Chapter 17

Kevin ignored her cries and walked back downstairs and into the living room.. When he got there, he noticed Brian sitting there with Jessica, who was still crying, in his lap.

“How’d ya little talk go?” Brian queried. “She ready to apologize yet?”

“Let’s just say, she’ll be apologizing to me for the rest of the month instead of Jessica,” Kevin replied. “She’s an inconsiderate, very rude, cold-hearted witch. I can’t believe her, I always thought she knew better than that, but I guess not.”

“What happened after you took her to her room Kev?” Brian questioned. “By the look on your face, and what you’ve just called her, it wasn’t good.”

“Well, according to her I’m nothing but a ‘yellow, no good, can’t sing, can’t dance, got no muscles, conceded, creep’. I told her, she was very lucky that I’m not her father right now,” Kevin informed him. “I was about ready to do something I’d regret later, but stopped myself; instead I locked her in her room. If my calculations are correct, she’s still up there crying and calling for me to come back.”

“Let me guess,” Stevie cut in. “She tried to kill Jessica after all.” “When we got there, she was strangling Jessica and telling her to shut-up,” Brian replicated. “She’s lucky Kevin got to her before I did.”

“I should have known,” Stevie responded. “Especially after she told you that you worry too much; I can’t believe I missed that big of a hint.”

“What are ya gonna do now?” Nick asked. “If your dad finds out, we’ll all be in trouble, for not keeping a closer eye on her.”

“I promise not to say anything,” Jessica piped up. “Not because I wanna keep her outta trouble, but mainly for the fact, that if dad finds out what I said to get her mad, I’m as good as dead.”

“So, you did say something about us again to get her mad,” Kevin riposted.

“What exactly did you tell her?”

“I’d rather not say, for then I’ll have to run ‘cause Stevie will be after me too,” Jessica answered. “Why don’t ya go and ask her, she’s probably got it on her tape recorder.”

“You didn’t include Stevie in the conversation did you?” Howie interrogated. He saw Jessica nod her head ‘yes’. “You shouldn’t have done that,” he said.

“I’ll go talk to Lenore,” A.J. informed them. “We have to get to the bottom of this a.s.a.p.”

Chapter 18