Chapter 10

The next morning…..

Lenore woke up, for the second day in a row not having clue as to where she was; she saw Brian next to her and remembered what had happened; she spotted Stevie lying on the other side of him and smiled. A few minutes later Stevie woke up, immediately realizing that he was in Brian’s room; he remembered the events that had happened the night before and frowned. Stevie rolled over and noticed Lenore on the other side of Brian staring back at him. Lenore looked up and saw Stevie looking at her, she smiled and mouthed,


“Morning,” Stevie mouthed back, putting his finger to his mouth he signaled for her to keep quiet.

Lenore silently nodded in agreement, as she heard their little sisters racing downstairs to watch cartoons. She then put her head back down on Brian’s chest, and listened to his heart beat. She watched Stevie inch closer to Brian, he then reached out and took her hand; she smiled shyly at him, for she knew that he knew that she loved him and Brian as though they weren’t her brothers, but her boyfriends instead. Brian woke up around nine o’clock, he glanced down and noticed that his two younger siblings were already up and holding hands as they clung to him.

“Morning,” he whispered.

“Morning,” they replied in unison.

“How are you two this morning?” Brian questioned. “Dad doesn’t know you’re in here, does he?”

“We’re fine; and no, dad doesn’t know we’re in here,” Stevie responded.


“Just wondering,” Brian answered. “How long have you been up?”

“We’ve been up since eight,” Lenore informed him. “We’ve been lying here waiting for you to get your lazy self up.”

“Who you calling lazy?” Brian queried. “If I remember correctly, a certain party had Stevie doing the dishes and walking Rudy for them so that they could finish reading their book the other day.”

“Okay, so I’m just as lazy as you,” Lenore riposted. “Give me a break already; it was a good book.”

“We’d better get up and get dressed before dad finds us in here,” Stevie pointed out. “I really don’t wanna get into anymore trouble.”

“Uh, Lenore, Stevie, why are you’re clothes lying on my floor?” Brian asked.

“Why aren’t they in your rooms?”

“Uh, we kinda, um, threw our stuff in here before we, uh, went to bed last night,” Lenore told him. “We were afraid, and had planned on, um, sneaking in here in the middle of the night if we had to, so we kinda, uh, planted our clothes in here.”

“Whatever,” Brian replicated. “Well, I’m gonna be changing, so I think you’d better leave.”

“Can I change in here?” Stevie interrogated. “I really don’t wanna have to make a dash for my room.”

“Sure, why not,” Brian said. “We’re both guys.”

“Uh, Lenore, ya gotta go,” Stevie informed her. “We gotta get dressed..”

“Um, Brian,” Lenore started nervously. “Is it alright if I stay in here while ya both get dressed? I promise to face the wall while you’re changing; I really don’t wanna risk running into dad on the way to my room.”

Brian rejoined, “Fine, but you have to face the wall until we tell you that we’re decent. If I see you even trying to peek you’ll be in trouble, understand?”

“I understand,” Lenore assured him as she turned and faced the wall.

“Thanks Bri, you’re the best.”

A few minutes later they were both dressed. “Okay, we’re decent,” Brian said. “You can look now.”

“My turn,” she replicated turning around. “It’s your turn to face the wall; I don’t wanna be in here alone.”

“Fine,” Brian riposted. With that he turned away; he reached over and turned Stevie around, for he’d still been facing her.

Lenore started to change; suddenly she had this creepy feeling that someone was watching her. She looked up to find Stevie staring at her; she blushed scarlet and quickly turned away. “Stevie, what the hell are ya doin’? She inquired, quickly pulling her shirt on. “You’re supposed to be facing the other way.”

Brian looked over at the sound of her voice and found Stevie watching her.

“Stevie what the hell do you think you’re doing?” He demanded. “She didn’t watch you.”

“I, uh, was just, uh…..” Stevie stuttered nervously. “Um, uh, um…..”

“Show some respect for your sister,” Brian said, whacking Stevie in the back of the head. “Now turn around!”

Stevie turned around, so that she could finish putting her clothes on. He was quite embarrassed at the fact that he’d been caught.

“Okay, I’m decent now,” Lenore riposted.

The guys turned around, then they all walked out of the room and down the stairs to get some breakfast.

Chapter 11