Chapter 7

"No that's alright AJ, Nick's outside he's my ride", Danielle told him, "Good Luck Lee"

"Thanks, you to Danielle', Lee said as Danielle left out to Nick's car.

*In Nick's Car*

"Hey Nicky", Danielle said as she got in. Nick then looked at her weird.

"Did you just call me Nicky?", Nick asked.

"Yeah ", Danielle said slowly, "Why is something wrong with that?"

"No but it's been a long time since someone called me that, you use to call me that all the time", Nick smiled.

"Oh yeah, Nicky", Danielle laughed.

"Yeah, so how come you didn't call me last night?", Nick asked.

"Oh sorry I was so tired after I got home I fell right asleep then this morning Lee woke up late then her and AJ were fooling around, i swear they are too much alike they should be together. I dunno how much longer I will be able to stand it in there cause I don't wanna take after their lateness, that's the last thing I need", Danielle laughed.

"Well you know you can always come stay at my place, it's huge there all by myself with tons of extra rooms", Nick told her.

"Yeah maybe I just might take up your offer", Danielle said as Nick pulled in his car in Tommy Hilfiger's place.

"Thanks Nick, I'll see ya at the Model Mission I should make it there in time", Danielle said getting out of the car.

"Ok Good Luck", Nick told her.

"Thanks", Danielle said as she left inside the building. Danielle was shown to a dressing room where she changed into Tommy Hilfuger colthes for a photo shoot.

*Model Mission*

Lee and the two other contesents were out on stage for the final decision.

"Ok the winner of the Model Mission is....Lee", Rebecca said as Lee's mouth dropped. She jumped up and down she couldn't believe she won. She then saw danielle come running form the parking lot to on stage.

"Lee you won!", Danielle exclaimed as she congratlated her.

"Yeah thanks", Lee said as they left the stage and lee signed the contact and they headed back for the house.

*Back At The House*

Lee and Danielle walked into the house. Nick and AJ were already there.

"Hey guys", Nick said, "Congradulations Lee"

"Yeah Lee Condragulations", AJ said as well.

"Thanks", Lee answered happily.

"So how did you make out Dani?", Lee asked.

"Great I was signed to Tommy Hilfiger, I'm leaving to go to Spain tomorrow for a month I have photo shoots all over the place in Spain and I have to promote cause I'm new", Danielle said happily.

"Cool that's so great", AJ said as he hugged his cousin.

"Yeah it is", Lee smiled.

"Nick?", Danielle asked as she noticed Nick standing there with a sad face on him.

"huh?", Nick answered.

"What's wrong?", Danielle asked aren't ya happy for me?", Danielle asked as AJ and Lee went into another room.

"I am happy for you but your gonna be gone for a month, you just got here a couple days ago and your already leaving", Nick said sadly.

"Yeah I know Nick but it's only gonna be for a month I'll be back", Danielle told him.

"Yeah", Nick said as he left the house.

"Nick? Nick?", Danielle said as she tried to stop him but he just left in his car. Danielle sighed and went into the kitchen to see AJ and Lee kissing. Danielle stood there in shock.

"WOAH!", Danielle exclaimed.

"Hey Dani", AJ said.

"Don't you have a girlfriend, even though I think that Amanda's a bitch", Danielle said.

"Not anymore I broke up with her, cause I like Lee", AJ said.

"Yup we're a couple", Lee said smiling.

"Kewl", danielle said, "Well I'm gonna go pack for tomorrow" Danielle then left upstairs and Lee and AJ decided to go out.

Chapter 8