Chapter 2

Jamie sighed as she pulled up to a stoplight. " I turn right at the next stoplight.." she said talking to herself. "And if I'm reading my Mom's gibberish correctly, that should bring me right to the neighborhood."
She turned right at the next stoplight and pulled into a nice sub-division. "Not bad...." She stared at the large house in front of her. It was a two story house with a large front yard. The house looked to be only a few years old.
She glanced at her watch. "Okay mom, where are you?" she said talking to herself again. As if her mom had read her mind, she pulled into the driveway, quickly turning off the car. "Not bad huh?" her mom asked staring up at the house.
"Nope, not bad at all. I'd say you did well. So how long will we enjoy this house? A few months? Or maybe just a couple of weeks.." She knew she was bringing on an arguement, but she wanted to get her point across. She was so sick of moving from place to place.
"Jamie...don't start with me. I can't help that we live this kind of lifestyle." She pointed her finger in her daughter's face. "Don't bring that up again! I'm tired of your whining."
"Well, I'm tired of your bitching. All you do is..." she took a deep breath, running her fingers over her ponytail.
"Young lady...don't you talk to me like that! I am your mother and I will not let you disrespect me." She tuened and walked towards the house.
"I'm not disrespecting you. I'm telling you the facts. I'm so sick and tired of moving around every few months! And I'm so tired of being your personal stress reliever. You take it all out on me and I can't take it anymore." Tears began to form in her eyes. She stormed past her mom into the house.
"Jamie...." Her mother called after her, but she wasn't listening. She was staring at the large living room and the kitchen. She couldn't believe how beautiful the place was.
"So...where's my room?" she said impatiently, trying to act like she wasn't impressed. She hated to be a bitch, but she had to get her point across.
"Any room upstairs is fine, exept the master bedroom." Her mom turned away mumbling something and walking into the kitchen.
Jamie walked upstairs and found the room she liked best. Since none of their stuff was there yet, she decided to call Darric. She picked up the phone and dialed Darric's number.
"Hello?" A guy with a deep voice answered the phone.
" that you?" She hoped she had dialed the number right.
"Yeah...this is Darric. Jamie?"
"Yeah...gosh it's been so long. You seemed to have matured. How's everything going?" She couldn't help but to smile. It was good to talk to him again.
"Everything's going really well, actually. Listen...can we get together and catch up on things. I would really like to see you."
"Of course! Where at cuz?"
"At Dreamer's. It's a small bar. Well, more like a hangout, but it's cool. Oh yeah..and be ready to sing with me. I've already booked a performance."
"Geeze...I really wasn't expecting to perform so early, but I can't wait. See you there in about an hour?"
"No problem. See you in an hour."
Jamie hung up the phone and smiled. It was good to talk to him again. She missed him so much. " Wonder what he wants to sing," she wondered to herself. She got up off of the floor and took a quick shower.


"Amanda...what are you talking about? I busted my ass to get down here, just to make things right with you. And you're pissed because I didn't dress 'appropriately' for your performance." He ran his fingers through his hair.
"Well that's part of it...but I'm also tired of you AJ. I'm tired of trying to follow in your footsteps, being a 'Backstreet Girlfriend', and not Amanda, the wonderful singer."
"Is this what this is all about? You being famous? Was this relationship a joke to you? You know what...I don't want to hear your answer. I don't want to hear from you ever again. I'm out of here." He turned and walked out of the door.
"Well, you meant nothing to me AJ. Nothing! You were just a part of my plan to become the famous person that I should be." She smiled at the thought of hurting AJ. She didn't really care about him, and everything she had just said was true.
"Bitch," AJ mumbled. He knew it was going to happen soon. He could've seen it coming from a mile away. He was trying to convince himself he wasn't hurting, but the truth was, her words had felt like a knife stabbing him in the heart. It wasn't that he was mourning over her, he just couldn't understand how she could use him like that.
He hopped into his jeep and spun out of the parking lot. "I need a drink," he said to himself lighting up a cigarette. He turned up the music and headed towards one of his old hangouts, Dreamers. He had performed there a couple of times before he had become a Backstreet Boy. He went there often when he was in town.
"Wonder if they still have performances there?" He pulled into the parking lot and finished off his cigarette.


Jamie sighed as she glanced around the place. Darric was thirty minutes late. "I should have known.." she said talking to herself. Darric had always taken this long to get ready. He was worse than a girl. She took another sip of her margaritta.
"Jamie!" A male's voice yelled behind her. Jamie turned around to see an older version of the Darric she had last seen.
" look great!" she said giving him a hug.
"'ve grown up so much." Jamie laughed as Darric just continued to look at her. She had really grown up since the last time she had seen him. He seemed to realize that this WAS actually his cousin Jamie that he had known for years, and not some stranger who had taken her place. "Wow.." he said taking his seat.
"Darric, stop it. You're making me blush. So how has everything been?" She took her leather jacket off to reveal a leopard print halter top and black pleather pants.
"Everything's been goin rather well. Darren's getting married in three months, and mom and dad are still happily living in Alabama."
"No way! Darren's getting married? I didn't know that. That's great." She couldn't believe her oldest cousin was going to get married. "So what did you have in mind to sing?"
"Well, we can't possibly get up there and sing our ABC's or 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' like we used too. I was thinking more along the lines of something sexy. To really bring out your sex appeal. And I know you can dance. You're my cousin, you've got it in your blood."
"Well..what song's exactly did you have in mind?" She had always loved the way Darric was right to the point. She laughed..*He wants to bring out my sex appeal. I didn't know I had any.*
"Well, we're going to perform a set of four song's. I was thinking we could do 112's, "Anywhere" and that All Saint's song, "Lady Marmalade". You do know that song, don't you?"
"Well..of course I do! I just didn't think you wanted to bring out that much of my sex appeal."
" have a lot to give off. You can do it, and all the guys will love it." He smiled to himself. "A woman with attitude, that's not afraid to tell a guy what she thinks," he thought out loud.
"That's definately me," she said laughing. "And the other two songs can be Dru Hill's, "Real Freak" and I think we should do one slow one. What do you think?"
"Definately. It will really show off how good your voice really is. What song did you have in mind?" He waved his hand at the waitress.
"I really love that song on Brian McKnight's new album called "6,8,12". It's just awesome."
"You like that song? God, we're so much allike." The waitress came over. "Faith, I want you to meet my cousin Jamie."
"Hi Faith. Nice to meet you." She smiled at the girl. She seemed to be about the same age as the two of them.
"Jamie...she's the one responsible for getting us this gig. And Faith I want a margaritta, on the rocks."
"Sure..coming right up. You'll be performing in about thirty minutes. Is that okay?" Faith said smiling.
"That's fine. It'll give me enough time to get some alcohol in me and ready to perform." Darric smiled as the girl walked away to get his order.
" she your chosen one?" Jamie asked smiling.
"Nope. She's just a good friend. Actually I'm still looking."
"So my cousin's finally ready to settle down and actually get a steady girlfriend."
" haven't had a steady boyfriend in a while either. That's just how we are. We need somebody wild and spontaneous. To keep us geussing what will happen next."
"You're so right. I think we have some kind of ESP or something." She took another sip of her margaritta as Faith brought Darric's margaritta.
"So you guys ready to blow the roof off this club?" Faith asked energetically. She had shoulderlength dark hair. It was a dark brown, almost black. She had vibrant blue eyes almost like Jamie's.
"I hope so.." Jamie said finishing her drink.
"Good...cause you're on in 15 minutes." Darric told Faith what music they were going to be performing to and she walked off quickly to get it ready.
"Ready cuz?" Darric asked.
"Of course....I live for this." Jamie smiled as her big blue eyes shined. She was actually starting to like the idea of staying in Florida.

Chapter 3