Chapter 27

Meanwhile in the ladies bathroom…..

“I can’t believe Stevie hates me,” Lenore cried. “I love him with all my heart and he knows it.” She cried for a little while longer then said, “I hope I find the others soon, it’s kinda freaky being in this building all by myself, more or less this creepy bathroom.”

“Who says you’re alone?” Asked a deep voice. “I thought you’d never leave your brothers’ sides.”

“Uh, mister, ya know you’re in the girls washroom, right?” Lenore informed whoever was there. “Ya not supposed to be in here.”

“Who says, where do you see a rule that says men aren’t allowed in here?” This tall dark clad figure queried. “You’re in here alone, aren’t you?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Lenore retorted.

“I take it you are alone,” the man replicated. “In that case you’re coming with me!”

“I don’t think so!” Lenore screeched diving out of his way as he lunged at her.

They continued to race around the bathroom for a few minutes, before Lenore finally managed to lock herself in a stall. The man then slid under the door, stood up, grabbed her, then he dragged her out of the stall.

“Let go of me!” Lenore yelled just before he covered her mouth with tape. “Mmmmmmmmmm!”

The man then carried her out of the ladies bathroom, with her struggling the whole way. “Stop struggling!” He ordered. “Or else!”

Lenore continued to struggle, “Mmmmmmmmmm!!!”

“I said stop struggling!” He growled as he placed her down on the floor; he then slapped her across the face several times as hard as he could.

As the guys neared the bathrooms…..

Stevie was ahead of the others, eager to find his sister, so that he could apologize to her. He froze in his tracks when he saw her bound and gagged with some guy slapping her across the face. Stevie watched as the guy then picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. “Oh my God,” Stevie thought. “He’s taking her away!” He then turned and ran as fast as he could back to Brian and the other Boys.

The Boys looked up when they heard Stevie screaming their names with urgency in his voice and a look of panic on his face. “Guys!” Stevie stated once he’d reached them. “Lenore’sbeingkidnappedbysomecrazedlunaticwhowasjustslappingheracrosstheface,thenhepickedherupandheadedtowardsthebackdoor!!!”

“Stevie, slow down,” Kevin told him. “Now slowly tell us what’s wrong.”

“I…I saw…this guy and he was slapping Lenore across the face, then he lifted her up over his shoulder and started heading towards the back door!” Stevie said a little slower. “Lenore’s been bound and gagged with tape too!”

“Oh my God,” Brian riposted. “He’s kidnapping her! Stevie where’d you last see them and which way did they go?”

Chapter 28