Chapter 7

A couple of more months later.

::John18-Hey Danielle

::Danielle-Oh hey Johnny Boy. I'm so happy today I'm graduating and then tomorrow I'll be coming down to Florida!

::John18-Cool! Congratulations I can't wait to see you!

::Danielle-Thanks well I can't wait to see you either. Well I'd hate to cut this short but I gotta go get ready for graduation.

::John18-Ok but we never planned on how we were going to meet.

::Danielle-Well Crissy's brother has a computer down there so I'll e-mail ya when I get down there, ok?

::John18-Ok bye c-ya around.

John a.k.a Nick signed off then went outside where all the guys were playing basketball.

"Hey Nick so how's your Danielle?", Brian asked.

"Good she's graduating today and her, Crissy, and Ashley are coming to Florida tomorrow", Nick said.

"Hey Frack don't be worried if she doesn't like you for who you are other than the famous Nick then it just wasn't meant to be but I'm sure everything will turn out alright", Brian said throwing the basketball to him.

"Thanks Frick", Nick said throwing the basketball to him.

(Danielle) "Hey Ash, Hey Crissy. Man I can't believe this in a few minutes we will be graduating", I said happily.

(After Graduation)

"Yes! We graduated", Ashley said while Crissy and I were jumping up and down.

"I can't wait until tomorrow I wanna be so much in Florida right now", I said.

"Well why don't we just drive down there tonight", Ashley said.

"Yeah that's a great idea! How about it Danielle?", Crissy said.

"Yeah I'll drop you two off at your houses and come and pick ya up so we can grab our stuff and go, ok?", I said.

"Yeah c'mon hurry lets go I wanna go to Florida", Ashley said as they got in my car. I then dropped them off at their houses and went back to my house and grabbed my stuff and put it in the trunk. I then went and picked Ashley and Crissy back up with their stuff. We then headed for Florida at 6pm.

"Well guys we should be in Florida at about 12 tonight", I said driving down the road on our way to Florida.

Chapter 8