to exploit the Swamp Thing, he and his new assistant, Lipchitz, end up trapped in a limo for a prolonged road trip with the so-called "Wild Thing" (another failed earth elemental).

Notable appearances in SWAMP THING:

SWAMP THING ANNUAL #3 "Distant Cousins"
Sporting a deceptively youthful look (courtesy of extensive cosmetic surgery) Raymond re-launches his career in media exploitation, with his aptly named assistant Lipschitz.

SWAMP THING #67 "The Wisdom of Solomon"
Raymond visits Louisiana and sets his sights on exploiting Swamp Thing.

SWAMP THING #68 "Reflections in a Golden Eye"
Chester infuriates Raymond by turning down his offer to make Chester his media puppet.

SWAMP THING #74 "Center of the Cyclone"
Raymond's ordeal of being trapped in his limo, driven by the "Wild Thing", ends. Lipschitz is dead and Raymond has lost his face and his mind.

SWAMP THING #81 "Widowsweed"
Unlikely as it seems, Raymond gets even more extensive cosmetic surgery (now more reflective of his actual age) and decides to "muster the ethics and integrity" to resume being a detective and expose the artifice and corruption of modern society.