Chapter 13

“Uh, well, I originally came up here to tell ya that your dad said you can come back down now,” A.J. informed her. “I almost forgot why I came up here.”

With that they walked back downstairs together. When they walked into the room they noticed that Hank had left.

“Hey, Lenore,” Stevie replicated. “Ya hear what happened between dad and Jessica?”

“I not only heard about it,” Lenore started smiling. “But, I also witnessed her first and second spanking.”

“Dad hit her?” Stevie asked. When Lenore nodded ‘yes’ he said, “Whoa. I thought I’d never live to see that day.”

“Me neither,” Lenore laughed. “They just happened to be louder than my supposedly gay music.”

“A.J. told you what she said, right?” Stevie interrogated.

“Yeah,” Lenore answered.

“And you’re not up there killing her?” Stevie responded. “You must be suffering from some sort of weird illness that no one knows about or you told A.J. that you really like him.”

“How’d ya know?” Lenore questioned blushing yet again. “You got ESP or something?”

“Let’s just say I know you too well,” he rejoined. “I’ve known you since you were born; so, I know all your looks and moods by now, so does Brian.”

“If it’ll make ya feel better, I’ll kill her later,” Lenore rejoined. “Not literally; just rough her up a bit.”

“You’d better not,” Brian stated. “Dad will just get even angrier than he already is.”

“Anyhow, how’d the party go last night?” Lenore queried. “Did ya see anyone else I like there?”

“We saw a whole lot of people Lenore,” Kevin replicated. “Oh, by the way, JC says ‘hi and that he can’t wait to see you again’. We had a blast; it’s too bad that you couldn’t make it, it was a lot of fun.”

“Well, whenever you see JC again, considering you’ll probably see him before me,” Lenore started. “Tell him I say ‘hi’ and that I’ll gladly get jiggy with him next time.”

“You’ll what?” Brian demanded. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Not like that Bri,” Lenore responded. “It’s just a joke we got goin’ on ‘cause the last time I saw him, I refused to dance with him.”

“It’d better be,” Kevin retorted. “You’re too young for the other theory.”

“I’m not stupid Kevin!” Lenore returned. “I don’t even have a boyfriend or have you forgotten?”

“Uh hmm,” Howie coughed. “Can we please not argue, I think we’ve all heard enough arguments for one day.”

“So, what are we gonna do today, considering we’re all still grounded?” Stevie questioned. “Mind you we’re not allowed to leave the house just yet.”

“We could always play Nintendo,” Nick suggested eagerly. “Or we could play a board game or watch videos or something.”

“Let’s play a board game,” A.J. said. “What game though?”

“How ‘bout Rummoli?” Stevie indicated. “We all know how to play and it’s a lot of fun.”

“Sure, why not,” everyone agreed.

Half an hour later they were in the middle of their Rummoli game. Nick was winning, with everyone else trailing way behind.

“I still say you’re cheating,” Lenore replicated. “There’s no way you could get that many good hands outta just pure luck.”

“Ya better believe it,” Nick responded, then he eyed her pile. “You’re not doing to bad yourself missy.”

“So, that don’t mean a thing,” Lenore returned. “You’re still loaded; everyone else is even lucky to have ten chips.”

“Guys, can we get on with the game already?” Stevie queried. “I’d like to play my hand today, not tomorrow.”

“Then make him admit that he’s cheating,” Lenore retorted. “I know he is, I just know it.”

“Lenore, play your hand while we’re all still young,” A.J. said jokingly.

“At this rate we’ll all be in our eighties before you even put a single card down.”

“Fine,” Lenore grumbled throwing a card down. “Have it your way.”

“Thank-you; its about time!” Kevin teased, as him and everyone else applauded.

“Ha ha ha,” Lenore laughed sarcastically. “Very funny guys!” Brian looked around, then asked, “Uh, has anyone seen Emily or Tessa lately?”

“Whatcha mean?” Stevie questioned. “They were in the living room watching T.V. and playing with their barbies.”

“It’s gotten kinda quiet in there,” Howie said. “All I hear is the television; I don’t hear them giggling anymore.”

“Ugh! I’ll go look for them,” Lenore offered. “I gotta go to the bathroom anyway.”

Chapter 14