Chapter 9

*The Next Day*

Lee and AJ both woke up the same time and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

"How about I go get some McDonalds for breakfast", AJ smiled. Lee laughed.

"Yeah ok fine with me, you are too obseesed with McDonalds you sould live there"

"I already asked they wouldn't let me", AJ joked as he left the house to go get the food. Lee then was about to go back upstairs to change out of her pajamas when she saw a note on the frig. She picked it up and read it:

Lee & AJ,

Well I had a change of plans, I had to take a plane to Spain tonight. You guys didn't get back before I left so I guess I'll just say bye this way. I'll try to call ya sometime if I have time. I'm gonna be in Spain for a month. Oh yeah tell Nick that I said bye to him, I tried to call him before I left but no one answered. Well bye talk to ya sometime hopefully.


Lee finished reading it and sat it on the counter

"Damn we must of just missed her", Lee said to herself as she went upstairs to change. A few minutes later AJ arrived back home with the food and Nick with him.

"Lee??", AJ called through the house.

"I'm right here", Lee said as she came into the room.

"Isn't Dani up yet?", Nick asked.

"Yeah I know that's unusally she always up before us", AJ said.

"Well she's not here, she left last night", Lee told them.

"Left?", Nick asked worried.

"Yeah she had a change of plans so she had to leave last night when we were gone and get on a plane to Spain. She said in her note to ya Nick bye and she tried to call you but no one answered", Lee said. Nick then felt bad that he didn't answer the phone.

"That girl better call me", AJ laughed, "Come on, let's eat"

"No I'm not hungry now, I'll See you guys later", Nick said as he left the house.

"Man Danielle leaving has really got to him, hasn't it", Lee said as they went into the kitchen.

"Yeah it really has he was just about to ask her out, she was also suppose to move into his house with him but now she's in Spain", AJ explained. They then sat down and ate their food.

*At The Beach*

Nick walked down on the beach and sat down. He sighed as he thought about Danielle.

"Why does something always come up when I'm about to mak a move", Nick sighed, "Now I have to wait a month"

*At A Beach In Spain*

Danielle had just finished one of her photo shoots so she decided to go to a beach and sit there for awhile.

"Man Nick was so happy to see me again, and so was I untill I had to come here to Spain, he's probably mad at me now", Danielle sighed as she looked at her cell phone she had just bought on her. She picked it up and dialed Nick's cell phone hoping he would have the phone on him.

Nick quickly picked up the phone.


"Nicky, umm..hey sup?", Danielle said softly into the phone.

"Dani!!", Nick said smiling.

"Your not mad at me", Danielle asked referring to the other night when he left when she said she was going to Spain for a month.

"No I'm not mad, I just miss you so much", Nick sighed.

"I know I miss ya too, but I have to be here I can't help it", Danielle told him sadly.

"Yeah I know, we're gonna be going on tour next week too", Nick told her.

"Really, cool. Is Lee going with you guys?", Danielle asked.

"Probably when AJ asks her", Nick answered.

"Well I gotta go I have another photo shoot I have to do, I'll try to call you later but it might be really late", Danielle said.

"That's alright you can call me at any time", Nick said as they said bye and hung up their phones. Nick got up and walked back to his house. His House was right on the beach.

When AJ got home Lee was curled up on the couch watching What Dreams May Come.

"Hi honey, I'm home" AJ yelled

"What an old cliche" Lee said sarcastically, "Hi"

"Whatcha watchin'?"

"What Dreams May Come, now stop talking, it's almost over"


THey watched the rest of the movie curled up together on the sofa.

When the movie was over AJ's shoulder was wet from Lee's tears.

"That movie was so sad" Lee said

"Yeah, look what you did, now I have to go change my shirt"

"No you don't, just sit here and hold me."

"OK, I'll do just that, I gotta ask you something"

" What?" Lee asked.

"Would you like to come on tour w/ me?"

"Sure, when do we leave?"

"I'm not sure, but i'll tell you as soon as I know."

"OK, I'd love to come w/ you"

"You've made my day," he stands up, "Now, what do you want for dinner??"

"Oh, I'd love a nice cheese souffle, and some chocolate mousse."

"You can't be serious"

"Of course not, anything you make will be fine."

"Oh, I'm not making anything"

"Well then, what do you propose we eat"

"I was thinking we go out"

"What a wonderful idea, where are we going??"

"It's a surprise"

"What do I wear??"

"Get all dolled up in your finest dress"

"OK" she left to go pick something out.

Chapter 10