Chapter 4

Danielle woke up to the phone ringing.

“Ahh why does it have to ring so early”, Danielle mumbled to herself before she answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Hey Danielle oh sorry if I woke you up but their is an emergency”, Brian told her.

“Oh that’s alright, what’s wrong?”, Danielle asked.

“AJ left a not saying that him and Amanda were going to alope in Las Vegas. I was wondering is Ashley there, she’s the only one that can stop them, deep down AJ really likes her”, Brian said quickly.

“Holy shit, yeah hold on let me go get her”, Danielle said.

“no listen to me. You two get some clothes, and Kevin, Nick and I will be right there. We gotta go to Vegas, ok?”, Brian asked.

“Ok bye”, Danielle said as she hung up the phone quickly and an into the guestroom where Ashley was sleeping.

“Ashley!”, Danielle exclaimed as Ashley jumped up.

“What? What!”, Ashley yelled as Danielle grabbed Ashley’s stuff she brought with her.

“We’re going to Vegas, don’t ask why. I’ll tell you on the way, get dressed quick”, Danielle said as she left the room and into hers to get dressed.

“Okay”, Ashley said confused as she got dressed and met Danielle downstairs. They both grabbed their stuff and got in the backseat of Brian’s jeep with Nick, along with Brian and Kevin in the front. They quickly rode to the airport. On the way Danielle explained everything to Ashley.

“Wow he does like me”, Ashley said dreamy.

“Yes! And that’s why you gotta stop him cause him and Amanda don’t belong together. You belong with him”, Nick told her.

“Thanks for telling her that. It was really sweet”, Danielle said as she looked up into his eyes. Nick wanted to just lean down and kiss her so bad but he couldn’t it wasn’t right with Kevin there, and the last thing he wanted was a fight with Kevin.

At Jamie’s House

Jamie woke up in Howie’s arms. She looked up to see Howie was awake.

“Hey your awake”, Howie said smiling a little.

“Yeah how are you doing?”, Jamie asked as the last thing she knew her and Howie were kissing.

“Woah we shouldn’t have done that you just broke up with Claudia. Your not thinking straight”, Jamie said even though she really enjoyed it.

“I know I probably shouldn’t have, but I really like you and I wanted to. Your so beautiful”, Howie said as Jamie smiled.

“I like you to”, Jamie whispered in his ear as Howie kissed her gently on the neck. Jamie moaned softly as he picked her up still kissing her neck. He then carried her upstairs to her bedroom, laying her down gently on the bed. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt and then taking it off. She then reached behind her back unclasping her bra and slowly taking it off to expose her breast. Howie smiled as she laid back and he sucked on her breast making her back arch for more. She then managed to get Howie’s pants and boxers off. He then took off the rest of her clothes and his shirt. She felt his erect dick slowly rub against her thigh. He slowly then entered into her body as he laid on top of her. He kissed her deep and hard as he trusted in and out quickly as they also moaned very loudly in pleasure. They continued on for about 45 minutes until they were exhausted and fell to each other’s sides. Jamie then fell asleep in Howie’s arms.

In Las Vegas

AJ and Amanda stood there at their altar. The priest was talking his speech as AJ thought to himself, Oh my god what am I doing here, do I really love Amanda?! What about Ashley it’s so hard to hide my feelings towards her. I wish she was here. The priest then asked AJ if he took Amanda as his wife? AJ stood there speechless as he heard a group of people yell AJ don’t do it. He quickly turned around to see Ashley there along with Danielle, Nick, Brian, and Kevin. Ashley then ran up to him

“AJ please don’t do this, I love you”, Ashley told him.

“Listen you little tramp AJ loves me”, Amanda began as she was cut off by AJ.

“Ashley I love you too”, AJ said as they hugged and kissed. Amanda then got very pissed and walked off.

“Ashley”, AJ began as he got down on one knee, “I know we haven’t known each other very long but I have loved you since we fist met. I can’t hide my feelings for you anymore, will you may me?”

“Oh AJ yes!”, Ashley exclaimed happily as everybody else stood there speechless. They then went up to the altar and about 20 minutes later AJ and Ashley were pronounced husband and wife. Everybody then congratulated them and then they were off to their honeymoon suite. Brian then went up to his hotel room while Danielle, Nick, and Kevin went out to a club.

At The Club

Danielle, Kevin, and Nick all sat down at a table.

“Umm guys I sorta have this feeling your fighting over me, is this true?”, Danielle asked.

“Ok yes it is Danielle who do you like?”, Kevin asked.

“Kevin I like us better as friends. I like Nick”, Danielle told them. Kevin nodded his head and left. Danielle got up to go try to talk to him but Nick stopped her.

“Danielle let him go, you should let him cool off and talk to him tomorrow”, Nick told her as she sat back down.

“You do like me? I like you too”, Nick told her looking into her eyes.

“Yes I always have since we met backstage at my concert”, Danielle smiled as they soon kissed. They then got quite a few alcoholic drinks and danced. They were both very drunk when they headed back to Danielle’s hotel room. Nick then picked her up and took her into the bedroom shutting the door behind them.

AJ and Ashley’s Room

AJ laid Ashley on the bed.

“I love you Mrs. McLean”, AJ smiled as he kissed her.

“And I love you Mr. McLean”, Ashley told him as they were both taking off each other’s clothes. Before they knew it they were making passionate love. After about an hour they fell to each other’s side.

“Ash I love you and I promise to be the best husband I can be”, AJ told her.

“Oh AJ I love you too, I’m glad we’re finally together”, Ashley smiled as they kissed one more last time before they fell asleep.

So did everybody get what he or she wanted? Almost everybody, Kevin lost Danielle, but was only friends with her now. Amanda lost AJ, would she try to get revenge? Claudia cheated on Howie, would she stay out of his life forever????

Chapter 5