Chapter 6

"So, did you talk to John about the ‘Nick' thing?" Ashley asked me that day in class.

"Yup, he said that it was just a nickname. I believe him. I told him that I was going to Florida this June. He didn't exactly seem thrilled about it though." I sighed.

"He didn't? Well, if I were you...I'd worry. Just talk to him later." Ashley told me.

"Oh, I will. I will." I told her.

(Later that day)

::Danielle: John?

::John18: Yup, what's up?

::Danielle: Nothing, really. I was wondering. Where in Florida do you live?

::John18: Um, Ruskin, why?

::Danielle: I was just wondering. Do you really want to meet? Because you didn't seem thrilled about it before and I'm just really worried. I want to have a good vacation this summer.

::John18: You have absolutely nothing to worry about. I really do want to meet you.

::Danielle: Me too.

They kept on talking until Nick had to go.

(The next day)

"Guess what?" Crissy yelled up to me and Ashley.

"What?" We both asked, confused.

"I'm going up to Orlando this summer! Maybe we can go to Florida together?" Crissy smiled.

"Um, I can't." Ashley replied, sad.

"Why not?" Crissy asked.

"One, I don't have the money. Two, my parents wouldn't be too thrilled about it. Three, where are we going to stay?" Ashley asked.

"Don't worry about any of that! You all know that my brother, Tommy, lives in Orlando. He just bought a huge house and he won't be there this summer and he offered for me to use it if I wanted. Come on!" Crissy tried persuading Ashley, I didn't need any persuading, I was all for it.

"You're sure your brother won't mind? I mean, I don't want to be a burden and all. I'd go if it wasn't for my folks." She sighed.

"Oh come on! I'll talk to them! They were never able to say no to your friends!" Crissy smiled.

"Alright." Ashley smiled back, handing Crissy her cell phone.

"Hello Mrs. Reynolds? This is Crissy. I wanted to know if Ashley could come with me down to Orlando this summer? My brother bought a house, we'll be staying there. Yeah, there's going to be tons supervision. Everything's payed for, she just has to come. She can? Great! Thanks Mrs. Reynolds. Bye." Crissy smiled while turning the phone off. "She said yes!"

"Really? I don't know how you do it." Ashley smiled.

"It's my I lied and said that there was going to be tons of supervision. Technically, we're going to be supervised by Tommy's next door neighbors. They're all guys, so this should be fun." She smiled wickedly.

"Cool. You still going down this summer?" Ashley asked me.

"Of course. Now that my best friends are going, it's going to be even better." I winked at them. The bell rang so we had to get to class.

Chapter 7