Chapter 16

“Gee, we sure had a rather interesting day,” Stevie commented as they walked back into the house. “I’d never expected fans to kidnap one of us for ransom money.”

“I’m gonna go check on Jessica,” Lenore informed them. “We haven’t checked on her for a while, besides, I gotta pee!”

“Lenore, you better not just be going up there to yell at her for saying we’re gay,” Brian told her. “If I find out that that’s why you went up there, I won’t be too pleased.”

“Bri, you worry too much,” Lenore riposted climbing the stairs. “I’m not gonna hurt her; I’m just gonna see if she’s all right.”

They all went into the living room to watch T.V. and to keep a close eye on Emily and Tessa while they played with their barbies.

Meanwhile, Lenore had come out of the bathroom and had gone over to Jessica’s room, knocked once, then walked in. “What’s this I hear, that you’re calling our brother, cousin, and the other guys gay?” She demanded.

“You have no right whatsoever to say that they’re gay, ‘cause they’re not!”

“They are to gay!” Jessica retorted. “Haven’t you noticed the way they’re always hanging together?”

“Stevie’s usually always with them,” Lenore replicated. “You telling me, he’s gay now too?”

“Yep,” Jessica rejoined. “Like I said before, they’re all gay.” Lenore slapped Jessica across the face. “They are not; now shut the hell up!”

Jessica started to cry. “Why’d ya go and do that?”

“You shouldn’t be talking about your brothers or cousin like that!” Lenore yelled. “You shouldn’t be saying mean things about their best friends either!”

“Who gave you the right to tell me what I can and cannot say?” Jessica queried. “I know for a fact that dad didn’t!”

“I did, ya got a problem with that?” Lenore retorted. “I wouldn’t be siding with dad right now if I were you!”

“Oh, shut-up, you’re just mad ‘cause you found out that Brian, A.J., and Kevin got a little trio goin’ on right now!” Jessica returned. “You know that A.J. would never go out with you anyhow! You’re jealous ‘cause you know that they don’t love you, they love each other instead, in the way you love A.J.!”

That did it, Lenore saw red and only red. “You little inconsiderate, cold-hearted witch!” She screamed wrapping her hands around her little sister’s throat, and shaking her.

Downstairs everyone was watching the Smurfs when suddenly they heard shouting coming from upstairs, Brian and Kevin dashed upstairs to see what was going on. When they reached Jessica’s room, they could hear someone gasping for air. They burst into the room to find Lenore strangling Jessica and screaming at her to shut the hell up; Jessica on the other hand, looked ready to pass out.

“Lenore what the hell are you doing?” Kevin demanded, prying her hands off of Jessica’s throat. “What is your problem?”

“Let me at her, let me at her!” Lenore screeched, while fighting with Kevin.

“I’m gonna make her pay!”

“Lenore, that’s enough!” Brian riposted angrily, while wrapping his arms around Jessica. “You have no right coming in here and trying to kill your little sister!”

“She doesn’t deserve to live!” Lenore yelled. “She’s nothing, but an inconsiderate, cold-hearted witch! I don’t know why you’re hugging her, after she said that you and the other guys, including Stevie were all gay lovers!”

Kevin started to drag Lenore out of the room. “I think it’s time we had a little talk,” he said. “Brian, ya need us, we’ll be in Lenore’s room.” With that he picked her up over his shoulder and carried her out of the room, down the hall, and into her bedroom. The whole time he carried her, she kicked and screamed for him to put her down; he had to try and keep a good grip on her, so that he wouldn’t end up dropping her.

“Put me down!” Lenore yelled. “I’m not through with her yet!”

“Lenore, that’s quite enough!” Kevin retorted. “You have to calm down right now, or wind up in even more trouble than you’re already in.”

“You can’t do anything; you’re just my cousin!”

“I’ve had enough of your screaming,” he returned. “Now stop your shouting, and calmly tell me what the problem is.”

“Problem? The problem is, she doesn’t know when to keep her big mouth shut!” Lenore screeched. “She has no right whatsoever to say you’re all gay! She’s an inconsiderate, cold-hearted, little witch!”

“If you ask me, right now, you’re being an inconsiderate, very rude, cold-hearted witch!” Kevin snapped. “I can’t believe you; I know you love us a whole lot and all, but that still doesn’t give you the right to try and kill someone everytime they say mean things about us!”

“Who the hell asked you?” Lenore shouted. “You’re just a yellow, no good, can’t sing, can’t dance, got no muscles, conceded, creep! You have no freakin’ right to tell me what I can and cannot do, dang it!” Once she’d finished she glanced at him, one look at Kevin’s face, and she quickly wished she hadn’t said what she had.

Kevin glared at her, “Lenore, you’re so lucky that I’m not your father right now!” With that said, he stormed out of the room then locked her in her bedroom.

“Kevin, I’m really sorry!” She called through the door, as she started to cry. “I’m really, really, really sorry!”

Chapter 17