Chapter 3

A couple of hours later, they pulled up to the condo. Jamie couldn't believe how beautiful it was. "So this is going to be our new home for the next four months?" she asked Tanya.

"Yep! Sure is," Tanya gushed. She was as surprised as Jamie was. Her mother didn't say the house would be this perfect.

"Gosh, how much did your mom have to pay to rent this house?" Jamie asked, still trying to take in the scenery.

The house was perfect! It had a fenced in backyard with a small pool. She didn't understand why they would need a pool, but it fit perfectly in the picture. And there were enormous palm trees. They perfectly lined the wooden fence so that no one could see in.

"Hey Tanya," Jamie said. "Do you think whoever lives here did this for privacy?" she said talking about the palm trees.

"I don't know, but it sure looks like it," Tanya replied agreeing with Jamie.

"I like it though. It just adds to the whole picture," Jamie said still looking at the place.

"Hey, these people even have a hot tub!" Tanya said pulling her hand out of the water.

"This is the life!" Jamie said grabbing her bags.

They walked into the house, only to find a beautiful wooden foyer. Everything about the place was perfect.

She walked out onto the front porch. It was a small wooden deck with a cute patio set. Her gaze then drifted to the ocean. It was absolutely the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She had always loved nature and his was gorgeous.

"Come look at this!" she yelled at Tanya.

"Oh my gosh!" Tanya said dropping the phone she had in her hand. "It's beautiful," she sighed. She picked the phone back up. "Sorry mom," she said quickly, "but this is house is beautiful."

She went back into the house to finish her conversation with her mom.

Jamie stood breathless, watching the ocean's waves hit the beach. After a few minutes she decided she had better unpack. She grabbed her bags and wandered back into the back bedroom. When she opened the door, her mouth almost hit the floor. The bedroom was full of leopard stuff. There was a chair in the corner with leopard print, and the bed had a leopard comforter. She now knew she truly was in heaven.

"Tanya, you have got to come check this out!" Jamie yelled. "This is awesome!"

Tanya ran into the room to see what the fuss was about. Her mouth dropped. The same as Jamie's had about five months earlier. "Amazing," she said. "These people have taste, and were actually going to meet them," she said grinning. Tanya always admired someone with good taste. Their dream was to become performers, and Tanya had already decided if they ever got famous, she wanted to start her own clothing line.

"Tanya. What the hell are you talking about?" Jamie said snapping her out of 'La La Land.'

"Mom said that some guy called from 'The Firm' and said that the owners of this place would be coming down for a couple of months."

"Does this mean we have to stay with your family for the next four months?" she questioned sounding disappointed. She didn't mind staying with Tanya's parents because they were like her own, but she sure had been looking forward to having this house for themselves.

"Are you kidding?" Tanya said. "They agreed to let us stay with them. They said they were sorry for the inconvenience, but they were in need of a break. I know, weird huh?" Tanya said seeing Jamie's weird expression.

"Hmmm. I hope they can teach me a few things about room decorating. My room could definitely use a makeover," Jamie replied, always the optimist.

Tanya's expression suddenly changed. "I hope they're not some old people!" she said doubting her friend's optimistic attitude.

"Oh, don't worry," Jamie said. "Besides, do you ever listen to anyone, but yourself anyway? Well, and me of course."

"Well...." she had a huge grin on her face knowing that Jamie was right.

Jamie smiled at her friend thinking about her pouty ways. If she didn't get her way you had better watch out! "Only Tanya..." Jamie thought.

She finished unpacking and grabbed her cheerleading shorts and matching sports bra. Cheerleading was one of the many sports that the two were involved in. Tanya was captain of the squad and Jamie was CO-captain.

She threw on her clothes and grabbed her tennis shoes. She was going running before daylight was lost. Running had become an everyday part of her life. Not only was it refreshing to her, but it kept her in shape for the talent shows that Tanya and herself entered. She normally ran every morning, being sure that she always caught the sunset. It relaxed her and got her ready for the day ahead of her.

"Tanya, I'm going for a run," she called out, not waiting for a reply. She dashed outside and tied her shoes. Then she was running towards the beach.

As she ran, she was deep in thought. Who were these mysterious people that would soon be coming to stay with them?

~Back at the condo~

Tanya decided to unpack. She had heard Jamie and decided to find her own room She walked upstairs and decided to look in the first one. "These people have got awesome taste!" she said to herself.

The room was filled with glow in the dark stuff. There were four blacklights placed in the oddly shaped room. The walls were painted black with blacklight posters everywhere. Above the bed hung the biggest Nirvana poster she had ever seen. There were blow up chairs and a couch.

"I think I'll take this one," she said to herself, her mind made up been before seeing the rest of the house. She was a party girl, and what was a party without a couple of blacklights? She started unpacking her clothes. When she opened one of the dresser drawers, she found a white undershirt.

"Hmm..." she said, "that's funny. Maybe this belongs to the owners." She threw the shirt on the bed, but not before checking the tag. To her surprise the initials N.C. were printed neatly. "Weird," she muttered.

She decide to give up on unpacking for a while and explore the rest of the house. Then when Jamie returned from her daily run, she would tell her about the shirt.

Chapter 4