Chapter 9

A little while later, Hank came up to find his three eldest children all sitting in Stevie’s room huddled together. “Why are you all in here?” He interrogated. “Lenore, you were told to go to your room, not Stevie’s.”

“We just are,” Brian rejoined. “You got a problem with that?”

“Stevie, Lenore, I think it’s time that you two went to bed,” Hank replied ignoring Brian’s comment. “In your own rooms; now get going.”

With that Lenore and Stevie got ready for bed, said goodnight to Brian and then hit the sack. Later that night Brian awoke to the sound of someone screaming; he raced out into the hall and realized that the screaming was coming from Lenore’s room. He dashed inside to see what was wrong, and found her lying in her bed thrashing at the air. Brian quickly woke her up and hugged her, telling her that it was all right, and that it’d just been a bad dream. A few minutes later he heard more screaming; he picked Lenore up, then dashed into Stevie’s room, for that’s where the noise was coming from. He woke Stevie up and told him that everything was okay, and that it’d only been a nightmare. Brian then picked Stevie up too, and carried both of them into his room; he climbed into his bed, with Stevie on his left and Lenore, wedged between him and the wall on his right. They both snuggled up against him, feeling safer by the minute, just knowing that their big brother was there to protect them from anything and anyone.

Chapter 10