Chapter 5

"Aren't you worried that maybe Nick or John or whoever he is, is lying to you perhaps? Brian talked just a little strangely." Crissy mentioned to me. I was worried, I was thinking maybe Nick or John wasn't who I thought he was. Maybe he's some molester or he's watching me right now. I don't know. "Truthfully, I am worried. But, maybe Brian was telling the truth. Maybe Nick is just a nickname that he got somehow...I just don't know how Nick came from John..." I trailed off.

"Maybe he's not who you think he is. If I were you, I'd question him about it." Ashley told me.

"Yeah, that's what I'm planning on doing." I answered.

(The Next Day)

::John18: Danielle?

::Danielle: Oh, hey John...Nick...or whoever you are.

::John18: Oh, um....that's just a nickname that I have. Don't ask how I got it. I don't even know.

::Danielle: Ok, I was just a little worried. I just hope you're not playing with my emotions.

::John18: No, I'm definitely not doing that! I really do like you. It's just that Brian is kinda on the...weird side. He should be in a mental hospital.

::Danielle: LoL, I'm sure that him and Crissy could admit themselves in together. By the way, I just bought a scanner. I scanned a few pics of me, Ashley, and Crissy. Want them?

::John18: Yeah sure! I'll give the pics to Brian and Tony of Crissy and Ashley *wink* and I'll keep the pic of you! *smile*

::Danielle: OK! Hold on, sending them.....Ok, I sent them!

::John18: Ok, hold on.....

Nick awaited for the e-mail, a minute went by until it finally showed up in his, full as it is, mailbox. Nick was nervous about the pictures. He is human, looks do mean something to him, even if he denies it. (Note: That's the truth!) It took a few minutes for all 3 pictures to download and then finally, he saw her. "She is so beautiful!" Nick said out loud, looking at the model-like picture of Danielle. He then printed the picture out in color, wanting to admire it even when away from the computer. He then opened the picture of Ashley. "Wow, she's beautiful as well. Howie will fall in love with her." Nick smiled, printing out her picture for Howie. And then finally, he opened the picture of Crissy. "Oh yeah! She's Brian's type alright! Brian's gonna have a online crush now! So cute." Nick joked to himself, printing out that picture as well.

::John18: Ok, I printed out all 3 pictures. You three are gorgeous! Tony and Brian will drop dead when they see Crissy and Ashley. I'll keep your picture for myself, don't want them drooling on it. *wink*

::Danielle: *blush* Thanks. ;) I'm not one for compliments but thanks!

::John18: I don't have a scanner so I can't give you any pics of us :(

Nick lied. He did have a scanner and he already had a few pictures of himself, Brian, Howie, Kevin, and AJ scanned. He was just afraid that Danielle, Ashley, and Crissy might know who he is by the pics and not want to get to know them more.

::Danielle: Hey, that's ok. I know Crissy and Ashley want to know what Tony and Brian look can you give me descriptions of them? I hope that doesn't sound too materialistic.

Nick smiled. "I hope that doesn't sound too materialistic." ::Oh yeah, she's my type of girl.:: He thought.

::John18: Sure, that didn't sound materialistic at all. Well, Tony is Latino. He has chin-length brown hair but it's always in a ponytail. He's a big romantic as well. Brian, he's a joker...we always joke with each other and try to cheer up the others when they're in foul moods. He has dirty blond hair, blue eyes, he's kinda on the short side. Don't mention that to him, he hates it. That's about it. Actually, Tony is kinda short too, he's shorter than Bri! LoL, don't mention any of this to them. They're sensitive.

::Danielle: Hehe, ok, I won't. They seem like Crissy and Ashley's types. By the way, I'm going down to Florida this summer. Maybe we can meet...I mean if you want to.

::Oh, no. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later but I was hoping for later.:: Nick thought. He desperately wanted to meet her but he was worried about how things would turn out.

::John18: Um, that would sound great. Um, we'll plan it when it comes closer to the time. When are you going?

::Danielle: Do you want to meet? You don't sound too enthusiastic. You're not some 30 year old man, are you? Because I really don't want to be raped or anything.

::John18: Oh no! I'm sorry, I always get nervous when it comes to meeting people. Trust me, I'm not lying to you.

::Danielle: Ok, I trust you. I'm going in June and then coming back in the beginning of September.

::John18: Wow, you have a long vacation.

::Danielle: Yep. Well, sorry to cut this short but I have to get to class. I'm graduating high school this year! I'm so happy! :)

::John18: Ooo, you just gave me a clue to how old you are. So, you're maybe 17, 18, 19?

::Danielle: Oh, shoot! That came out. Ok, ok. I'll tell you....I'm one of those numbers. Chiao!

Then she signed off. "We're going to have a wonderful relationship, I know it. Even if it's just a online relationship." Nick said while smiling widely

Chapter 6