Chapter 11

“Good morning,” Hank replicated as they strolled into the kitchen. “Just getting up are we?”

“Uh, yeah,” Stevie rejoined. “We just woke up; I got tired of just lying there.”

“I see; so, what are you going to have for breakfast this fine Sunday morning?” Hank queried. “Cereal, toast?”

“I’m going to make chocolate chip pancakes,” Brian responded. “I thought it might be nice to have something different for a change.”

With that he walked over to the stove to get started. He made pancakes for the whole family, even though the youngest three had already eaten. After breakfast they all went into the living room to watch cartoons. During that time Lenore quickly channel surfed to Much Music; she smiled when she noticed that it was the Backstreet Boys In Concert. Lenore turned it up as Larger Than Life came on; she loved watching her brother, cousin, and the other three guys on T.V.

“Lenore, switch back to the cartoons,” Hank riposted. “You’ve already seen this a zillion times.”

“I just wanna see All I Have To Give dad,” Lenore replied. “It’s on after the next song.”

“I said, go back to the cartoons now!” Hank growled. “You don’t need to watch your brother and the other four, everytime that they’re on T.V.”

“But, dad, I only wanna see the one song,” she protested. “I promise to switch back to the cartoons after the song.”

“Lenore, you’re not watching them again, for the last time!” Hank yelled.

“Now give me the remote!”

“Hello A.J.!” Lenore squealed, completely ignoring her dad, as A.J. lifted up his shirt on the T.V. “Man, do I ever love you six pack.”

Hank grabbed the remote from her and changed it back to the cartoon they’d been watching. “Go to your room and stay there,” he stated. “Now!”

Lenore quickly left and silently trudged up to her room; once she got to her room she slammed her door shut, then went over to her stereo and put her Millennium CD on. She turned her stereo up as far as she could; all you could hear throughout the whole house was I Want It That Way.

Chapter 12