Chapter 3


"Can I get you anything?" A cute blonde headed girl flirted with him. "She's cute...very sexy, but she's just not my type," AJ thought to himself. "I need someone who..."

"Excuse me...I said do you want something to drink?" she said with an annoyed tone. She tapped her pencil impatiently on her pad, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, umm...I'll have a beer. Budweiser, please." He tried putting on a fake smile, but he just wasn't in the mood. "Bitch!" he mumbled under his breath. He glanced up at the stage where they seemed to be getting it ready for an act, "This could be interesting," he mumbled wondering who the act would be. His attention quickly shifted to a girl walking towards the stage. His eyes ran quickly up and down her body three times. He took in her clothes, which clung tightly to her athletic figure. She was wearing a leopard skin halter top and black pleather pants. "Damn.."

His thoughts were interupted by the impatient waitress. "Here is your drink," she said literally throwing the drink on the table.

"Bad day...Yeah me too," he said looking at the girl.

"Yeah...whatever." She turned and stormed off.

He looked back towards where the girl had been standing, wanting to catch another glipse of her. She was gone. "Damn it!" he said cursing the waitress.

"Why do I have the shittiest luck?" he asked himself. He ran his fingers through his hair and drunk half of his beer in one big gulp. "I sure do hope this day gets better."


She softly practiced her scales behind the stage, walking around. She was having last minute butterflies. She always did.

"Last minute nerves?" Darric asked coming up behind her.

"Whoa..yeah. You scared me." She smiled as Darric paced around also. They were so much allike it was scary. "You too, huh?"

"Yeah..a little." He smiled as a girl came and handed them each a microphone. Jamie looked at Darric and smiled one last time as they heard someone introducing them. "Break a leg," she mouthed. He returned her comment with a brief smile.

"We have special guests tonight. We all know Darric. He is a regular here at Dreamers. And he will be performing with Jamie. So please give a warm welcome to Jamie and Darric," the announcer said as the crowd began to clap. Jamie followed Darric's lead out onto the stage.

"Hey guys I'm sure most of you know me as Darric. I have performed here many times before, but this time is different. I have a beautiful lady with me tonight, and I am proud to be performing with her. She has an amazing voice and I know you will love her. So..let me turn it over to her for a moment before we get this show on the road."

Jamie wanted to strangle him for putting her on the spot, but she just smiled instead. "Hi my name is Jamie! I'm new here in Kissimmee. I just moved here today actually and I have one thing to say. It's is so damn hot!" She smiled as the people laughed. "Anyway, you guys just sit back and relax while Darric and I do our thing."

A few guys whistled at her. It kind of scared her knowing that the guys were probably drunk off their asses. She brushed the thought away, getting ready to perform their first song. She inhaled deeply hearing the music begin, exhaling all of her butterflies. It was time to show these people what she was made of.

The music began and she began to dance. Darric walked over to her and began to sing, seductively as she moved her hips to the music.

Darric: Here we are, all alone.

You and me, privacy.

And we can do anything,

Your fantasy.

I wanna make your dreams come true.

She's calling me,

Between your legs,

Loud and clear.

I wanna talk back to her,

Make love to her.

I wanna hear you scream my name.

Jamie continued to dance as the chorus began. Darric and her voice blended together beautifully, just like they had in the past. She looked at the audience for the first time. She had been so caught up in the music and dancing that she didn't even notice that there was a pretty large crowd. She smiled as she saw the reaction of the people. The chorus ended. "My turn now..." she thought to herself. She walked over to Darric and began to sing.

Jamie:I love the way, Your body feels

On top of mine, so take your time.

We got a night,

Boy you know, I like it slow.

She ran a finger down Darric's chest, as he danced to the music. She got a few whistles from people in the audience. She walked away from Darric and sang to the audience.

And I know you like it too.

Please don't stop.

I feel it now, you feel it too.

You're shivering, oohh

You put me close to you,

Just let it flow.

There's no other place to go.

They sang the chorus together until the music faded away. Darric smiled at Jamie.


When she came onto the stage, he was mezmorized. He was attracted to everything about her. Her body, the way she carried herself, her sex appeal..everything. He wanted her so badly. His body ached as he watched in awe. He could feel the excitment growing between his legs. When she began to sing, he thought he had lost control. Her voice was undefinable. It just grabbed his heart and wouldn't let go. No one had ever done this to him. He just stared at her as she began to speak.


"Thank you so much," she said as the people cheered. "This next song, I think you'll like. Darric insisted that I sing it." The music began and she began to dance again. Darric had kind of stepped off to the side, so she could sing this song.

As the chorus began she walked out to the edge of the stage. It was kind of a rapping song, so she could move around a lot more.

Fancy enough, hid him in the sack.

Yes my kitty cat is all that,

And then some. You are the one.

Gotta represent, gotta go the whole run.

We two play alike, gotta do it right.

Snuggle up, huddle up nice and tight.

My pussy walls, gotta be raw.

Don't really matter unless you get it through the door.


Darric smiled at his cousin from the side of the stage. He turned to the girl next to him. "And she thought she didn't have sex appeal."

"She your girl?" the short blonde asked him.

"Nope..she's my cousin." He listened to her voice and wondered if she had taken voice lessons. He was glad that they had moved to Florida. They needed to catch up on each other.

"God, I envy her. I mean, look at the guys. She's got them drowning in puddles of drool." The girl looked out at the audience, then back at the girl.

"That a girl.." he said cheering his cousin on.


Jamie continued to sing and walked out into the audience. She knew it probably wasn't the best idea, but she was so pumped, she felt like nothing could stop her.

Her gaze stopped at a guy sitting at a table by himself. He seemed interested, and she loved every minute of it. She continued to sing the words to the song, directing her gaze at the guy.

Now come on and share all your deep fantasies.

I'm asking, no, telling you please.

Show me all night, you can do me right.

Take me where I wanna be.

She was lost in her own little world serenading the handsome guy, when someone grabbed her from behind. It startled her and she jumped forward into the guys arms. The guy caught her and seemed to cling on to her. She had to admit that she was enjoying it.

She smiled briefly as she walked quickly back up on stage, not wanting someone else to grab her. She kept songing the whole time.

Mocha choca lata ha,

Clecha, sisqui.

Bump, bump, that's right.

Bring it on daddy it's the bedroom fight.

Gotta head for your drawers and pull 'em off fast.

Gotta keep up if you think you can last.

Gonna get wet,

Are you ready yet?

On your marks, get set....


He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was just so confident, but not in a cocky way. It had taken every ounce of his strength to contain his excitement when she began to sing to him. He had wanted to kill the guy that had grabbed her from behind. But he reminded himself that the drunk guy was the reason she had fallen into her arms.

He had noticed that she had vibrant blue eyes, that sparkled with excitement, eagerness, lust. There were so many things he had seen in those eyes during the brief moment he had looked.

He yearned to hear the next word that came out of her mouth. He was excited, drawn to her sexually. He wanted her with every fiber of his being. He knew that he couldn't pass this one up. He was unsure if he just wanted her for sex, or for something more. But either way..his body needed her.

He sighed as the guy walked back onstage and gave her a brief hug. He whispered something in her ear. She smiled, and his heart melted. "Please tell me she's not taken.." he mumbled under his breath.


"Okay guys...I had a really great time performing for you. You've been an awesome audience, but management says we have to give the others a turn." She smiled one last time and walked off the stage.

She was so pumped. The excitement she got from performing was undescribable.

"That was awesome," she said giving her cousin a quick kiss on the cheek.

"You were great. And don't ever try to tell me you don't have sex appeal. You had every one of those guys eating out of the palm of your hand."

"Hey, it was fun.." she smiled up at her cousin, still overly excited from the performance they had put on. "Did you so that guy grab me from behind?"

She glanced around the room to make sure the guy wasn't anywhere near her.

She heard a couple grunts from a few guys. "Pigs..." she mumbled.

"I didn't see that, but I did see you fall. That guy that caught you..ummm, what's his name..." Darric looked around the room as if he was searching for something. "AJ..that's it..He comes here every now and then."

"AJ?" She was definately interested. "I need to thank him for that." Her heart caught in her throat when she saw him. He was the most amazing looking guy she had ever seen. He turned to look at something and his eyes caught hers.

"Maybe you should go ask him to dance," Darric whispered.

"What...." Jamie stuttered. She saw the amused look on her cousins face.

"I said, maybe you should go and ask him to dance."

She was going to reply, but Darric had already gone to the bar. "Maybe I should.." she thought to herself.

She walked over to where he was sitting and gently tapped him on the shoulder. His eyes lit up with passion when he saw her. "Excuse me...I'm sorry to bother you, but I would really like to dance."

He smiled up at her and she saw his beautiful brown eyes. She seemed to get lost in them. "Of course I'll dance with you." He smiled and took her hand.

They got out on the dance floor and everyone around them seemed to dissappear. He pressed her body against hers and she felt her legs nearly go numb. She continued to dance with him, grinding her hips against his. She had never danced with anyone like him. He rubbed his hands up her sides and then pulled her back to his chest.

They finished the dance and sat back down at the table. "So...thanks for catching me. I really appreciate it."

"No problem. Your a great dancer and a kick ass performer. Where did you learn to sing like that?"

"Thanks. You're an awesome dancer yourself. I'd love to dance again some time.As for my just kind of comes natural. I've never really had a voice coach."

"Name's AJ.." he said smiling.

"Well, AJ anytime you need a dance..." she began to speak, but someone came up from behind her and grabbed her breasts. "Excuse me?" she asked jumping out of her seat. She was scared shittless. She didn't know what to do.

The guy smiled at her as she backed up. "Get away from me you damn pervert!"

She screamed as she felt two arms wrap around her waist.

"Shhh.." someone whispered in her ear. "I can handle this."

She turned around to see AJ. Chills ran up and down her body as his hot breath tickled her neck.

"Who the hell do you think you are touching my girl like that?" He still had his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him.

The drunk guy just stood there, not knowing what to say.

"That's what I though," AJ said with a satisfied look on his face.

She sat back down in her seat, still a little shooken up. "Thanks, but you know..I could have probably handled that myself."

"Yeah..I could tell. You weren't scared at all." He laughed at the look she threw him.

"Okay..okay. So I was scared. The guy was ten times bigger than me....and you. You could have gotten your ass kicked," she teased.

"But I didn't, and it gave me another chance to have you in my arms."

"Don't shit with me AJ. I don't like guys messing with my head." She was eating up every word he said. She just didn't want him to think that.

"I'm not...Damn girl! Do you know what you can do to a guy?"

"I'm not really sure, but I'm up for finding out...." she said raising her eyebrow.

"How about another dance Romeo?" she said laughing.

"Sounds good to me." He took her hand and led her onto the dance floor. Once more, he pulled her close and began to move his hips. She pushed her pelvis against his.

"Mmm..." he moaned softly into her ear. She smiled and ran her hands up his back to his hair. "God..." he whispered softly into her ear. She was getting so turned on by his little moans.

"Damn.." she whispered breathless. She slid her hands down his back and rested them on his waist. She could feel him getting hard through his jeans.

"Mmmm...I don't know how much longer I can take this," she whispered softly.

"Me neither. You want to go somewhere?"

"Umm...I don't know if that would be a good idea..." she said biting her lip.

"We don't have to. I could just try and walk this raging hard on off," he laughed.

"What the hell..." she said. She was so turned on by him she didn't know what to do.

Chapter 4