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SWAMP THING Characters:

Reference in SANDMAN #71 to the final panel of SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #26.
Art by M.Zulli.

Government agent Cable first appeared in issue #1 (1972) of the first SWAMP THING series. He later married Abigail Arcane, and the couple were friends to Swamp Thing. Matt discovered that ST was supposedly Alec Holland in issue #13 of the original series.
Art by Jim Aparo.

Matt's life fell apart as he became an alcoholic. Unbeknownst to Abby, he acquired supernatural/psychic powers as a result of cruel government experiments but squandered them as he got lost in his own dark fantasies. Finally he was possessed by the spirit of the evil Anton Arcane who used him to torture and kill Abby. At the cost of his own life, Matt was able to send Arcane's spirit back to hell and revive Abby's body, although ST had to retrieve Abby's spirit from hell.

Matt's comatose body was kept alive on a life support machine for some time, during which Abby and Swamp Thing fell in love. Wishing Abby to be happy, Matt summoned the supernatural strength to disconnect his life support and ended his own earthly life.

Matt's spirit then took the form of a raven and currently serves the SANDMAN in the realm called THE DREAMING.

Matt also was a supporting character in SHOWCASE #94-96 (1977) starring the Doom Patrol. A news headline is seen in that story referring to Swamp Thing's team up with Batman in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #122.

Notable appearances in SWAMP THING:

SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #27 "By Demons Driven"
Dying in a car wreck, Matt allows Anton Arcane to return from the dead by giving him possession of his body. Arcane repairs Matt's body and Abby doesn't know that he is now possessed by Arcane.

#29-31 and Annual #2
In possession of Matt's body, Arcane tortures and kills Abby and sends her to hell. Matt summons up the willpower to break free of Arcane at the cost of his own life. ST manages to save Abby. Arcane remains in hell.

#76 "L'adoration De La Terre"
Prior to conceiving a child with Swampy, Abby tries to explain to Matt who is braindead in the hospital. His wedding ring slips off his atrophied finger, and Abby takes it as a sign that Matt has given them his blessing.

#84 "Final Payment"
Matt finds release from his nightmare-filled coma by consenting to become Matthew the Raven serving the SANDMAN. (He becomes a supporting character in that great series by Neil Gaiman.) Matt also ends his own life to allow Abby to be with Swampy. Matt's passage is urged by Eve, the former host of horror series Secrets of the Sinister House, who was often accompanied by a raven who used to be human.

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