Part 3

Close to midnight the party ended, everyone started to go home. A house full of people that neither Jen or Evan knew, was enough to make someone scream. When everyone was gone besides the guys, Jen and Evan started to clean the house.

"It's too late" Howie said

"Yeah you guys go to bed and we'll clean it up" AJ said

"Some how I don't trust you guys" Evan said

"Me neither" Jen announced

"I promise that we will clean the house" Nick said

"Alright Fine" Jen proclaimed.

"But if the house isn't clean in the morning then you're in big trouble" Evan said

"I like that" AJ said and Nick hit him for his remark

"Good Night guys" Evan and Jen said walking past AJ and Nick, who were waiting for kisses, which they didn't get.

The girls went to bed, and while falling into a dreamless sleep they heard the sounds of talking and paper crinkling.

The next morning Evan was up first, she rubbed her eyes and threw a pillow over to Jen who was still sleeping. The pillow hit Jen and woke her up in an intant. She yawned...

"Let's go see how our miracle workers did" Evan said jumping out of bed with Jen following

"So far so good" Jen said looking over the living room. They went into the kitchen

"Oh my god what a mess" Evan shreked.

There was a pile of garbage all over the floor, Chips and spilt drinks were all over the counter. The table was full of bowls and pop bottles that still had food and drinks in them. Jen and Evan looked over at each other

"So much for a day full of fun" Evan said

"I know" Jen told her

The doorbell rang, Jen looked to Evan who shrugged. Jen went to answer the door, when she opened it there were two girls there.

"Oh my god, you do live here" one of them said.

"This is so cool" The other one said

"Hi, Can I help you girls" Jen said ignoring their expressions.

"Can we have your autograph?" the tallest of the two asked.

"You know what?" Jen said "I've really gotta finish cleaning up here"

"Oh okay" the tall one said

"I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude" Jen said 'It's just that some disrespectful idiots left us with a huge mess to clean up"

The girls laughed. "Is it okay if we come back later?" the shorter one asked.

"Ya, sure" Jen said "If were not her were at the mall or something"

"thanks" they both said and Jen closed the door and went into the kitchen to start cleaning. As they cleaned Jen told Evan about the girls. And they chatted away about how they knew that soon they would have no privacy. When they were done cleaning they had 7 huge garbage bags full of junk from the party.

Evan went to get a drink from the fridge "Jen we have to go shopping" she said

"Why?" Jen asked.

"Because this is why" Evan said opening the fridge for Jen to see. It was empty, there was nothing in there except a jar of jam, which was oozing from the top. Evan took it out and threw it in the garbage. How could this day get any worse?

Now after a nice shower, and a long walk. They girls were in the super market. Filling their carts with just about everyting.

"Know what I think?" Jen asked Evan

"what?" she said from behind her

"I think we should make the guys pay for all this" jen announced.

"Yeah, I agree" evan said. "After all they are the ones that had the stupid party"

"totally" Jen said.

They finished their shopping and called a cab, one the ride to their house Jen said "We really need a car"

"I know" Evan said.

They unloaded their groceries from the cab when they reached the house and opened the door to find Brian, Nick, and AJ sitting on the couch.

"great" Jen said sarcasticly

"Perfect" Evan drooped

They carried their bags into the kitchen and began to unload them into the fridge and cupboards. Then the guys walked in with their heads down. The girls continued to unpack the groceries.

"I guess you cleaned up the mess in here" Nick said

"Yep I guess we did" Jen said not looking at him

"We came back today cause we were gonna clean it up" AJ said

"We're supposed to believe that?" Evan asked putting soup on a shelf.

"Well were sorry" Brian said "We'll do what we have to to make it up to you, and hope that you'll forgive us"

Jen spun around "Okay, then give me a car."

"I supposed you'd want one too" Brian said to Evan.

"No, no. One car is enough" she said Nick, AJ and Brian did a little huddle and announced "Okay we'll buy you a car."

"Whow" Jen said 'What do you mean you'll buy me a car?"

'”We mean we'll buy you a car" Nick said

"But hello" Evan chimmed in "We're only gonna be here in Florida for another 11 days"

"Well I guess if we buy you one, you have to come back to Florida" Brian said.

"I agree" Nick said looking at Jen

"I totally agree" AJ said looking at Evan.

"We'll think about it" Jen and Evan said together

"What's to think about?" Nick asked

"I just bought an apartment in Toronto" Jen said "I can't afford to give it up now"

"yeah," Evan said "My mom and dad need me around the house, and besides I'm getting a job in a couple of months"

"Well you could always plan to visit your family every month, and get a job here" AJ said

"Perhaps" Evan said

"Like we said, 'we'll think about it'" Jen announced.

"Okay then," Nick said looking at his watch. "We gotta go guys we're gonna be late"

Nick and AJ kissed their girls and before they were out the front door they said "We'll see you tomorrow."

Evan and Jen had a big decission to make, they loved their families, but they loved AJ and Nick. Jen and Evan were both expecting to take on big jobs in Toronto. If they turned them down they probably wouldn't find another one anywhere else. How could they possibly make things happen so all of them could be happy.

The next couple of days went by in such a rush. The girls didn't see the guys because they had so much to do. Now they were out by the pool, there were fans clustered around the fence. But the two girls didn't seem to care.

"I miss AJ so much" Evan screamed while laying on a raft in the pool, the fans outside of the fence all turned to her.

"God Ev." Jen said

"Sorry" Evan proclaimed "But I do miss him a lot"

"Get used to it" Jen said

"what do you mean?" Evan asked

"I mean if we go back to Toronto we may have to deal with long distance realationships" Jen said

"Or not have a realationship at all?" Evan asked

"Yeah" Jen said.

The girls didn't speak for a while. They just sat by the pool in silence. Soon it got a bit colder so they went inside and dressed. Some of the fans had gone home, the others still waited to try to get a glimpse of a backstreet boy.

They were watching tv when AJ, Nick and Brian came in the door.

"It's time, one and all, to go car shopping" AJ announced

Evan squealed and ran into AJ's arms, While Jen got up and went to hug Nick. They both gave Brian a hug too, they didn't want him to feel left out. "

Well come on let's goooooooooo" Brian said

"Why are we going car shopping?" Evan asked

"Duh, because Jen said she'd only forgive us if we got her a car" Nick said

"Uh, Hello?" Jen said looking at Nick "I was joking"

"Yeah and so am I" AJ said sarcasticlly

"Now let's go" Nick said pulling a protesting Jen out the door.

And they were off, they all piled into Brian's car and they were off to buy the girls a car. When they got to the lot, Jen refussed to get out of the car, Evan only had because AJ thretened to tickle her if she didn't.

But finally Nick grabbed Jen and picked her up. He carried her until she agreed to look for a car.

"You people are impossible" Jen announced

"Yes, we realize that thank you" Nick said looking toward AJ and Brian.

"Your chariot awaits" AJ announced

"Well one of them that is" Brian said.

Finally Jen and Evan agreed on a Yellow jeep, basically because it was the best car in the lot. The girls agreed to pick it up the next day, because they still couldn't drive it without plates. After car shopping, they went to an ice cream place, Brian, Nick and AJ dissapeared for a while but when they came back they insisted that all they had done was look at some hats in a store next door.

Again after the guys dropped the girls off at the hotel they were in a hurry to leave. They left the girls standing on the front porch.

"I don't know about you" Jen said "But I wanna find out where they keep going"

"I most definatly agree" Evan said.

They went inside and called AJ's mom who wasn't home, they called Howie's mom but got the machine, then they called the box office to see if they had a concert. Right they did. There was one in Tampa that night. But it was sold out.

"Evan?" Jen asked

"Yep?" Evan answered

"Wanna go for a drive?"

"totally solid" Evan giggled.

The two girls ran to the nearest rent a car place, they told the cleark they need a car for an emergancy, they signed the papers, paid the man and they were off. Jen got into the drivers side because Evan still yet didn't have her licence.

It took them two and a half hours to drive to the stadium in Tampa. Jen was driving too fast, it takes an adverage person 3-4 hours to get to Tampa from Orlando at the original speed limit. They parked their car and walked to the enterence of the stadium, a few people reconized them. They found a window that was open and selling last minute tickets. The girl in the window was young and she reconized Jen and Evan right away.

"Oh my god, what can I help you with" she said

"Hi there" Evan said

Jen smiled "Are there any tickets left?"

"The girl nodded "they are no where near the front" she said

"Anything closer?"Jen asked

The girl shook her head. Jen and Evan looked around watching people cluster in the building. The girl in the leaned closer to them "We have passes for backstage" she said "but they are really expensive"

Evan and Jen smiled "Do you take credit card?" they both asked

"Don't you wanna know the price?" the girl asked.

"You can tell us after we pay for them" Evan said

"Okay" the girl nodded and looked confussed.

They got their passes and went for the front door. They had just paid $2,500.00 for their passes. "No big deal" Evan said

"It's only money" Jen agreed

"Besides" Evan said "Maybe AJ and Nick should have paid for these"

"I couldn't agree more" Jen said.

They got in the building, peoples heads turned when they saw them. They haeded for their seats in the front row. The passes were not effective to go backstage until after the concert.

They sat in their seats, "I can't wait to see AJ's face when he see's me here" Evan shouted to Jen.

"I can't wait to see Nicks" Jen laughed. During their waiting period people came over to them to ask for their autographs and to take pictures. But Jen and Evan didn't object to anyone.

"I still don't understand why people want our autographs" Evan said.

"Me neither" Jen answered

"Oh well" Evan said scribbling her name on a piece of paper.

They waited for the opening acts to finish, there were two groups that neither Evan or Jen had ever heard of. The lights dimmed and the theme to Star Wars blasted through the stadium, fog filled the air, 5 alien like figures flew through the sky.

"This is getting old" Evan whispered to Jen.

"Tell me about it" Jen said back.

They watched as the guys hit the stage, and they took off their masks. Peircing screams filled the room, the girl behind Evan hit her in the head with her camera but pretended nothing happened

"Now I remember why I stopped going to these things" Evan said to Jen

"You stopped going because you couldn't get tickets" Jen announced "Ok, but that doesn't have to be the reason" Evan said and Jen laughed.

"Shuuu" Jen said as she looked toward the stage "They are stopping on our side now"

Jen and Evan stood and crossed their arms hoping that AJ and Nick would notice them.

But they looked right past them. "Bummer" Evan said.

"Totally" jen agreed

They started through the show, and durning "Backstreet's Back" Brian noticed Jen and Evan. He gave them a little smile and danced off to where Nick was and whispered something in his ear, then he did the same with AJ.

AJ and Nick danced toward the side Jen and Evan were on, the two guys looked right at the girls and gave them a look that said "oh oh, sorry" Then they danced off to their original sides. "I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of them tonight" Jen said and Evan nodded smiling.

Part 4