Chapter 5

(During that week, Ashley and AJ went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Nick and Danielle became a couple after the night in Las Vegas. Jamie and Howie had became very close after that night they had shared together. He soon asked Jamie to be his girlfriend. In which she accepted, of course. When everybody had been back home they each got a phone call from they management Jive Records. They had said that they had came up with a great idea and they wanted them to come down quickly.)

At Jive Records

Danielle, Nick, Kevin, Brian, Jamie, Howie, Ashley, and AJ had all sat down in the room as they producer came into the room.

“Ok so what’s this great idea that has to do with all of us?”, Kevin asked.

“Well we thought both of your groups could do a North American tour together it’s like a double concert in one thing”, the producer explained to them.

“Wow that sounds like a cool idea and I bet the tickets would sale fast”, Jamie said as they all agreed to like the idea.

“So when does it start?”, Danielle asked.

“Next week”, The producer said.

"Woah isn’t that kinda quick?”, Ashley asked.

“Yeah but it’s alright we have all the dates set. All we gotta do is announce it and for all the tickets to go on sale Friday. That’s where you guys come in for the announcement”, the producer told them.

“Us, what we gotta do?”, Nick asked confused.

“We will call up Carson from TRL today and book you all to go on the show tomorrow for a special announcement, in which the US will be able to get to know who Mercury is too”, the producer answered.

“Ok well that’s cool with us, while you do that call in for 8 plane tickets to New York so we can get their tonight”, Howie said to the producer.

“ok we got everything in control, you all get your stuff you need and get on the plane to New York. I will call you later”, the producer responded.

“Ok thanks c-ya later”, AJ said as they all left.

(At The airport)

The gate number for New York was called and they all got on the plane on their way to New York.

“We finally get to do a tour in the United States and it’s with us and all you guys. This is gonna be one of the biggest tours of the year, I bet ya that”, Danielle smiled as Nick kissed her on the lips. Kevin then gave Nick a dirty look. He was still kinda mad at Nick. Ashley and AJ were in the back of the plane sleeping as close as possible towards each other.

“Jamie?”, Howie asked seating next to her.

“Huh?”, Jamie asked as she turned away from looking out the window.

“I love you”, Howie smiled as Jamie blushed a little.

“I love you too”, Jamie said to him as they were caught in a deep French kiss.

The Next Day In New York

Everybody was in a black van on their way to the TRL studios. Ashley wore a purple halter top along with a purple long skirt with slits up both sides. Danielle wore the same thing except hers was blue and Jamie’s was red. The guys all wore the same clothes they usually wore. A couple minutes later they arrived with tons of screaming fans outside (mostly for BSB cause Mercury was only popular in Europe, never heard of in the US)

In The Studio

“Wow today we have two big groups here. One you know of which is The Backstreet Boys and the other is the group called Mercury, you probably have never heard of them but anybody from Europe has cause they hit the charts big over there. Anyways they came here today together with a special announcement. Everybody welcome The Backstreet Boys and Mercury”, Carson said as they all came out with a big crowd screaming and clapping.

“Welcome guys it nice to have you”, Carson said to both groups. They responded by saying thank you, “So what’s this big announcement?”

“Well we are from both the same record label which is Jive. They came up this big idea that we should do a double concert in one with both Mercury and The Backstreet Boys. We loved this idea since we have dreamed to do this and we all know each other well. So the tour will be starting next week and the tickets will go on sale Friday”, Danielle explained to them all. The crowd sounded really excited about this cause they were screaming and clapping. They finally calmed down after awhile.

“So you guys know each other well? Oh yeah AJ there has been a rumor going around that one of the girls from Mercury and you got married last week?”, Carson asked.

“Well I would like to confirm this. Yes it’s true, Ashley and I are very happy together and married”, AJ said as the fans responded pretty well to this.

“Cool. Well let’s take some questions from the audience”, Carson said as a girl stood up with a microphone.

“Hi! I love you guys! Anyways do any of you guys have girlfriends and do any of you girls have boyfriends?”, the girl asked.

“Well”, Nick said as he paused, “Yes some of us do. Danielle and I are a couple”

“Yup and Howie and I are a couple too”, Jamie said for her and Howie.

“And me and Leighanne are still together”, Brian responded.

“Wow so some of you guys are couples and friends and now your doing a tour together”, Carson said surprised.

“Yes it’s a pretty cool chance for us”, Kevin told them all.

“So since we never of Mercury before here, I heard you would perform your latest single?”, Carson asked.

“Yup”, Ashley said as they took their places and sung their song and did their dance routine. They were soon done after that and the audience there clapped as they really liked them.

“Wow you three sound like very talented ladies. Well that’s it for TRL today. Thank you to the Backstreet Boys and Mercury for coming here and look out for their US tour that starts next week and the tickets are for sale this Friday. Bye”, Carson said as the show soon ended. They all said goodbye to Carson and talked to the audience for a little bit. All of them then left to go back to their hotel.

(They soon went back To Florida and practiced together for the tour. Friday soon came and all the tickets for all the places sold out within 10 minutes. Everything was going great and as planned. Would anything happen during the tour?)

Chapter 6