Chapter 15

Meanwhile in the kitchen the guys were wondering what had happened to Lenore; she’d been gone for almost twenty minutes. Suddenly they heard Tessa screaming for Kevin; they all went running into the hallway and spotted her through the screen door, being shoved into a van by a bunch of kids.

“Let them go!” Kevin bellowed running out to save them. “NOW!”

Everyone in the front yard froze in shock; never before had they heard Kevin yell like that. The rest of the guys grabbed one of the teens, as Kevin retrieved Tessa and Emily from the back of the van.

“What the hell’s going on out here” Brian demanded. “Why are you people trying to abduct my little sisters?”

“For ransom,” Shannon replied. “They were gonna kidnap them and then make you pay an obscene amount of money to get them back.”

“They were telling them that they were only going to a circus, and that they didn’t need to ask Brian for permission,” Lenore informed them.

“How do you know all this?” Nick asked. “You weren’t apart of it, were you?”

“I was here hiding behind the bush,” Lenore answered. “I knew nothing about it, until I came out here and saw what was going on.”

“I, uh, was apart of it, until just a few minutes ago,” Shannon admitted.

“I’m really, really sorry Brian. I didn’t know exactly what they were up to until we got here, and they started telling them that they were only taking them to a circus and that they didn’t need your permission to go.”

“What made you stop after you found out?” Howie questioned. “You could easily have gotten millions of dollars.”

“I, uh, really like you guys, especially Nick,” Shannon replied. “I just couldn’t kidnap his best bud’s little sisters, who were trying so hard to get back inside.”

“Stevie, go and call the cops,” A.J. said. “They are going to be dealing with the law; we can’t have crazed fans abducting our siblings for ransom..”

A few minutes later they had the six kidnappers quietly sitting on the front porch. Kevin and Howie stood guard, to make sure that none of them tried to get away without being escorted by an officer. Nick, Stevie, and A.J. were trying to get Emily and Tessa to cheer up so they wouldn’t be upset when their dad returned. Meanwhile, Lenore stood on the lawn talking to Shannon.

“That was really brave of you to stand up to them like that,” Lenore stated.

“I wasn’t quite sure as to what was going on until you backed out. I thought that’s what was happening, but I wasn’t sure.”

“Thanks,” Shannon replied quietly. “Do you think they’re mad at me, for being apart of it and all?”

“Nah,” Lenore replicated. “You tried to stop them in the end, so I don’t think they’ll be too mad.”

Just then Brian walked over to them. “Shannon,” He started. “I’d like to thank you for helping Lenore make sure that Emily and Tessa weren’t abducted; I really appreciate the fact, that even though you started out agreeing with them, in the end you came to your senses and helped save the day.”

Shannon blushed. “Thanks Brian, you have no idea how much it means to me, knowing that you’re not mad at me for doing something so stupid,” she answered. “You’re not going to have me arrested, are you?”

“No,” Brian said. “I think you’ve already leaned your lesson; besides I don’t think Lenore would appreciate having her new friend arrested, after giving her a hand in saving her sisters.”

“Now I know why practically everyone loves you guys,” Shannon responded..

“You’re all so sweet and understanding; oh, and you’re all, uh, very, um, sexy.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Brian rejoined leaning over and hugging her.

“If ya want you can go and chat with Nick for a while.”

With that Shannon went over to talk to Nick, once she got to him, he looked up at her and smiled, she looked as though she was going to pass out. A little later the six teens were leaving in squad cars. Around four o’clock Shannon walked home, as though she were in a daze, for she’d gotten Nick’s autograph, a hug from all of them, and front row concert tickets.

Chapter 16