Chaper 7

(The Next Morning)

“Ok everybody wake up call”, Tommy and Denise, the band members called through both of the buses to wake everybody up, “we’re in LA!!!” Ashley jumped when she heard people yelling, she thought something was happening but found out it was only Tommy and Denise.

“Baby what’s ya jump up so fast for you acted as you were scared as something?”, AJ asked.

“Oh it’s umm nothing just Tommy and Denise scared me with their wake up call”, Ashley said quickly.

“Ohh”, AJ laughed, “You’re not use to that yet, trust me you will be soon cause they do it a lot”

“Yeah”, Ashley said as she faked a smile.

“C’mon lets’ get dressed”, AJ said as they got and got some clothes and got dressed.

Jamie’s Room

Jamie woke up as she heard Tommy and Denise. She looked down at Howie’s tear stained face.

“Poor thing”, Jamie said softly, “Howie honey it’s time to get up”, Jamie said as he soon woke up.

“Oh hey baby”, Howie said in a sad voice. He kissed on the cheek as they got up to get dressed.

Nick’s Room

Nick had jumped from Tommy and Denise yelling which made Danielle fall off the couch. She then quickly had woke up and jumped up.

“Ahh what am I doing on the floor?”, Danielle said bearly awake yet.

“Oh Dani I’m sorry Tommy and Denise scared me and it made me jump and ya fell off”, Nick said as he kissed her on the lips.

“Ok let’s get dressed”, Danielle said as they got some clothes and soon got dressed.

In the practice room

Everybody had finally rounded up in the same room. All of them mostly with sad faces and confused faces.

“Ok why does everybody have all these sad faces or confused faces, we have a concert to do tonight. I’m sure the fans don’t wanna see ya like that.

“Fatima come here for a sec”, Jamie whispered as Fatima came over, “Howie’s sister died last night from lupus” Fatima’s face then saddened like everybody else’s.

“Howie I’m so sorry she was a great person it shouldn’t have happened to her”, Fatima said as she hugged Howie.

“Wait what happened??”, the others asked.

“My sister died last night from lupus”, Howie told them. Everybody then had hugged Howie and tired to make him feel a little better.

“Well guys I know it’s a bad time now but we a concert to do tonight so guys come on time to make your routine”, Fatima told them as they agreed and began to practice as they girls sat down at a table nearby.

“Poor Howie, god it’s a bad week nothing good is happening”, Ashley said to Jamie and Danielle.

“Yeah I know”, Danielle agreed.

“Huh? Wait what’s bad that has happened to you. Ash your married you should be happy and Dani you should be happy as well that Nick and you are a couple”, Jamie said confused not knowing what was going on.

“Well it’s not a big huge thing but i kinda got this book that Kevin writes in and i read it. He really likes me a lot and when i chose Nick over him it hurt him more then i thought. I just feel really bad now”, Danielle told them.

“Woah”, Jamie answered, “Ash what’s up with you?”

“Ok well you promise not to tell a soul?”, Ashley asked.

“Yes we promise”, Danielle and Jamie said in unison.

“Ok well i got a phone call last night saying that i would die a bloody death cause i married AJ”, Ashley said shaking a little. Danielle and Jamie both stood there with their mouths dropped down and speechless.

“Ash, oh my god you have to tell the police and AJ about this!”, Danielle told her.

“NO!! I can’t”, Ashley told them, “You can’t tell anybody about this!”, Ashley explained as Jamie and Danielle nodded. Hours later the guys were done practicing and so the girls then did. After the girls were done they walked over to the guys.

“I’m gonna go down stairs to get a soda what does everybody else want??”, Ashley asked as everybody told her what they wanted as she left downstairs.


Ashley walked down the hallway to the snack room. She had a creepy feeling in her stomach and was scared to death. She was almost to the snack room when she suddenly had this bad pain of getting hitting over the head and going out black. The person was all dressed in black and dragged Ashley out of the building into their van. The person then drove off.

Back Upstairs A half hour later

“Yo guys where did Ash go she’s still not back yet??”, AJ said confused and worried.

“I dunno, come on AJ lets go look downstairs to see if she’s down there”, Danielle said as AJ nodded and they headed downstairs.


AJ and Danielle walked down the hallway. It was completely quiet which was creepy. They quickly stopped as they saw blood on the floor.

“Oh my god!”, Danielle said as her and AJ where scared shitless. They looked and followed the blood path that led to outside and then it stopped.

“AJ I think there’s something I should tell you”, Danielle said.

“What? What is it?”, AJ asked.

“Ashley got a life threatening call last night”, Danielle said to him as his face dropped.

Someplace unknown

Ashley opened her eyes with an awful pain in the back of her head. She then noticed that she was tied up in a chair and she was in some cabin.

“So your finally awake”, the same voice said again as the person came out of the darkness to show themself. Ashley’s eye’s then widened!!!

Who is this person that has kidnapped Ashley? Where is she? What is gonna happen next???

Chapter 8