Chapter 6

(It was the following week and everybody was on their tour buses on their way to Las Angeles, CA for their first concert the next day. Mercury had their own tour bus and the Backstreet Boys were on their own tour bus. Danielle was with Nick on the BSB bus, AJ and Howie were on the Mercury bus with Ashley and Jamie.) On The BSB Tour Bus

“AHHHHHH”, Danielle yelled and laughing running through the tour bus from Nick who was running after her. Brian was in his room with his girlfriend Leighanne. Danielle went to the back of the bus where Kevin’s room was. She quickly opened the door and went in.

“Danielle!”, Kevin said surprised as he was only in his boxers with no shirt, “What are you doing in here?”

“Hide me quick I gotta hide somewhere from Nick”, Danielle explained quickly.

‘Ok, about under my bed?”, Kevin asked. Danielle nodded and quickly hide underneath the bed. No sooner then did Nick come into Kevin’s bedroom.

“Nick what do you want?”, Kevin asked as he acted like he just woke up.

“Have you seen Dani?”, Nick asked.

“Nope”, Kevin said as he got back in his bed. Nick nodded and quickly left the room.

(Back A Few Minutes When Kevin and Nick were talking)

Danielle crawled under the bed. As she was under there she saw a box. She was a little curious what it was so she opened it up. She soon saw pictures of herself and a framed picture Brian had taken of them at the club the went to the first night Kevin came back from Europe. She then looked some more and picked out a small book. She opened it and read the first entry


Today was the best day of my life cause I met Danielle from the group Mercury. We went to their concert and got backstage passes. She is so beautiful. I love her blonde hair with her piercing ice blue eyes. She is such a sweet person. I really like her, i hope that maybe i could get a chance to go out with her sometime. Oh yeah i got her number! Well later


Danielle then heard Kevin walking towards the bed. She quickly closed the box and hid the small book in her shirt.

“You can come out now, Nick’s gone”, Kevin told her as Danielle crawled out and got back up.

“Ok thanks”, Danielle said as she quickly left the room and headed for the bathroom. She then got in the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She took the book out of her shirt. She turned through a couple of the pages and read some more.


Danielle and I went out to a club tonight. I had a great time. She has a great personality and is so funny. To top that off we kissed at the end of the night outside her house. It was a deep French kiss, it was so sweet. I really like her. I think I might have found that special someone in my life. Later!


“Oh my god!!!!”, Danielle whispered to herself, “ He really likes me more than I thought! Geezz I really hurt him I bet you that night in Vegas” Danielle then felt badly for how she hurt Kevin. She then took the book and hid it in with her personal stuff in the bathroom where no one would find it. She then walked out of the bathroom and Nick ran up to her.

“HA I got ya”, Nick said as her wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Yup”, Danielle said, “I don’t feel so good baby, I’m gonna go lay down”

“Come here you can come lay down with me”, Nick said as they went into his bedroom. Nick sat down on the couch and Danielle laid down resting her head on his lap. He softly rubbed his fingers through her hair and down her cheek. She soon fall asleep and as she did Nick noticed a single tear run down her face. Nick wiped it away with his thumb and watched her sleep as he felt something was wrong with her as he soon fall asleep himself.

(On Mercury’s Tour bus)

Ashley was in the kitchen of the tour bus as she was getting some cappuccino. She then felt warm arms wrap around her waist and AJ’s chin lay on her shoulder.

“Hey Sexy”, Ashley smiled as she turned around in AJ’s arms and softly kissed him on the lips.

“Hey carebear”, AJ smiled as he returned the kiss, “Ooooo cappuccino, i want some” Ashley then gave him a sip and got some herself as her cell phone rang.

“Here take the cappuccino and to our bedroom while I answer the phone”, Ashley said as AJ nodded and kissed her on the lips and then went to their bedroom. Ashley then answered the phone.


“You ugly cunt. Your gonna die a bloody death for marring AJ and if ya go to the police or tell AJ about this phone call you will be very sorry”, a cold voice told her and the person then hung up. Ashley quickly sat her cell phone down with a look of fear on her face.

“Oh my god”, Ashley said as tears fall down her face, she had finally been happy and now someone was threatening to kill her. She couldn’t tell AJ about it either. What was she gonna do?

“Ash??”, AJ called from their room, “Where are you?” Ashley quickly wiped away her tears.

“I’m right here. I’m coming”, Ashley yelled back as she slowly walked to the bed room.

“Hey baby”, AJ said as he pulled Ashley down next to him and looked at her blank looking face.

“Ash, carebear what’s wrong, what a sec were you crying?”, AJ said as he looked at her.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just don’t feel that good hun”, Ashley said as she laid down and tried to go asleep. AJ wrapped his arms around her and soon fall asleep but he knew there was something wrong and planned to find out. Ashley couldn’t get much sleep that night.

In Jamie’s Room

“I luv you sweetie”, Howie smiled as he kissed Jamie.

“I know and I luv you”, Jamie said as Howie’s cell phone rang.

“Let it go”, Howie said as he laid on top of her.

“Yeah but it might be important”, Jamie said as Howie nodded and answered the phone. As he was talking on the phone she noticed Howie’s face go really sad. She had a feeling then something was wrong as he finally hung up the phone and tears began to run down his face.

“Baby what’s wrong??”, Jamie asked as she began to tear up cause she hated to see people cry especially Howie.

“”, Howie managed to get out as he fall in her arms.

“Howie oh my god I’m so sorry baby”, Jamie said as she began to cry a little as she had just met his sister a few days ago. She was so nice and this had to happen to her and she knew Howie had been very close to her.

“Jamie it’s no your fault baby you don’t have to say sorry. Maybe it’s better this way so she didn’t have to suffer anymore”, Howie said slowly.

“Suffer? From what??”, Jamie asked confused.

“She had Lupas”, Howie told her.

“Lupas, oh my god Howie, my grandma died from that too. Oh Howie I’m here for you”, Jamie said as they both cried in each other’s arms. They soon drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Wow what a chapter. A lot has happened. Kevin is still hurt from Danielle not picking him and Danielle found out about it from what Kevin had written in a book he had under his bed in a box. Nick doesn’t know what’s going on with Danielle but knows there’s something. Ashley got a life threatening phone call from somebody. Could it be Amanda or someone else? What is gonna happen to Ashley? Is she gonna tell anybody about this? AJ doesn’t know what to do to get whatever it is out of Ashley? Will he eventually or will he find out when something happens if it does? Howie’s sister died from Lupas, he was very close to her so it has hurt him very much to hear about this when he had finally become happy with Jamie after Claudia. What will happen next with everybody??

Chapter 7