Chapter 22

After the interview they all walked back to their seats. When they got there, Hank pulled Lenore aside and told her he’d deal with her later. Lenore then sat down very confused, for she didn’t have a clue as to what she had done wrong. They watched the rest of the ceremony, and cheered when the Boys won the other four Grammy’s they’d been nominated for. After all the awards had been given out, the Boys escorted their families outside so that they could say good-bye before going to the after-party. Stevie and Lenore waved good-bye to everyone as the family cars pulled out of the parking lot, for they were going to the after-party with the guys; they were only going because the guys had promised to keep a close eye on them. Once they got to the building where the after-party was being held they gave Stevie and Lenore the instructions that they were to follow.

“Lenore, Stevie, you two are to stick close to us at all times,” Kevin told them. “No matter who you see or what happens, you are not to leave our sides without permission.”

“Other than that, be sure to have a good time,” Nick said. “Now stay close, because we’re going in.”

“What is this, a boot camp?” Lenore asked Stevie. “I thought we were here to have fun and meet our other favourite stars?”

Stevie replicated, “I know what ya mean; I thought we were here to have a good time too.”

“We could always take you home instead,” Howie riposted. “If ya don’t wanna obey the rules that is.”

“Home, with dad and the pain-in-the-butt rug-rats?” Lenore rejoined. “Hell no! I’d much rather stay glued to your sides.”

With that they went inside so that everyone else would know that they were there. When they got inside they noticed just how packed it was, and saw a lot of people they knew. They went over to talk to Elton John, Brian McKnight, and Darren Hayes; Stevie and Lenore got their autographs first thing, so that they wouldn’t have to interrupt the conversation later on. A while later the two of them were starting to get bored, they’d been talking to the same people for half an hour.

“Where are they?” Lenore pondered aloud. “I was hoping they’d be here.”

“Where’s who? Stevie queried. “Who ya lookin’ for Lenore?”

“N’SYNC, who else?” She responded. “I was kinda hoping I’d be able to talk to JC.”

“I can think of other people ya might wanna talk too,” Stevie answered.

“What about 98degrees, Rosie O’Donnell, or Will Smith?”

“Ugh! Where are they!” Lenore complained. “I haven’t seen them in almost three months!”

“Hey, Lenore, don’t look now, but here comes Britney Spears,” Stevie replicated. “I think I’m gonna get her autograph while I’ve got the chance.”

“Good for you,” Lenore snapped, annoyed at the fact that N’SYNC hadn’t appeared yet, and the Boys were still talking to the same people. “Where the hell are they?”

Chapter 23