Chapter 4

It had now been almost two months that the two have chatted. Nick aka John can't get on as much lately but he still gets on as much as possible.

::John18: Hey Danielle! It's been a while since we chatted. I missed ya!

::Danielle: Hey John! I missed you too. Actually, I'm here with my two friends that I told you about, Ashley and Crissy. They want to talk to you, so I'm going to let them have the control. I'll be back on as soon as they are done talking with you. OK?

::John18: Oh, ok. I've been meaning to talk with your friends. The next time my friends are around, I'll get them to chat with ya. *smile*

::Danielle: Ok *grin* Here's Ashley first.....Hey John. This is Ashley. So, you like Danielle huh? Don't worry, she left so we could have our own private conversations.

::John18: Ok, yeah, I like her. Does she like me?

::Danielle: Definitely, she never stops talking about you!

::John18: Really?

::Danielle: Yup, it's always John this John that. Mostly all the things that comes out of her mouth has something to do with you.

::John18: Cool! I bet if my friends were here, they'd say the same thing about me. I won't deny it, I can't stop thinking and talking about her. *blush* Don't tell her I said that.

::Danielle: Ok, I won't, promise. You just have to tell it to her yourself, it would be sweet, you know that she likes sweet, nice, caring, guys right?

::John18: Yeah, I know....

::Danielle: That's good, just don't use that to make her dreams come true and then leave her in the sand, if you know what I mean....

::John18: Don't worry about that. I like her.

::Danielle: Ok, anyway, here's Crissy....Hey Johnny Boy!

::John18: *smile* That's the same thing that my friend, Brian, teases me about!

::Danielle: Really? Is he cute? Nah, I'm kidding. Anyway, you live in Florida huh? Nice and sunny down there? It's kinda chilly here, not my kind of thing. I can't go out and do stuff! Anyway, you can talk right?

::John18: LoL, I could but you were kinda talking a lot. You kinda remind me of Brian, hmm... *wicked smile*

::Danielle: Hmm, *returning the wicked smile*

::John18: By the way, how old is Danielle? She never would let me know.

::Danielle: Oh, she's an age. She's a two digit number, she's between 16-20. Help any?

::John18: That's almost the same exact answer she gave, why doesn't she just tell me? Wait, hold that thought, phone ringing...

::Danielle: Ok....

A few minutes now past since John was away, Danielle returned and was patiently awaiting his arrival.

::John18: Crissy? Anyone still there?

::Danielle: Yep, all three of us are here. Long phone call, we were about to sign off.

::John18: Good thing you didn't. Anyway, I was talking to Brian, he seems interested with you Crissy. Hold on, my doorbell is now ringing. *wicked smile*

"Ok, why does he have that *wicked smile* thing on the screen?" I asked.

"Oh, I think I know what he's doing." Crissy smiled.

"What?" Ashley and I asked at once.

"You'll just have to wait and see." Crissy smiled, mischief evident in her brown eyes.

::John18: Hello ladies! This is Alex. N....John invited me and 3 other friends over, Brian, Tony, and Scott. Did John tell you about them?

::Danielle: Hi Alex. Yup, John told me about you four. You're the flirt right?

::John18: Yup! Here's Tony.....Hello ladies! How are you doing tonight?

"Ooo, Ashley! This is the one that I think would be a match for you, even though I never talked to him before." Danielle told Ashley. Ashley took over the keyboard for a few questions.

::Danielle: So, Tony. This is Ashley. What's your favorite food?

::John18: Probably Chinese. You?

::Danielle: Cool, the same here, that and Mexican. How old are you?

::John18: I'm 25, and you are?

::Danielle: 25? And you're friends with a 18 year old?

::John18: Yeah, we just have wide age ranges. So, back to the question....

::Danielle: Oh, sorry, I'm 19.

::John18: Cool, so, anymore questions? *smile*

::Danielle: Nope, not at this moment no. I had some in mind but they just blew out of my head a second ago....

::John18: Ok, Brian wants to talk to one of you *smiling*......Hey, Brian here! Who's the one that I want to talk to?

::Danielle: Well, if you go online and are begging to talk to one of us but yet you don't know which one, I'd say you have serious problems. Nah, I'm just kidding, I think.

::John18: Hmm, I'm guessing you're her? *laugh*

::Danielle: Let me think....ask John, what's my name again? *laugh*

::John18: He said your name is Crissy.

::Danielle: Oh, I guess it is. I don't know, I have to ask someone.....Yup, that's my name!

::John18: Yep, you're just like what Nick described.

::Danielle: Who's Nick?

::John18: What?....Oh, sorry, um...that's just a nickname we have for him, he just likes to be called Nick sometimes.

::Danielle: Um, ok. *confused look*

::John18: Um, we have to go...we all work together so we all have to go. John will talk to you later. Bye Crissy, Danielle, Ashley.

::Danielle: Bye Brian, tell everyone that I said bye.

::John18: Ok, bye girls.

Then the guys signed off, leaving the girls there with confused looks on their faces.

Chapter 5