"Kissimmee, Florida?" Jamie yelled at her mom. "But why are we moving there?" She walked around her room packing her belongings. She sat down on her bay window and looked out at the beautiful view.
"Jamie, honey, we've talked about this before. Your dad got a job down there and he doesn't want to be away from us."
"But what about all of the performances I've been booked for? And the auditions....I still have auditions to go to," she said biting her lip, hoping her mom would give in.
"You'll get other jobs down there, honey. Besides, you have a lot of talent. This will give other people a chance to see you."
Jamie sighed as she walked back over to her bed. She had spent seventeen years of her life moving around from place to place. Just as soon as she would get used to a place and make friends, they would have to move. She looked up at her dresser and saw a picture of her best friend. A silent tear ran down her cheek.
"And you know that your cousin Darric is living down there. He can sing really well. I can still remember the last time they visited. You guys were just babies. You weren't shy though. Boy, could you guys put on a show. Maybe you two can get some jobs together."
Jamie smiled to herself remembering her cousin, Darric. He was a hottie. There was no doubt about that. She only got to see him every couple of years, but they were still pretty close. All the girls wanted him. They were so jealous of her because of their closeness. "I still don't want to move! We'll just pack up and move again as soon as I make new friends."
"Jamie, you know that I would like to find a permanent home as much as you do. Maybe this will be the last place."
"Yeah, right," Jamie mumbled under her breath. "How many times have I heard that one."
She sighed to herself as she picked up an old photo album that had been packed. She went and sat on the ledge of her bay window. She opened the old cover and saw a picture of Darric and her. They were both holding microphones and singing. She closed her eyes remembering how much fun those times were. That was before her dad had gotten a job where they had to move around from place to place. That was before Darric turned eighteen and moved to Florida. Back in those days, the family would all pile into their Grandmother's living room and Darric and Jamie would entertain. It was like heaven to her, but those days were over. There was only one thing she would like about going to Florida, and that was to see Darric.
She turned to the back of the photo album and saw a more recent picture of her friend Mandy. She began to cry all over again. She looked up at the stars and thought about her times with her best friend Mandy. She had finally had enough time to make friends and now she would be leaving it all. She picked up her pillow and cried silently into it. She cried herself to sleep that night by the light of the moon.

Chapter 1