Chapter 10

(At The Guys House)

"Ok Danielle's gone now what do you have to talk to us about?", Nick asked Crissy.

"Well Danielle's Birthday is Monday and I wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party. So I thought that you guys could help me out", Crissy told them.

"Oh my god that's right I almost forgot her birthday is on the 29th of June", Nick said.

"Yeah we only have two day to get everything set up then", Kevin said.

"Well how are we gonna keep her out of the house so we can decorate it?", AJ asked.

"Well Nick I was figuring that you could take her to the mall and hang out there and play in the arcade for awhile or something", Crissy replied.

"Yeah I can do that", Nick told her.

"Ok then it's set Monday morning come over and get Danielle at about 9", Crissy said.

"Nine? That early?", Nick whined.

"Yes or else she much suspect something cause Ash and I will still be sleeping until you two leave, ok?", Crrissy answered.

"Ok then everything is set you better get back over to the house before Danielle figures out what we're up to", Brian said as he kissed Crissy goodbye.

(Monday Morning)

Nick walked into my bedroom at 8:30 that morning. He looked at me in my bed sleeping. He thought to himself how beautiful I looked and we had so much in common and how much he loved me. He then walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Danielle honey it's time to get up", Nick said shaking me.

"No I don't wanna me wanna sleep", I said putting my head under my pillow.

"Come on I wanna spend the day at the mall", Nick said trying a couple of times and getting no response from me. He then picked me up out of the bed and carried me into my bathroom and stood me up in the shower and turn it up.

"Ahhhhh Nick what the heck", I screamed jumping from the water coming onto me.

"Well you wouldn't wake up so I know this would wake you up but if ya want I can help you take your shower", Nick said grinning looking at me in my soaked pajamas.

"No that's alright you go sit on my bed and watch tv I'll be out in a second", I told him him as he did so. A couple minutes later I came out of the bathroom into my bedroom in just a towel. Nick quickly turned his head and saw me in just a towel. He then got up and walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

"Nick come on I gotta get dressed and this towel is slipping", I told him. Nick then let go knowing he couldn't do anything here cause they had to get going and get out of the house.

"Ok hurry up and get dressed", Nick told me as I went into the walk in closet and pulled out some Tommy Hilifiger jeans and a white baby tee shirt that said Deal With IT! I then quickly got dressed and picked up my brush and looked in my mirror in the closet and quickly put up my hair in a messy bun. I then walked out back into my bedroom.

"Ok Nick I'm ready", I told him hoping he would tell me Happy Birthday.

"Ok Baby let's go", Nick told me as we went downstairs. When we were downstairs I thought Ashley and Crissy would be up and be telling me Happy Birthday but they were still sleeping.

"What's the sad face for?", Nick asked lifting my chin up and kissing me gently on the lips.

"Nothing come on lets go", I told him as we left in his green Camaro to the mall.

Chapter 11