Chapter 4

Well, while Danielle and Nick were trying to beat each other at the arcade, Lee and AJ were walking through the mall.

"Ya know, Danielle never told me you were famous," Lee said as she and AJ headed through the crowded mall.

"Well, she never told me you were so beautiful," AJ said, flirting w/ Lee just a bit.

"You're such a flirt!!" Lee said, flirting back.

"I come by it naturally" AJ replied.

"Hey, you wanna grab a bite to eat while we're here, I'm starved after the flight." Lee suggested.

"Sure, mabey we can find a quieter place where we can talk tooo." AJ agreed

They made their way to the food court slowly because the mall was so crowded.

"I'm in the mood for mexican, how about Taco Bell??" AJ asked.

"Sure, I'm always ready for meat out of a tube." Lee joked.

"Yeah, but it's good meat out of a tube." AJ replied.

They quickly made their way over to the Taco Bell and approached the casheir.

"May I take your order??" The cashier asked w/ a plastered on smile. They obviously made them wear those smiles.

"I'll have the #3," said AJ, "And what would you like, Lee??"

"I'll have a Baja chalupa w/ ground beef, and a large diet pepsi." She said as she was taking out her money. Then AJ put his hand on hers.

"Don't, I'll pay, I insist." He insisted.

"Are you sure??" Lee asked

"I'm treating you today." He said w/ a dazzling smile. Lee felt her knees go weak again. AJ left to go get the drinks, and Lee was about to go w/ him but the casheir stopped her.

"Hold on to him honey, he's a keeper." She said.

They got they're food and went to go find a seat.

Chapter 5