Chapter 26

Meanwhile the guys were looking for Lenore…..

“Are ya sure ya haven’t seen her anywhere Stevie?” Brian asked his only biological little brother. “Are ya telling us the truth or just saying that ‘cause ya still mad at her?”

“I’m telling ya the truth,” Stevie insisted. “God, why don’t ya ever believe me anymore; wait never mind I know why, it’s ‘cause the only one ya ever believe is Ms. Spoiled Brat Lenore.”

“She’s not a spoiled brat!” Brian snapped. “Why are you being so mean to her all of a sudden? Up until today ya both got along with each just other fine.”

“She’s getting on my nerves, that’s why,” Stevie replicated. “She’s always been able to get away with everything!”

“No she hasn’t Stevie,” Kevin riposted. “Or have you forgotten who got into all that trouble two months ago?”

“Oh, wow, give her a round of applause,” Stevie remarked sarcastically. “I’m usually in trouble not her ‘cause I’m always stuck defending her!”

“Ya don’t have to defend her all the time ya know,” Nick said. “She can defend her self quite well as we all know by now.”

“Yeah whatever Nick,” Stevie retorted. “Ya don’t have to put up with her pleading looks for help.”

“Ya can always ignore them,” Howie replicated. “Ya don’t have to give in to her everytime.”

“Yeah, I do,” Stevie replied sullenly. “She’d never forgive me if I didn’t help her out.”

“Why not?” A.J. queried. “What would she do to ya if ya didn’t help her.”

“Fine, I’ll admit it; I enjoy having her hang around with me all the time,” Stevie admitted. “She’s good for a few laughs; I enjoy her company too. I was just mad ‘cause she keeps complaining ‘cause N’SYNC’s not gonna show up tonight.”

“That’s why ya blew up at her earlier?” Brian asked. “Ya know how she feels about JC.”

“Yeah. I feel really bad ‘bout it now,” Stevie rejoined. “Oh, by the way, I think I saw her heading towards the bathroom a few minutes ago.”

“Let’s go see if she’s there then,” Kevin riposted. “I hope she is ‘cause if we lost her, we’re as good as dead.”

With that they went to go see if Lenore had gone into one of the bathrooms.

Chapter 27