Chapter 11

(At The House)

"Ok everything is set up", Brian said looking at the decorated room.

"Yup now all we need is the birthday girl", AJ said looking at his watch.

(At The Mall)

"Can we go home yet I don't feel like staying here much longer", I said.

"Yeah we can. How come you've been acting so depressed today", Nick asked me looking at his watch.

"No reason I just don't feel good", I said lying.

"Oh ok well come on baby I'll take you home", Nick said as we left the mall.

(At The House)

"Quick turn off the lights Danielle's here", Ashley said looking out the window as Crissy turned off the lights.

Nick and I then walked into the house and turned on the lights.

"SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!", everybody in the room yelled surprising me.

"Oh my god you guys didn't forget my birthday", I said happily.

"No we didn't how could we forget", Ashley said as her and Crissy gave me a hug and told me happy birthday. Then all the guys came and gave me hugs while they also told me happy birthday.

"Man I can't believe you guys actually pulled this out without me knowing", I said surprised

"Thanks your the best friends ever", I told Ashley and Crissy as we hugged again. AJ and Brian soon came out with the cake in theirs hands as everybody sang Happy Birthday to me.

"Well come on make a wish birthday girl!', AJ said smiling as I blew all the candles out.

"Well what did ya wish for?', Nick asked.

"Well if I told ya it wouldn't come true now would it", I told him as he leaned down and softly kissed me on the lips.

"I have a present for you but it's somewhere else and for later", I heard Nick whisper into my ear as I smiled and opened my presents from everybody.

(A couple hours Later)

"Thanks everybody this has been the best birthday ever for me", I told them as I gave AJ, Howie, Kevin, and Brian hugs as they left.

"Well", I heard Nick say as he looked at his watch, "It's time for your present from me c'mon let's go"

"Ok. Thanks Crissy and Ash", I told them as Nick pulled me out of the house and we got back in his Camaro.

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