Chapter 23

A while later they finally moved on to a new group of people; they met up with Will Smith, Rosie O’Donnell, and Christina Agularia. While they were talking to them, Rosie asked Stevie and Lenore some questions.

“So are you happy that your brother and the other guys won all five Grammy’s?” Rosie questioned. “How do you like being Brian’s siblings?”

“We’re ecstatic, in other words we’re very happy for them,” Stevie informed her. “Being Brian’s siblings is the best, ya know how many concerts ya get to go to and how many girls I get to meet?”

“I bet it’s a whole lot,” Rosie riposted. “I heard that you were both really worried when he went in to have heart surgery. How’d you feel when you found out he needed to have an operation?”

“We were really worried about him; I for one was really afraid he’d die in the process,” Lenore stated softly, after glancing at Brian she continued,

“I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to him; I’d be completely lost without him.”

Brian squeezed her hand and smiled at her re-assuringly. “I’m too tough to let anything happen,” he said pretending to be some kind of macho man. “I’d squash it with my bare hands.”

“He’s too hard-headed anyway to let anything like that take control of him,” Lenore laughed. “As you can see, he’s back to his good, old, loving, hilarious, mischievous self.”

“So, is it true that you two are also N’SYNC fans?” Rosie queried. “I heard somewhere that you guys like N’SYNC.”

“Yeah, we like N’SYNC,” Stevie responded. “They’re nice guys and have cool music.”

“Do you go on-line and tell people off for making fun of either group?” Rosie asked. “I went on a Backstreet Boys- chat-line the one day, to find some fan yelling at another fan for saying something. I think the user name had something to do with Brian.”

“Was it something like, Lenni loves Brian? If it was, then it was me,” Lenore admitted, blushing a little. “I go on now and then and blast people for dissing them and saying that whoever likes N’SYNC is not a true BSB fan. I also yell at people who make fun of their girlfriends.”

“I see,” Rosie rejoined. “Well, I’ll let you guys go now, for you probably want to talk to some other people before you have to leave.”

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