Chapter 20

Two Months Later…..

It had been a long two months, for Brian and Lenore had been grounded. Also Lenore had had to have her tonsils out for she’d had tonsillitis, which had made her really ill. The months were done and over with now, and they could both come and go as they pleased. During the two months Brian had had to go out certain nights to perform, but Hank had given him permission, for it was his job. Now they were getting ready for the Grammy’s, for the Boys were nominated. The whole family was going to show their support.

“Is everyone ready?” Brian queried. “We have to get going.”

“I think so,” Hank replicated doing a quick head count. “Wait a minute, where’s Lenore?”

“She’s in the bathroom,” Stevie informed them. “Either that or she’s trying to find a roll of film for her camera.”

“We have to get going now,” Hank riposted. “I can’t believe she’d procrastinate when she knows we have to be there in the next half an hour.”

“LENORE!!!” Brian shouted up the stairs. “Come on, or else we’re leaving without you!”

“Coming!” Lenore called back as she raced down the stairs, tripping halfway down. “AHHHHH!!!”

Brian caught her, placed her over his shoulder; then he carried her out the door saying, “Let’s hit the road people.” With that they all got into the car and drove to the arena. When they got there they took their seats with the other guys and their families.

“Hey guys, wuzzup?” Lenore asked as she climbed over Kevin, so that she could sit between him and A.J.

“Not much, just that we’re nominated for five Grammy’s,” A.J. replicated.

“Why are ya sitting here?”

“I’m sitting here ‘cause dad said that Jessica and Emily get to sit next to Brian,” Lenore answered. “Poor Stevie is stuck between Jessica and Tessa; dad’s sitting on the other side of Tessa.”

“Let me guess, he doesn’t want you and Jessica arguing while we’re here,” Nick retorted. “Jeez, are you two ever immature.”

Lenore leaned over A.J. and hit him. “Look who’s talking, Mister King Of Immaturity.”

“You’re lucky my mom’s here,” Nick rejoined. “Or else you’d be sorry.”

“Ooh, Nicky’s afraid his mommy will get mad at him!” Lenore taunted. “What a mommy’s boy!”

“Shut-up!” Nick grumbled. “At least I got a mom!”

Lenore sat there, shocked at what he’d said; she wanted to slap him, but she also wanted to cry. She leaned back in her seat, trying to hide her tears, which soon came rolling down her face like a waterfall.

“Nice going Nick,” A.J. snapped as Kevin put his arm around her. “Jeez, you’re so insensitive now a days.”

“I’m…I’m sorry Lenore,” Nick apologized. “I…I didn’t mean to say that.”

Lenore snuggled closer to Kevin as the Grammy’s began, silently vowing to seek revenge. She sat there quietly as they watched other people win Grammy’s, praying that the Boys would win at least one. A little while later the guys had to get up, so that they could get ready to perform Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.

While they performed Emily leaned over and whispered, “A.J. sucks really bad, I don’t see how you can love such a gay freak.”

“Shut-up!” Lenore shot back. “How dare you say that about him!”

“You’re just jealous because he loves guys way more than he could possibly ever love you,” Emily responded. “He’s the gayest guy in the world!”

“HE IS NOT!” Lenore yelled. “Now shut-up and STOP dissing A.J.!”

“Lenore, keep quiet and leave Emily alone now!” Hank growled. “If you don’t smarten up, you’ll be sitting down here next to me far away from A.J. and Kevin!”

“But I…” Lenore started, stopping when her father glared at her; she knew if she said anything else she’d be in even more trouble.

Finally the Boys came back and sat down again; A.J. noticed that Lenore looked upset about something so he asked her what was wrong.

“What’s wrong?” Lenore answered. “What’s wrong is that Emily’s saying mean things about you and when I told her to shut-up dad told me to leave her alone; he said if I don’t smarten up I’ll be sitting down there next to him instead.”

“Don’t worry about what her or Jessica say,” A.J. replied. “As long as you know the truth nothing else matters; just ignore them the next time they say something like that.”