Chapter 8

“Amanda!”, Ashley exclaimed, “I knew it had to be you that called me!”

“Yeah it was me the one and only”, Amanda laughed, “Which part did you like best?” Ashley began to get really pissed and when she tried to move she felt the ropes fall off her. Amanda must have been a little air headed and didn’t tie them right. Stupid! Ashley quickly got up.

“Your the fucking sluty cunt!”, Ashley said as she ran after her and punched her right in the face. Amanda fall to the floor as Ashley began to kick and punch her until she was finally unconscious. She picked up her cell phone in her pocket and called AJ’s cell phone.

“Hello?”, AJ said in a worried tone.

“AJ! Thank god your there!”, Ashley said quickly.

“ASH! Baby where are you?”, AJ asked.

“It was Amanda, she..”, Ashley said as she was cut off.

“I know baby Dani told me about the phone call”, AJ told her.

“Ok but I don’t know where I am, but Amanda is unconscious”, Ashley told him.

“Ok is her car outside?”, AJ asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t know where the keys are”, Ashley told him.

“They are already in the car, trust me I know, take her car and get back here”, AJ said as she agreed and hung up the phone and went outside to her car. She opened the car door and sure enough the car keys were already in there. She quickly started the car and got out of there.

(Back At The Hotel)

“Hey earth to Danielle???”, Jamie said waving her hand in front of her face.

“huh? Oh what?”, Danielle asked coming back where she was sitting next to Nick.

“What’s wrong with you?”, Jamie asked.

“Yeah I know baby do ya feel alright you look pale?”, Nick asked.

“Oh me, nothing’s wrong I’m fine, I was just thinking about tonight’s concert”, Danielle told hem lying that she really wasn’t feeling good.

“Tonight’s concert yeah if Ash is alright when she gets back we should be able to keep everything as is”, Howie said.

“Yeah I’m sure she’s alright now that she got to beat the crap out of Amanda”, Danielle laughed a little as everybody else did.

“What’s everybody laughing about?”, Ashley asked walking into the room.

“Ash, baby your back, god are you alright?”, AJ asked as he ran to her and hugged her and kissed her.

“Woah yeah I’m fine. I got to beat up Amanda that makes my day”, Ashley smiled.

“So the concert’s still on tonight?”, Jamie asked.

“Yup it sounds like it”, Kevin said.

“Kewl”, the girls then all said as everybody began to cheer up a little.

Later That Night

The concert went on and it was a big hit. The fans loved Mercury and of course the Backstreet Boys. The concert made it on radio with some live clips and on the news. After the 4 hour concert was over everybody left except for Danielle and Kevin who were still in the back in their dressing rooms. Danielle had left a note before for him to stay there so she could talk to him about something.

Danielle just finished doing her hair when there was a knock at the door. She quickly went over to the door and let Kevin in.

“So what did ya want?”, Kevin asked.

“I wanted to know if ya would like to go to McDonalds with me, plus I have something I have to talk to you about”, Danielle asked grabbing her coat and putting it on.

“Yeah sure”, Kevin agreed as they left in a taxi to McDonalds. They soon arrived at McDonalds and went inside. They got their food and sat down at the table.

“So what did ya want to talk to me about?”, Kevin asked.

“Ok well you gotta promise to get mad at me”, Danielle told him

“Okay”, Kevin said confused.

“Well when I went to hide under your bed the other day I umm kinds looked in the box under the bed. And i umm kinda read your book”, Danielle explained to him quickly.

“What?!”, Kevin exclaimed, “You had no right to read that”

“Yeah I know I’m so sorry Kev, really I am. But if I didn’t I wouldn’t have known how bad I hurt you.”, Danielle told him.

“Oh, ok”, Kevin said as he looked down.

“Kevin, look at me”, Danielle said as he looked up. She could the tears forming in his eyes. “Kevin I’m really sorry I never meant to hurt you. If I had just....I don’t know, but I never wanted to hurt you, honest”, Danielle said looking him right in the eyes and reached her hand over the table and held it in hers.

“I forgive you but why couldn’t I be the one”, Kevin asked.

“Kevin, I really love Nick and I never meant to lead you on that night we went to a club. I just think a relationship between us wouldn’t work, but I think we would really make good friends”, Danielle smiled as she stood up and he got up and they both hugged.

“Thanks I needed that”, Kevin smiled, “Friends?”

“Friends”, Danielle smiled as they left McDonalds and walked back to where the hotel was since it was only about five blocks away and it was a nice night.

Back At The Hotel

Danielle and Kevin walked into the room where everybody was watching TV.

“Dani, oh my god where were you with Kevin?”, Nick asked.

“Oh we just went to McDonalds”, Danielle told him.

“Oh ok I was just worried that something happened to you or something”, Nick said to her as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed he on the lips.

“Nick I’m sorry that we haven’t been getting along earlier, friends still?”, Kevin asked.

“Yeah of course we’re still friends Kev”, Nick said as he smiled and they shook hands.

“Well now that everyone is here I guess it’s time to get back on our tour buses and get to Nevada now”, Jamie told them.

“Yeah your right let’s go”, Howie said as all the girls got on their bus and all the guys got on their bus.

On Mercury’s Tour Bus

“Yay! It’s time to party!”, Jamie, Ashley, and Danielle all yelled as they turned up No Doubt and danced around. After going crazy for a couple hours they decided to sit down and talk since they haven’t talked much in awhile since they have been busy with their guys.

“So how are you and Howie doing?”, Danielle asked Jamie.

“We’re doing great”, Jamie smiled, “How about you guys?”

“Well AJ and I are having a great marriage so far, I really do love him”, Ashley said as Danielle was pale and ran to the bathroom. They heard her puking.

“Ok what was that all about?”, Jamie and Ashley laughed. A couple minutes later Danielle came back out and sat down but was still pale.

“Dani what’s wrong with you?”, Ashley asked.

“Seriously I don’t know. I haven’t been feeling very good at all. I’ve been puking for 3 days straight”, Danielle told them.

“Oh my god you could be.....nah nevermind”, Jamie said.

“What??”, Danielle and Ashley both asked at the same time.

“I was just gonna say maybe your pregnant”, Jamie suggested.

“No I doubt that”, Danielle laughed as her face went straight, “But there was that night in Vegas like 3 or 4 weeks ago”

“Maybe we should stop at a hospital on the way to Nevada”, Ashley told her.

“What about Nick I don’t want him to know yet cause I don’t know anything yet”, Danielle said.

“I’ll just call Howie and tell him we got a place to stop at and we won’t be that long and they should keep on going”, Jamie said as she called Howie.

On The BSB Tour Bus

“Yo Howie your cell phone’s ringing”, AJ called.

“Get it for me”, Howie called from the back room as AJ picked up the phone.

“Yo wassup Bone speaking”, AJ said.

“Hey AJ, we just called to tell ya guys that we’re stopping some place and we won’t be that long so you guys can keep on going, we’ll see you in the morning, ok?”, Jamie told him.

“Ok, where ya going?”, AJ asked.

“Umm....just a place”, Jamie said quickly.

“What place?”, AJ asked curiously.

“Umm....oh damn my battery is dying gotta go c-ya”, Jamie said hanging up before AJ could answer her.

“Ok”, AJ said as he hung up the phone.

“So who was it?”, Howie asked as him and the rest of the guys came in the room.

“Oh it was Jamie she said that they had to stop someplace quick and told us to keep going and they would see us in the morning”, AJ told them.

“Where?”, Nick asked.

“I dunno they wouldn’t tell me, that’s what was weird about it”, AJ said.

“Well I’m sure they will tell us tomorrow, let’s get some sleep”, Howie said as they all went to their rooms.

At The Hospital

Jamie and Ashley sat in the waiting room. Danielle soon came out with the doctor at the nurses desk. He talked to her for awhile and gave some booklets. Jamie and Ashley then ran up to Danielle.

“So??????”, Jamie and Ashley asked.

“Well I’m surely pregnant”, Danielle said as they all smiled and hugged.

“You can still finish up the tour though, right?”, Jamie asked.

“Yup the doctor said it’s alright”, Danielle said as they all got back on the bus and headed for Nevada.

“So when are ya gonna tell Nick?”, Ashley asked.

“Well I dunno yet, maybe tomorrow if the time is right”, Danielle told them, “Well I’m gonna get some sleep now”

“Yeah good idea”, Ashley and Jamie said as they all went to sleep.

So Ashley is alright now. Now that she beat up I doubt that we will be seeing Amanda’s face again. Howie and Jamie’s relationship is going good, but what ever happened to Claudia. Did she let Howie go so easy or is she planning to drop by??? Danielle’s pregnant now with Nick’s child. How is she gonna tell him?? Will it ruin their relationship??

Chapter 9