Chapter 8

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs.

"Hey Crissy, Hey Ash good morning", I said sitting down at the computer desk.

"Hey good morning Danielle man it is so cool here this is gonna be a great summer", Ashley said.

"Yeah it sure is", Crissy said, "What are you doing Danielle are you e-mailing John?"

"Well I'm gonna see if he's on first and then if not I'm gonna e-mail him", I said as I got connected to the internet. I soon found out that he was on

::Danielle-Hey John guess what?!

::John18-Oh hey Danielle, what?

::Danielle-I'm in Florida


::Danielle-Yeah we all were too excited to wait so we came down last night.



::John18-So where are ya staying?


::John18-Cool so we're not that far away from each other now.

::Danielle-So where can we meet?

::John18-umm how about McDonalds it's by the mall do you know where it is?

::Danielle-Yeah I went by it last night how about I meet you there at 12 noon?

::John18-Yeah ok that sounds great.

::Danielle-Well ok I better let you go so I can go get ready.

::John18-OK bye c-ya at noon.

I then signed off and told Ashley and Crissy all about it. Then we all heard the doorbell ring.

"I wonder who that is?", I said.

"Oh that's probably one of the guys next door that's gonna be checking up on us", Crissy said going and opening the door.

"Hi I'm Kevin I'm your next door neighbor", he said.

"Hi I'm Crissy c'mon in", Crissy said.

"This is Ashley and Danielle, you guys this is Kevin our next door neighbor", Crissy said as we all said hi.

"You all look familiar to me like I've seen you before somewhere but I can't remember where?", Kevin said.

"Really?", I said, "Well I have to go get ready upstairs I'm meeting somebody at noon", I said as I went upstairs and got ready.

"That's funny my friend is going to meet somebody at noon too", Kevin said laughing.

"Where?", Ashley asked.

"McDonalds", Kevin said, "Wait a sec now I remember you ladies"

"Remember us from where?", Crissy asked.

"N.....John is my friend we live next door and your Danielle's friends I saw in pictures Danielle gave John", Kevin said.

"Wow well let's not tell Danielle John lives next door let's let them figure it out themselves", Ashley said.

"Yeah good idea well I gotta get going. Call me or come over if you need anything", Kevin said leaving out the door.

"Wow Ash the guys are right next door from us but did you notice how Kevin began to say Nick before he said John. I still think something is up and I don't know if Danielle should go to McDonalds alone", Crissy said.

"Yeah I know why would your nickname be Nick when your real name is John something is defiantly up", Ashley said.

(Back Next Door)

Kevin walked into his house and walked into the living room where all the guys were except Nick who was up in his room getting ready.

"Hey Kev so are those 3 girls hot next door that we're suppose to check on?", AJ asked.

"Yeah and you'll never guess who they are", Kevin said.

"Who??", Brian asked.

"It's Danielle, Ashley and Crissy", Kevin said.

"What?! You mean the Danielle Nick is going to meet in an hour?!", Howie exclaimed.

"Yup", Kevin said "But we can't tell Nick that they are next door we agreed to have Nick and Danielle find out themselves", Kevin said.

"Ok", they all said agreeing.

(Back Up In My Bedroom)

I stood in front of her full length mirror and looked at myself. I was dressed in flared blue jeans with blue and green stripes down on the sides with a blue green halter top. I looked at my belly ring that showed and my eyebrow ring. I had my blonde hair up in a half ponytail and for make up I just had some pretty baby blue eye shadow on. I then looked at my clock and I had 20 minutes left to noon. I quickly grabbed my purse and went downstairs where Ashley and Crissy were in the kitchen eating.

"Hey guys c-ya I'm going to meet John now", I said.

"Can umm we go with you", Ashley said as I looked at their worried looks on their faces.

"No I want to meet him and talk alone. Why do you guys have such worried looks on your faces", I asked.

"Well I don't know we're just worried cause you don't know him he's a stranger to you even though you guys have been talking to each other for a long time now", Crissy said.

"You guys, don't worry I can defend myself", I said.

"Yeah we defiantly know that but we worry your our friend", Ashley said.

"I know but don't worry I'll be alright so c-ya guys later", I said leaving and getting in my blue corvette convertible.

Chapter 9