Chapter 10

(3 months had finally went by and sadly the BSB & Mercury was all done. The tour had been very successfully. It was declared the biggest and most money making tour of the year. Danielle had been 3 months pregnant now. She moved out of her house and moved in with Nick. Jamie and Howie lived together in Jamie’s house now. Jamie had just found out she was pregnant after the tour. Howie was really glad abut the news. As for Ashley and AJ their marriage was going great and Ashley as well was pregnant (2 months). As for Kevin, Danielle had introduced him to her friend Lee and they both had hit it off well. Brian and Leighanne had gotten married right after the tour.)

Ashley and AJ’s House

“Baby I’m home, where are ya??”, AJ called through the house as he carried some food in his hands for Ashley.

“I’m in the living room”, Ashley called back as AJ walked in.

“Here’s your weird food you keep on craving, man now i know what Nick felt like when he had to do this for Danielle”, AJ laughed as Ashley grabbed the food from him and began to eat it.

“Now this is good”, Ashley said as AJ made a disgusting face. Ashley just laughed at him and finished up the food.

“I can’t wait till our baby comes”, AJ smiled as he sat down next to her.

“Yeah I know”, Ashley smiled as AJ put his hand on Ashley stomach.

Jamie and Howie’s House

Jamie and Howie were sitting on the couch watching some TV. Howie turned to Jamie and looked down at her stomach. He sat down and began to talk.

“Hey little guy”, Howie smiled as he rubbed her stomach, “I can’t wait to you come” Jamie smiled.

“What are you smiling about?”, Howie grinned at her.

“Your gonna make a great father”, Jamie said as she leaned down to where he was and kissed her.

“Yeah and your gonna make a great mother”, Howie smiled as he sat back up and held Jamie in his arms.

Danielle and Nick’s House

“Nick??? Hello???”, Danielle called through the house as she walked downstairs. The house was silent and there was no sign of Nick.

“Hmm, I wonder where he went”, Danielle said to herself as she sat down and paged him. The phone soon rang and Danielle answered it.

“Nick, where are you?”, Danielle asked.

“Oh I’m just Brian’s house. I’m on my way home now”, Nick told her.

“Ok honey, c-ya in a few”, Danielle said as she hung up the phone. A few Minutes pasted by and Nick was back. Danielle got up and met him in the hallway. She was surprised when Nick got down on one knee and took a hold of her hand.

“Sunshine, I love you will all of my heart, We’ve been through everything together for the past 4 months. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”, Nick asked as he pulled out a beautiful diamond ring.

“Oh Nick, yes of course I will”, Danielle said as tears came down her face as he slipped the ring on her finger, “I love you” Nick then stood up and they were caught in a deep french kiss.

The Next Day

Everybody were all at Kevin’s House.

“So what’s up with everybody??”, Kevin asked.

“Well Dani and I are engaged I asked her to marry me yesterday”, Nick said as he held her around the waist.

“Wow that’s so great”, Jamie said happily wishing Howie would do it to her.

“Yeah and that’s why Nick and I planned to both ask”, Howie said as he got down on one knee.

“Jamie, Your my special girl, you’ve always been here for me through good times and bad times. I want us to have more of the good times together, will you marry me?”, Howie asked.

“Yes! I will”, Jamie said a little excited as Howie slipped the diamond ring on her finger. They then soon kissed as everybody congratulated them.

2 weeks later Jamie and Howie were married in Orlando at a big church. It had been a beautiful wedding. Jamie wore a white wedding dress with flower like lacing with diamond stones up around the top of the dress. And the bridesmaids wore light lavender dresses. Danielle and Nick got married a week later after that. They were married on the beach. Danielle wore a baby blue wedding dress, and the bridesmaids wore bluish-silver dresses. Nick had surprised Danielle by building a house on one of the islands of the Florida keys. They soon moved into there.

Danielle was the first to have a baby, but the surprise was it came out to be twins. One boy named Nicholas Gene Carter Jr. And one girl named Samantha Lynn Carter.

Soon after Danielle was Ashley. She had a baby boy named Alex James McLean Jr. And the last was Jamie. She had a cute little girl named Caroline Marie Dorough, whom they had named in memory of Howie’s sister Caroline that died of Lupus.