Part 2

"Amanda, why are you so hard on Howie? He is such a nice guy and you used to think so before you visited your family. What happened?" Ashley says worried.

Amanda takes a deep breath and looks away. When she looks back, there are tears in her eyes. She opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. She takes another deep breath to try to regain her composure. She opens her mouth, but once again nothing comes out. Tears slowly begin to course down her face, cutting lines through the makeup she worked so hard to put on earlier. Ashley, shocked by this slowly begins to wipe at Amandaís eyes with her hands.

"I found out something that night my sister died," Amanda wailed into Ashleyís hands, attracting the attention of the passerbys. "Something that wasnít supposed to be found outÖever. Something about Howie."

"Amanda, what did you find out about Howie that night?" Ashley asked.

Amanda looks up slowly and once again tries to regain her composure, this time getting it semi composed.

"I was going through her trunk looking for something to wear that night when I found it," Amanda begins slowly. "It was a-"

"Guys, itís 8:45 now and we have to get to dinner," Sonya (Brianís girlfriend) says. "You know how my boo-bear is when Iím not with him."

"Yeah, I sure do," Ashley whispers under her breath. "Trust me I do."

Amanda and Ashley look up at the three girls standing beside them.

"Eww! She looks like something the cat brought in from the rash," Taylor says, disgusted.

"I believe thatís trash Taylor," Melissa corrects.

"Thatís what I said. I said trash. Are you saying that I didnít say trash, because I did," Taylor says quickly.

"Why donít you three go find a pay phone and call one of the guys to tell them that weíll be a few minutes late," Ashley suggests standing up.

The three girls look at each other and look back at Ashley. They shrug and leave.

"Come on Amanda," Ashley says helping Amanda to her feet. "Thereís a Clinque counter that can help with your makeup troubles."

Amanda smiles gratefully before wiping away her tears. They both quickly walk towards the Clinque counter.

"The wonder of science has once again come to my aid," Samantha thought as she looked into the mirror. "Having access to all types of secret project locations and information has surely made my life a little easier."

"Samantha, are you happy about your new look?" an older female doctor asks.

"Itís great Dr. Scott. You have always down such fine work," Samantha reassured the woman.

"Thank you. But the miracle of quick healing and flawless surgery is due to the new equipment that the government is testing," Dr. Scott says.

"Well Dr. Scott I have to go or else Iíll be late for a very important meeting that could keep the world from knowing about stuff like this too soon," Samantha says hugging the doctor.

"It was good to see you again Sam," Dr. Scott whispered. "Even it was a quick second before you ran off to save the world again."

Samantha hugs the woman tighter before letting go.

"Go," Dr. Scott says as Samantha goes to say something. "Go and save the world. Youíre the only one that can."

Samantha smiles and wipes a tear from her eyes and leaves. She slowly walks out of the building and towards her new car.

"Thank you Dr. Scott, youíll never know how much this means to me," Samantha thinks to herself.

Samantha smiles into the rearview mirror as she pulls out of the clearing in the small secluded area.

"Youíve made me a brand new person."

Samantha looks back into the rearview mirror and smiles.

"A brand new person indeed."

"I wonder where the girls are?" Nick says, his face lit up in the light of the candles. "I gave them at least a good hour to get ready. Then they call and say that they are running late, but that was forty minutes ago."

"Well, I guess this is a guyís night out," A.J. says. "Letís blow this joint and go clubbiní!"

"I donít think so Alexander James McLean!" Amanda says as she and Ashley walk up to the table.

"Where are the other girls?" Brian asks. "You didnít kill them, did you?"

Before anyone can answer, the other three come up to the table.

"Sorry we took so long," Melissa explains as Howie pulls her chair out for her. "We had to make sure that we looked our best."

"You could never look bad," Howie says smiling.

"Thank you. See I got the sweet one!" Melissa says smiling as the other girls are arranging themselves.

"Well, what do we want to eat tonight ladies?" A.J. asks.

Ashley picks up the menu and looks at it. She squints and then sighs. Slowly she begins to mouth the words as she reads them. Finally she gets done mouthing the words and looks up. She sees that everyone is looking at her strangely.

"What were you doing Ashley?" Nick asks, trying not to laugh.

"I was reading the menu to decide what I wanted. Itís been a long time since Iíve read French," Ashley says defensively.

"And they call me a sky skull," Taylor says laughing.

"Thatís air head Taylor," quickly corrects Sonya.

"Either way sheís so ummmÖwhatís that wordÖuhhhhhÖso ummmÖsoÖwell it doesnít matter what sheís so, but she is it," Taylor says defensively.

Kevin shakes his head slowly. Nick glares at Taylor before turning to Ashley.

"Um Ashley, didnít you know that you picked up the French menu. Thereís an English version of it," Nick says, informatively.

"Oh," Ashley says, blushing a deep red.

Ashley picks up the other menu that was sitting next to her silverware and opened it.

"Now isnít that better?" Nick asks.

"Yes, itís much better," Ashley answers, trying to hide her embarrassment. "Thank you darling."

Ashley reads the menu, this time being able to quickly go through the menu and decide what she wants with ease.

"Are we ready to order?" a waiter asks the group.

"Well weíll haveÖ" A.J. starts.

"Are you sure that will be all monsieur?" the waiter asks, looking tired from taking all of the orders down.

"Is that all we want?" A.J. asks.

"Iím sure thatís all we want," Kevin says.

"Very good sir," the waiter says before leaving the table.

"God, do you think that you ordered enough food?" Amanda asks.

"Well I wanted to be sure that had enough to eat," A.J. explains, tracing her jaw line slowly.

Amanda looks up into his eyes and is about to kiss him when someone kicks her hard. Amanda quickly turns away from A.J. and glares at Howie.

"Look little man, why donít you keep your feet to yourself before you donít have any feet at all!" Amanda says angrily, but quietly.

"Is that a threat bitch!?!" Howie demands, just as quiet. "Because I donít take very well to threats. Especially not from strippiní, trashy, slutty, street-walkiní, white trailer park trash like yourself."

"Iíve got to go to the bathroom," Sonya, Melissa, and Taylor say in unison.

They quickly get up and walk away from the table.

"Who are you calling trailer park trash!?!" Amanda says, starting to get to her feet. "I know that youíre not calling me that you mangy half-breed."

"Mangy half-breed is better than scanvy in-bred," Howie says, starting to get to his feet.

"In-bred!?! Are you accusing my family of being incestuous?" Amanda demands.

"If the shoe fits, wear it," Howie answers. "And might I add that you wear it quite well."

They are about to jump on each when A.J. grabs Amanda and Nick grabs Howie. They are pulled back into their seats.

"Calm down D. Itís not worth it!" Nick says softly.

Howie glares across the table at Amanda who glares back. The muscles in Howieís arms begin to tighten up, as he glares across the table.

"Kevin, Iím going to need some help here," Nick says worried as Howie begins to get up.

Quickly Kevin grabs Howie and pulls him back down into his chair.

"Let me go A.J." Amanda says angrily. "I can easily take him on. He wonít get away with calling my family incestuous!"

"And what exactly are you going to do about it?" Howie yells at her. "Face it, your family is incestuous and thereís nothing you can do about it. You might as well move to Alabama!"

Amanda lunges at him but, is stopped short by Brian grabbing her other arm and slamming her down into her seat. Ashley, who has been watching the whole thing, stands up and walks over to Amanda.

"Let her go," Ashley says flatly.

"But if we let her go sheíll-" Brian begins.

"Let her go. She wonít do a thing," Ashley promises.

Reluctantly Brian and A.J. let Amanda go, but stay braced in case that she attacks once again. Amanda stands up slowly and is about to attack when Ashley lays a hand on Amandaís arm.

"The manager is going to be coming soon, so Iím going to get all the girls and go to the SUV," Ashley says. "Weíll be waiting outside for you."

Ashley and Amanda have to go past Howie to walk out the door, but Ashley keeps a watchful eye on Amanda until the last seconds. When Amanda feels that Ashley isnít so concerned about passing Howie any more, she quickly leans over and spits in his face. Howie yells and tries to get up, but Nick and Kevin are doing a good job with holding him in his seat.

"Thatís for calling my family incestuous," Amanda hisses quickly.

Amanda and Ashley go to the bathroom to get the other girls.

"What is all of this racket about?" the manager demands.

"Well itís about-" Nick starts.

"Never mind! I donít want to know what itís about!" the manager yells. "I just want you out of here! Iím giving you five minuets before I call the cops."

Nick and Kevin pull Howie up quickly. Howie rips his arms free and using a napkin, wipes the spit off his face. He throws the napkin down and leaves, closely followed by the other guys.

"This has got to stop!" A.J. says to Howie as they walk out into the cold night air. "This has got to stop tonight!"

"Why donít you tell that to the one whoís starting thisÖyour precious Amanda!" Howie says sourly. "Sheís the one who, out of the blue might I add, jumped down my throat, not the other way around."

"I know but, please try to be more tolerant," A.J. pleads as Howie gets into the car. "Iíll talk to her later about it."

Howie sits down in the back seat and A.J. settles in the seat that is beside them.

"Iíll try," Howie says as Brian pulls out of the parking space. "Since youíre my friend, Iíll try."

A.J. nods as Nick slowly drives through the parking lot looking for the girls. He finds them parked close to the back of the parking lot. Nick gets out and walks over to the SUV.

"Are any of you still hungry?" Nick asks.

"I donít think that any of us has an appetite anymore," Ashley answers, leaning out the window.

"I can understand that, I feel the same way," Nick says delicately rubbing Ashleyís cheek.

Ashley kisses his hand lightly. Nick looks into her dark eyes and smiles. Ashley leans over and kisses Nickís nose daintily. A light blush settles across his face.

"I love when you do that, it calms me you know," Nick whispers.

Ashley runs her fingers across his lips.

"I know," Ashley says smiling.

As Nick leans over for a more passionate kiss, Ashley looks over his shoulder and sees the look of sadness on Brian's face. She quickly turns her head so that Nick's lips don't touch her own lips, but instead her cheek.

"Ashley, whatís the matter? What did I do wrong?" Nick asks distressed.

"Nothing Nick, itís just that, I think we should get going. The quicker we get home, the quicker we might be able to resolve the issue," Ashley says.

"Ashley are you sure thatís all? Nothing else, because if there is some-" Nick says really disturbed.

Ashley presses her lips against Nickís before he can finish the sentence. She was beginning to enjoy it when the horn honked. They hastily broke the embrace and looked up.

"Come on Nick, weíre tired," Brian yells exhaustedly.

"There was something else there. Was it a hint of sadness?" Ashley thinks to herself.

"Iíll see you later sweetheart," Nick says smiling.

"Bye darling," Ashley mutters unhappily. "I'll see you at home."

Nick walks away smiling. Ashley takes a deep breath and sighs.

"I guess itís time to get this show on the road," Ashley says sarcastically.

"Ashley are you okay?" Amanda asks as Ashley pulls out of the parking lot.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" Ashley says in a slightly quivering voice.

"Because youíre crying," Amanda says troubled.

Ashley reaches up and wipes her eyes. When she pulls her hands away theyíre very wet from the tears that she doesnít remember crying.

"Iím fine," Ashley says.

"HaHaHa! Sheís so something! Sheís crying because he kissed her! And you want to call me a dumney!" Taylor says smiling.

Sonya and Melissa crack up laughing.

"Shut up!" Ashley and Amanda scream at the three cackling skanks in the backseat.

Immediately they shut up and sit back in their seats, pouting because they were yelled at. Ashley morosely looks out the windshield, letting silent tears roll down her face. Amanda is leaning out her window breathing in the air.

"Somethingís going to happen tonight. The worst is far from over," Amanda thinks to herself.

Silent tears roll down her own face, but for a different reason and a different pain. The car speeds towards the house, leading each to their destiny.

"Destiny. Thatís a funny word," Samantha murmurs. "We all are connected by destiny. That's just the way it is and the way it will beÖalways. Everyone has a destiny. This is mine...I can feel it. And I can feel the hour arriving when my destiny will kick into full effect."

Samantha stretches out and yawns.

"Itís going to be a long nightÖIím looking forward to a nice, hot bath when I get done with this."

Samantha looks at her watch and smiles.

"Itís not much longer now."

"You guys were right!" Nick says happily. "Sheís not cheating on me, sheís just stressing."

"Thatís great Nick," Brian says gloomily. "Itís really wonderful."

"Brian are you ok?" Nick asks.

"Iím fine, just a little tired. Tonight was strange," Brian says. "I look forward to just getting in bed and sleeping."

"Are you sure thatís all thatís wrong with you?" Nick asks.

"Yes," Brian says.

"You sound depressed," Nick says concerned. "Is there something going on with Sonya?"

"No, I just feel very tired," Brian explains. "Very not myself. I just feel like, I donít know, stepping out of my skin and saying "Whatís wrong with this picture, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, sometimes when I feel that way I usually go to you or Ashley for support," Nick says. "You really should go see her, she can make you understand what your problem is, but you probably already know that since she is your best friend and all."

"I already know that, but Iím not sure that Iíll be able to explain the reason of my new slump," Brian says. "It might be something that she just wonít understand."

"Brian, sheís your best friend. Youíve known her longer than I have, but take my advice, sheíll probably understand your problem and will be able to help you with it," Nick says calmly.

They are interrupted by a loud snore. They quickly turn back to see that Howie, A.J., and Kevin have all fallen asleep.

"You see, life goes on. In the morning weíll all be able to settle this issue," Nick says. "Then we all will be as peaceful as those three in their sleep."

Brian looks back quickly and nods.

"I hope youíre right Nick," Brian whispers. "For all of our sakes and states of mind, I hope youíre right."

Brian sighs before closing his eyes. He leans back in his seat and pulls his jacket tighter around him. Nick quickly looks over at Brian.

"I hope Iím right too Brian," Nick whispers. "For your sake and state of mind more than all others."

The green Explorer pulls into the driveway. Amanda gets out and pushes the garage opener button. She steps out the way as Ashley cautiously pulls into the garage. Ashley parks and turns off the car. As the other girls get out a movement catches Ashleyís eye. She quickly turns her head to get a better look at it, but nothing is there. She shakes her head before getting out of the car. Amanda walks over to Ashley.

"Whatís the matter?" Amanda asks Ashley. "You looked like you saw something."

"I thought I saw something, but it turned out to be nothing," Ashley explains. "It was just my imagination playing tricks."

The other garage door starts opening.

"I guess that we should wait here and let the guys walk us to the house. Iíd feel much better," Amanda says. "Thereís something that I canít explain, but can feel. Itís freaking me out."

"I know what you mean, I have the same-"

Ashley is cut off by Nick quickly turning her around and pressing his soft, sweet tasting lips against hers. He slowly pulls away, but keeps his arms wrapped tightly around her.

"I love you so much," Nick whispers in her ear. "Come to my room right after you relax, I just have the worst craving."

He releases Ashleyís arms after a brief second and takes her hand. Ashley smiles brightly at Nick before someone bumps into her. She quickly turns around and comes face to face with Brian. Heís face is dark with the sadness that heís trying to hide.

"Sorry," Brian mumbles. "I didnít mean to run into you.

"Thatís okay," Ashley says.

Brian looks into her eyes briefly and then quickly turns away.

"Brian, are you okay?" Ashley asks. "You donít seem too happy."

"I need to talk to you privately," Brian whispers in her ear. "Please donít cancel our plans that we made earlier."

Ashley looks Brian in the eye and smiles sadly.

"I wonít cancel on you," Ashley whispers back. "If I cannot promise you anything else, I can promise you that."

Ashley is about to say something else when a pair of strong, muscular arms wrap around her waist and a soft cheek presses against hers.

"Itís about time to go to the house, donít you think?" Nick says. "Itís ten and everyone else has left us."

Ashley leans against Nickís strong, muscular body, closes her eyes and deeply sighs. Ashley then looks up at Brianís darkened face and then looks up at Nickís smiling face. A single tear runs down her face but she quickly wipes it away hoping no one saw.

"Yeah, I think that we should get going," Brian agrees tiredly.

"Letís go," Ashley says sadly.

Ashley pulls away from Nick and takes both his and Brianís hands.

"This may be the last time we can be in the same place as friends," Ashley whispers quietly. "The next time someone could be an enemy."

Amanda steps out of the shower. Her dark hair glistens in the light. She yawns and grabs her towel from the towel rack. She turns the bathroom light off and walks into the big room. She crosses the room and sits on her bed, the whole time thinking about something. She is just sitting there when something catches her eye. She gets up and walks over to it. Itís a note pinned to a gorgeous dress. Slowly she unpins the note and reads it.

"Tonightís get together was so horrible and I feel bad about it. I am hoping that we will be able to get together and make up for it. Wear the dress I picked out and meet me at the inside pool at 11:30. Donít be late," Amanda reads quietly. "Love Always, A.J."

Amanda smiles and looks at the clock.

"I have to hurry up, I definitely do not want to be late for this date," Amanda says, grabbing the dress.

"Well Iím tired," Howie says yawning. "Iím sorry that the night wasnít perfect."

"Itís okay Howie, I know you only meant well," Melissa says.

Howie pulls her into his arms. She rests her head on Howieís chest. Howie rests his head on her head.

"This makes up for it," Melissa whispers. "This moment is perfect."

Howie smiles and strokes her hair lightly.

"This moment is perfect," Melissa whispers again.

"Itís not quite perfect yet," Howie whispers to her.

Melissa looks up questioningly and Howie kisses her lips lightly. She smiles and kisses his lips softly, lightly tracing his lips with her tongue.

"Now, the moment is perfect," Howie whispers.

Melissa nods and hugs Howie tighter. Howie goes to kiss her again, but begins to yawn.

"Go to bed sweetie," Melissa says. "Youíre so tired that you canít hardly keep your eyes open."

"Iím sorry, the fight took a lot out of me," Howie whispers into her hair. "I wish that-"

Melissa puts a finger up to his lips and shushes him. He kisses her finger casually before going into his room. He slowly turns around and sees that sheís still there.

"I promise that next date we have will be perfect," Howie says. "It will just be us-"

"Sleep darling," Melissa says to Howie. "Sleep and weíll discuss this later."

Howie nods and yawns. He shuts his door and walks into his bedroom.

"11:15 and Iím tired?" Howie says questioningly. "That fight really must have taken a lot out of me."

Howie yawns again and walks into the bathroom.

Ashley looks over at Nickís sleeping body. He has that cute half smile on his face. She pushes away the piece of hair that has fallen into his eyes. She smiles sadly and kisses his lips lightly, he reacts by kissing her lightly in return.

"Nick darling, in all the time that weíve been together Iíve never known how you did that," Ashley whispers sadly.

She gets out of the bed and walks over to the dresser where her pajamas are. She puts them on slowly and starts to leave. She pauses at the door looks back over at Nick who is still smiling.

"Iím sorry," Ashley whispers.

She walks out the door and quietly shuts it. Nick turns over and makes sure that Ashley is not in the room. Quickly he gets up and puts on his boxers. He walks out the door and follows the shadow of Ashley. She walks to a door and walks in.

"Thatís Brianís room," Nick whispers. "Theyíre probably going to have that talk about Brianís problems. But if that was so, why did she wait until this late to go talk to him and why was she sneaking?"

Nick slowly walks to the door and presses his ear against it.

"I canít do this anymore," Brian whispers. "I need you. I love so much. You must tell him and make him understand."

Nick pulls away from the door looking confused.

"Make me understand?" Nick whispers sounding bewildered. "Make me understand what?"

He puts his ear back to the door.

"I donít want to hurt him," Ashley says. "But I donít want to hurt you either. Right now Iím not sure who exactly I want."

"Ashley, I loved you ever since I met you," Brian says. "He doesnít care about you! He knew I loved you, I told him that, but heís too selfish to let me have anything for myself."

"Brian this isnít fair!" Ashley says angrily. "To put all this on me! I love you and I love Nick! Why do we have to fight over this!"

"Because this is tearing me up inside!" Brian says louder.

"Itís tearing me up inside too!" Ashley says back. "It tears me up to feel so good with him, to love the feel of his body near mine or top of mine, to feel my love for him every time we are near each other and then to be with you and enjoy you in the same ways!"

"Itís tearing me up to yearn for your body and loving spirit every night and then think of you with him!" Brian says. "The nights I go without your silky skin pressed up against me drives me insane!"

"Iím sorry," Ashley says. "I shouldnít have started this."

"Honey, donít cry," Brian says. "Iím sorry that you have to go through this. Come here."

Nick wipes the tears from his eyes.

"She is cheating on me," Nick whispers. "And itís with my best friend."

Amanda walks into the pool room. She looks around the dark room thatís only lit by the moon.

"A.J." Amanda calls. "A.J. sweetheart, Iím not in the mood to play these kinds of games."

The lights come on over her, brightening up part of the room. Amanda looks around once again.

"A.J. where are you?" Amanda asks irritated.

There is no answer to her question, only the babbling of the water that is being swirled around by the jets in the pool.

"A.J., this isnít funny," Amanda says getting scared.

There is the loud sound of something being dropped into the pool behind her.

"A.J.?" Amanda says terrified, slowly turning around.

"No bitch. A.J.ís not here," a female voice says, the owner is hidden in the shadows.

"Taylor? Melissa? Sonya?" Amanda asks getting more frightened with each name.

The owner of the voice steps into the light and looks up at Amanda. Amandaís eyes get wide and she goes pale. Amandaís hand goes up to her throat and clutches it, trying to hold in a scream.

"No bitch, itís me and I just wanted to say, ĎWelcome to my worldí, and I know youíll get a kick out of it," the girl says.

Howie is about to lie down when he notices a white envelope on the table near his bed.

"Melissa mustíve sneaked in and left me this," Howie says smiling. "She is the greatest."

He picks the envelope up and looks all over for any writing. He sees none.

"Doesnít she love the dramatics," Howie says grinning.

He opens it and looks inside.

"Shhhhhiiiiiiitttttttt!" Howie yells throwing the envelope down.

"Who are you?" Amanda asks.

"Itís like looking in the mirror, only not," the girl says.

"What do you want?" Amanda asks terrified.

The girl walks up to her and stops inches from Amandaís face.

"I want my life back bitch!" the girl says.

Amanda suddenly drops her hand and glares at the girl.

"Who the hell are you?" Amanda yells.

"Iím Amanda, who the fuck are you?!?" Amanda #1 yells.

"Iím Amanda you psychotic bitch!" Amanda #2 yells.

Amanda #2 shoves Amanda #1 hard. Amanda #1 doesnít stumble back or fall, but instead stands her ground. Amanda #2 glares at Amanda #1 before giving her a hard right to her jaw. Amanda #1ís face snaps to the side she slowly turns back to face Amanda #2, her nose bleeding.

"Iíve been waiting for you to do that," Amanda #1 says. "Finally, weíre letting the sisterly love show through.

Amanda #1 lunges at Amanda #2.

"Ashley, let me make you feel better," Brian says softly. "Let me make you happy. We can be so happy together, donít turn me down."

"Brian, I canít decide right now, Iím sorry," Ashley whispers. "Iím just not-"

Ashley is cut off by Brian pressing his lips against hers. He slowly lays her down on the bed and climbs on top of her. He kisses her neck lightly before returning to kissing her lips. She drags her nails across his back as their tongues have an all out war. The door opens and Nick stands there, watching his girlfriend and his best friend, melting in a blaze of passion. Anger and hate replace the sadness in his eyes. He clenches his fists and releases them. He grabs the door and slams it. Ashley and Brian look up at Nick and quickly jump away from each other.

"How could you?" Nick yells angrily at them. "My own best friend and my own girlfriend! Better yet, how dare you?!?"

Brian and Ashley stand on either side of the bed looking from one another to Nick.

"I loved you Ashley. I would give you anything you wanted. If you asked me to rip out my heart and give it to you, Iíd find a way to do that, although youíve already done a good job of it," Nick yells. "And you, my so-called best friend have been the one that my girlfriend has been sneaking off to see. I thought we had a little something between called trust, honesty, and respect!?!"

"Nick I wanted-" Ashley says.

Nick turns his eyes to Ashley, tears of anger making them shine.

"SHUT UP!" Nick yells, the tears begin to spill over. "I loved you. I gave you everything of mine. And tonight I told you exactly what I felt about you and said the feelings were requited."

"Nick calm down, it-" Brian says.

Nick quickly turns on Brian, looking like a cornered animal ready to pounce.

"AND YOU SHUT UP!" Nick shouts. "My best friend, my own best friend, my best friend who supposed to be waiting for marriage to have sex. Are you two married? I wouldnít be surprised."

"Nick, honey, please donít blow this out of proportion," Ashley says walking slowly towards Nick.

Nick is glaring at Brian who is now glaring back.

"Ashley!" Nick yells, his eyes never leave Brian. "Do not come over here if you know whatís good for you!"

Ashley stops in her tracks. Brian steps forward so that he is just in Nickís reach.

"You want to pound somebody, pound me!" Brian says fiercely. "Iím the one you want! Iím the one that has been messing with your girl!"

"Youíre right!" Nick shouts.

Nick punches Brian in the nose, causing Brian to stumble back a little. Brian wipes his nose with the back of his hand and is surprised to see blood on it. Brian looks up and glares at Nick and is about to attack when Ashley steps between them.

"Ashley, get out the way!" Brian shouts.

"No!" Ashley yells.

"Ashley, get out of the way, before you are hurt!" Nick shouts.

"I will not get out of the way!" Ashley yells back.

Brian lunges at Nick, but Ashley pushes him back.

"Let him go!" Nick says angrily. "He couldnít kick half my ass even if the other half was helping him."

Brian lunges again, but Ashley once again pushes him back. Brian is about to lunge forward when he looks at Nick and Ashley. His fists drop to his sides and he looks up.

"Forget it!" Brian whispers, taking Ashleyís hand. "Me and Ashley are leaving Nick. Iím sorry that it had to be this way, but I canít take back my feelings."

"Ashley do you want to go with him?" Nick asks sadly, lowering his fists.

Ashley looks from one to the other.

"I donít know," Ashley whispers. "I just wanna leave."

"Do you or donít you wanna come with me?" Brian asks getting angry.

"I donít know," Ashley whispers. "I just wanna leave and forget about this!"

"Oh no," Nick says. "Nobody is going to leave here until you make a decision for once."

"Yeah Ashley," Brian says. "Youíve been selfish by trying to have your cake and eat it too. Itís time you stop dragging us around."

Amanda #1 kicks Amanda #2 in the side hard. Amanda #2 cries out in pain and clutches her side.

"See, you canít go around stealing peopleís lives like that!" Amanda #1 yells.

Each word is followed by a hard kick in the side. Amanda #2 grabs her side and cries out.

"Please, stop," Amanda #2 whispers in pain. "Please."

Amanda #1 drops down to her knees and grabs Amanda #2ís face. Amanda #1 looks down at Amanda #2.

"I win," Amanda #1 says. "Iím sorry, I promised that I would never hurt anybody else. But for you Iíll make an exception."

Amanda #1 quickly grabs Amanda #2ís throat and is about to choke her unconscious when Amanda #2 quickly claws Amanda #1 in the face. Amanda #1 lets go, grabbing her face and crying out in pain. Amanda #2 lets loose a kick to the head that sends Amanda #1 flying backwards.

"Next time watch yourself and donít fall for the dumbest tricks bitch!" Amanda #2 yells standing over Amanda #1.

Amanda #1 moans in pain as Amanda #2 kicks her in the side. Amanda #2 leans over spits into Amanda#1ís face.

"You deserve worst than that, but I wonít go any farther. Youíll be punished in some other way," Amanda #2 whispers.

Amanda turns and begins to walk away.

"Is that the best you can do?" Amanda #1 yells after her. "Hitting me and walking away."

Amanda #2 slowly turns around.

"You donít want to do this," Amanda #2 says. "Youíre going to be hurt."

Amanda #1 smiles evilly.

"Thatís what you think," Amanda #1 says.

Amanda #1 lunges at Amanda #2.

(Note: This is where I confuse all you readers and make it hard for you to understand which Amanda is doing what. At the end, youíll know who wins if you paid attention to the beginningÖtrust me on this.)

Amanda grabs Amanda by the hair and throws her to the ground. Amanda pulls Amanda down by the leg, causing her to hit her forehead on the chair. The two Amandaís go at it.

Amanda walks into the room and sits on the bed. She rubs A.J.ís chest. Slowly he opens his eyes.

"Where have you been?" A.J. asks smiling sleepily. "It certainly took forever for you to get here."

"Well Iíve been here and there," Amanda says smiling, running a finger down his chest. "And I feel like taking a shower."

A.J. looks at Amanda and smiles mischievously. Amanda winks and smiles back.

"Is that an offer?" A.J. asks.

"You bet it is," Amanda says.

"Címere," A.J. says, pulling Amanda closer to him.

He buries his face into her long, dark hair and takes a deep breath.

"I love you, but you know that," A.J. whispers into her orange scented hair.

The EndÖor is it?

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