Missing You - Part 1

'....rock your body right, backstreet's back alright.' music blasted through the tiny two floor apartment. The phone rang and the owner of the apartment screached. "coming" she called but realized no one on the phone would hear that. "Duh" she said out loud.

On her way down the stairs she tripped over a box, then fell on a high heeled shoe. "Damn" she said picking herself off the floor and racing back to the phone.

She picked up the phone and before she could say anything a familuar voice started to speak. "Oh man, now you pick up the phone, I mean dude it takes you way to long to answer a phone."

"Evan" Jen hissed knowing that the voice belonged to her best friend. Not wanting to be mad at her friend Jen changed the subject "You are my first official phone call" Jen sighed and looked around the apartment full with boxes, she sat on the floor and started to play with the phone cord while she wated for her friend to answer.

"I don't care what you want, there is no way you are borrowing my CD player. It's mine and you know it." Came Evan's voice. But Jen knew she wasn't speaking to her. Jen had been 10 and Evan had been 9 when they first met. They had become instant friends after they realized how much they had in common with each other. "yo dude, Jenny are you there?" Evan's voice broke her out of a childhood memory.

"Evan" Jen wined "How many times do I have to tell you, don't call me Jenny"

"Dude!" Evan laughed "It goes better with your last name" She finished.

"hmmmmmm" Jen said. "I don't think so"

"Duh, listen" Evan said and pronounced Jen's full name in different ways. "Jennifer James, Jen James, Jenny James" She ended the sentence.

Jen groned knowing that Evan was right, "I still don't like it." Jen sighed.

"At least your parents gave you a girls name" Evan sighed. "But I have grown to like my name, it's pretty cool. one day our names are gonna make us well known."

"Whatever" Jen sighed.

"Oh my god, I am such a geek" Evan screamed, and asked her friend a question which was obviouly ment to have been asked when Jen picked up the phone "Are you busy, can I come over, need some help, my brothers are driving me nuts" She finished.

"Yes, Evan you can come over, I was just un-packing my clothes"

There was a scream from the other end of the phone, "ah, I'll be right over" The dial tone hummed telling Jen that Evan had hung up.

Jen quickly got up off the floor and opened the front door. About a minute later Evan showed up in the door way, breathing hard. Evan only lived 5 blocks away from Jen's apartment.

"It's freezing outside" She huffed. "It's January, but it's colder then my daddys heart"

Jen laughed at the way her friend stated how cold it was. By this time, Jen was placing things in her drawer while Evan took them right out to try them on. "i don't like this" She said tossing a neatly folded sweater accross the room.

Jen lay on her mattress on the floor and thought about when she had decied to move from her family home in Hamilton, to move to Toronto get a job. Her brothers had been happy to see her move out, but her mother had been reluctant to let her go.. "but mom, I'm 19, I think I can do this" Jen recalled seeing her mothers face. finally her mother gave in.

"This is to die for" Evan thought holding a pair of leather pants in front of her.

"They won't fit you" Jen stated shaking her head to clear her thoughts.

"How rude" Evan smiled.

"No, not that I mean they are too short for you" Jen stated to Evan. Jen was 5'4" and Evan was a good 5'8".

"Oh pooh, you think that will stop me from wearing them in good health?" She twirled in front of the mirror.

"Probably not." Jen laughed as her friend tugged on the pants with effort. They were definatly too short for her, and a good 3 inches of her legs showed.

The pants hugged Evan's legs but Still Evan seemed to be enjoying them. "This is the in fashion" She pointed out to Jen. "Short pants are in" she giggled and looked through Jen's boxes, obviously for a matching shirt. The phone rang again and Jen went to get it.

"Hello?" She asked

"Turn on your radio to energy 108." The voice said, and instantly Jen knew who it was

"Okay Deb, hold on" Jen told her niece. She turned on the radio as Evan came down the stairs to listen in. The DJ on the radio was talking.

"Are you a writer? Do you wanna be a writer? Do you have talent? Wanna prove it?" The DJ went on

"Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes..." Evan yelled answering all the questions.

Jen motioned for her friend to be quiet while she listened to the DJ, "Here's your chance" he said "We're gonna give out 5 surprise trips to 5 lucky winners. All you have to do is cool up a short story and/or a poem that will knock our socks off. Write to this address...."

Jen watched as Evan scribbled on a box, then went to Jen's lap top and started to type away.

"Hello, Jen you still there?" Deb sighed.

"yeah Deb, but why would you tell me about a writing contest?"

"It wasn't a writing contest it was a backstreet boys contest." there was a pause "oops, sorry I had my radio on Kiss 92."

"It's okay Deb, we might be on to something over here anyways."

They said their good byes and Jen went over to her friend who was now printing out some pages of what looked like a story.

"You did all that?" Jen shook her head is disbelief.

Her friend nodded looking excited "It was supposed to be a short story."

Jen took a page from the printer and read some of it, she realized that some of this had been hers.

"um, Evan, this is my story" Jen laughed.

"Not all of it" Her friend smiled and handed her two other papers.

"you finished my story?" Jen beamed at her friend, "Evan that's wonderful"

Evan nodded and put the pages into an envelope along with a quick letter saying who had written the story, Evan had put both names on for credit.

Two weeks later Jen was sitting on the floor in her living room with Evan watching a movie when the phone rang. Jen got up to get it.

"if that's my mother.." Evan spoke "There is no way I am coming home tonight, because daddys on a family time rampage"

Jen giggled and answered "Yes" She said into the mouth piece.

"Is this the home of Jenny James and Evan Finley?" The voice asked. And Jen realized that Evan practicly did live there.

"Uh, Yes" Jen said "This is Jen James" She said realizing that he should know who he was talking to.

"Your name is Jenny James" Evan said from where she was sitting.

Jen covered the phone with her hand and yelled at her friend "Shut up Fish"

"Hag" Evan called back

Jen turned her attention back to the phone. "I'm sorry, can I ask what this is regarding" she asked confussed by this whole thing.

The man on the other line spoke "This is kenny B, from energy raido. You're on the air."

"Oh my god, that's cool." Jen said

"You have won one of our surprise trips, your story was fantastic."

"Ah," Jen screamed "This is so cool."

"In order for you to claim your prize you must come buy Energy head quarters by tomorrow morning at 10:00." Don't be late."

"Thank you so much" Jen said and hung up the phone. By this time Evan was standing beside Jen.

"What's going on?" She asked looking confussed.

"You little bastard" Jen squealed "We won, the radio contest"

"Screch" Evan's ear piercing squel made Jen sick to her stomache. But both girls giggled, laughed and screamed until Jen cut in. "Oh my God" she said.

"What?" Evan asked looking wide eyed at her friend

"I have no idea where Energy Radio head quarters is" she said.

Both girls fell into a fit of giggles on the floor.

After a long ride to the energy radio headquarters both girls were asked to sit in the waiting area since they were so early. By 9:30 they were so engrossed in conversation that they didn't seem to care how loud they were talking and, who heard them. Finally after another 10 minutes someone called down to the desk for them "Lori, Please send Jenny James and Evan Finley up now."

"Right away" the receptionist said, she nodded toward the girls. "Take the elevators up the the 8th floor and turn right" She said. The girls giggled as they walked toward the doors of the elevator and got it. They pushed the button to take them up to their destinated floor.

When the elevator stopped at the 8th floor both girls peeked out. As the doors were closing, they giggled and jumped out.

The walked down the hall to another reception desk where a woman sat taking phone calls "Energy radio, Please hold" She turned to the girls "Can I help you?" She asked smiling.

"Do you like your job?" Evan asked giving her a weird look.

"Evan" Jen said hitting her friend

"what did I do?" Evan asked sounding innocent.

"Yes, I do" The woman laughed and smiled.

"Oh, okay then." Evan sighed "We're here to claim out prize, our trip that is"

"You're names?" The woman asked. As Jen opened her mouth to speak Evan said "Evan Finley and Jenny James"

The woman nodded and typed something on the computer.

"Evan I told you my name is Jen"

"Jenny" Evan said staring at the computer

"Jen" She replied back, but realizing she wouldn't get anywhere with Evan, she liked to have her own way.

"Okay" the woman said, "follow me"

The girls follwed the woman who had said her name was Kim, into a large room, with huge windows that over looked the busy streets, In the middle of the room there was a large table. The two girls made them selfs comfortable on a little couch that was on the end of the room.

As kim was walking toward the door, she turned to ask the girls "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Could we have some soda?" Evan asked. Kim nodded and left the room.

Twenty minutes later after they had finished their sodas, Two men came in and sat down at the table, a little while later three other men came in and sat, no one seemed to notice the two girls. Jen looked at Evan who just shrugged. Then another man came in and walked right over to the two girls.

"My name is Jim, come with me please" He said and the girls followed him into a tiny office. He took two envelopes from his desk drawer and held one in each hand.

"These are the only trips that are left." He said "One is long, one is shorter, you take your pick"

"Dude," Evan said "I can't do it, you do it, I don't wanna do it, I really can't look" And with that she sat down in a chair and covered her eyes.

"Okay" Jen said sighing "I think I'll try my luck with this one" She said choosing the envelope in his right hand.

"Great" jim said and handed each of them an energy radio shirt, hat, gym bag and bandana, "For your trip" he said pushing them out of the office "Have fun" he said closing the door.

The girls decided it would be best to open the envelope back at Jen's mostly because Evan had said "Good things come to those who wait"

Now back at Jen's, they headed for the couch in front of the tv, as they sat down they landed with a thud on the floor because Jen didn't have a couch yet.

"Ouch" Evan complained "Dude you really need to get some funiture"

Jen looked over at her friend "I know, I know, but I need some serious money for that"

"Speaking of money" Evan licked her lips "Can we order some pizza, I don't wanna go home tonight"

"When do you ever?" Jen asked heading for her purse, as she was taking out her wallet she came accross the envelope which obviosly she and Evan had forgotten about.

She took it over to where Evan was still sitting on the floor. When she saw it she stood up, and fast. Jen slowly started to open it, and took out the contents of the envelope.

They looked through everything and began to scream.

A week later, they were on a plane heading for sunny Florida. For them that was a real vacation. Their prize had been the best out of the five. A 5 week trip to Florida, along with a $3000.00 shopping spree for both girls, and a pent house suite at the Hilton Hotel in Orlando. This was pure luck. They also had passes to Universal studios which was just down the street from their hotel. If this was luck, then what was about to happen next must have been a miracle.

"Aren't you ready yet?" Jen asked her friend who was in the bathroom.

"No!" Evan stated. The two girls had been in Orlando Florida for 2 days already. They really hadn't done anything. The last couple of days had been nothing but rain, so they stayed inside their hotel room.

Now on the day that seemed perfect to hit the beach, Evan was taking too long. She had been in the bathroom for over an hour.

"How long does it take to put on a bathing suit?" Jen asked sounding irritated.

"Um, let me think" came Evans voice. "How long have I been in here?" She asked

Jen looked at her watch. "About an hour and 15 minutes.

The door to the bathroom opened and Evan came out in a one piece suit spinning for Jen to see. "Then that's how long it takes" She said.

She grabbed a towel with one hand and grabbed Jen's arm with the other. "Let's go hit the beach" She said giggling.

When they got to the beach, there were so many people. It was hard to find an empty spot. After 15 minutes of searching and finding, Evan declared "I don't feel like sitting anymore, I wanna roller blade" She said pointing to a bunch of people on the path. Jen groned.

"come on," Evan said laughing "Let's rent some skates"

While Evan got the skates, Jen grabbed a locker to put their bags in.

"Here you go" Evan said handing Jen a pair of blue skates to match her suit, Evan had choose silver to go with her black suit.

Jen went to sit on a rock to put on the skates while Evan decided to sit on the sand.

"Boy, these things are solid" Evan declaired and Jen laughed at her friends way of saying 'these are cool'

"Yes, Evan" She said.

When they were ready to hit the path, Evan skated ahead ignoring Jen's pleads for help. Finally when Evan was out of site, Jen realized that her friend wouldn't be of much help to her. Evan was obviously a lot better at skating then Jen was. As Jen was about to reach for a rock on the side some 'hot-shot' flew by and knocked Jen off her feet, she rubbed her knee and tried to get off the ground. Then a hand reached out and a friendly voice said "Some people are so inconsiderate, let me help you up."

Jen took the hand, after brushing her self off she thanked him "Thanks a lot" she said smiling. She noticed that this guy was fairly thin, and had tatoos all over his body, his hair was red and he was wearing sun glasses so she couldn't see the color of his eyes.

He looked at her and asked "Are you alright?"

She sat down on the rock looking over her legs for cuts, she seemed to have plenty. "Yeah I'm okay" She answered his question.

"Oh, you look hurt, let me help you, I'll be right back" He said skating over to the rental stand.

He came back quicly with a first aid kit, as he opened it, she saw a lot of people stop to watch. Some were giggling, others were red faced and others seemed to be looking over the guy.

While he worked on her cuts she winced at the sting of ointment, but he seemed to know what he was doing.

"There all better" He said finishing up on her elbow.

"wow, thanks" She answered

"No problem" he answered as he looked over to a group of girls and winked.

"by the way, I'm..." She was cut off by Evan who was skating toward her..

"jenny" she was calling.

"I think someone said it for you" He laughed.

Evan skated up beside her and asked, her "Where did you go, I couldn't find you, how come you didn't come with me, how come you stayed behind, why do you have band-aids all over you?" She finished.

Jen didn't answer Evan, she looked for the man who had helped her, but he was gone.

"And what the hell are you looking for?" Evan asked looking confussed.

They went back to their hotel after that because Jen was too sore to walk anywhere. She was still confussed about her run in. She really wished she had got the guys name. And Evan was just as confussed because she hadn't seen him at all.

While they watched tv, Jen couldn't help but think of the guy. Evan snapped her out of her thoughts "Jen, did you see the new people magazine?" she asked, and Jen shook her head in response. "Oh," Evan said looking excited. "Fredie Prinze Jr. is on the cover."

"Really?" Jen asked trying to sound enthusiastic, "cool" she got up from her seat and said "I'll see if they sell it in the lobby"

"Okay" Evan grinned. "Hurry back, can you buy me a twix bar?"

Jen nodded and headed down to the lobby. She took the stairs not wanting to wait for the elevator.

She got to the gift stand and started to look through the shelf of magazines. She picked up a copy of 'US' and flipped through it.

"There's nothing interesting in there" Came a familuar voice.

She turned and looked up and saw the man from the beach, she smiled "What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"looking for someone I met on the beach" was his answer.

She smiled again, they talked for a while, until Jen remembered that she had to get back to Evan. She rushed off, saying good bye. When she got back to the room she realized. "Oh God Damn, I didn't get his name" She smacked herself on the head. Then walked into the room with the 'people' magazine and the chocolate bar for Evan.

After going to bed, Jen lay there trying to sleep but she couldn't get the face out of her head. 'where have I seen him before?' she thought. she looked over to the clock, it read '4:38 am' she couldn't take it anymore. She got out of bed and threw on her sweat shirt.

She left the hotel room and walked down to the lobby, it was deserted except for a couple of clerks at the desk. She smiled at them and walked out the front of the hotel. The cool air was actually chilling. She looked down at her feet. She had forgotten that she was still wearing her slippers.

She looked around into the night. All was quiet, there were very few sounds. distant trafic came from the highway and the crashing waves came from the beach not far away. She stopped to intake the sounds of the ocean. It was a beautiful sound and the waves made a sound like.... "Oh God Damn you piece of crap" Well not quite like that. Jen heard a sound of metal being kicked. She followed it to the road behind the hotel.

She walked toward a man who was kicking his car. "Car problems" She asked, but then realized that it was a stupid question.

She walked closer realizing that it was the man from the beach. "Hey" She said "We have to stop meeting like this"

The man laughed. He looked down at her pants "Personaly I like white bunnies" he said.

Jen laughed and looked at her pajama pants which had blue bunnies on them. He looked at his watch and asked her "What on earth are you doing up at this time of night?"

"Oh," She said not wanting to admit that she had been thinking of him "I happen to be a night owl" she lied.

"Hey, me too" He said.

She laughed and turned to look at him, dispite it being so dark, he was still wearing sun glasses. "I bet you have nice eyes"

"Wanna bet?" He asked laughing.

"Sure do" She said.

"Fine" He said reaching up to take off his sun glasses.

She looked into his 'brown' eyes and told him "I told you so" then laughed "you do have nice eyes"

She stopped and looked at the ground realizing that she was flirting with him. 'stop' she told herself over and over in her head.

"Yeah" He said "So do you"

There was a beeping sound startling them both, he took a pager from his pocket and then got a cell phone from his car, "this will only take a second" he said dialing some numbers.

Jen walked over to a bench and sat down. She yawned and shivered. 'oh man, he's not even my type, why the hell am I waiting around?' she thought to herself.

She heard the guy talking on his phone to someone "yo, Nicky dude... yeah, yeah, oh yeah I need a lift.. yeah, um, the Hilton Hotel... yeah the one by the beach.. ok, yeah. peace." he said hanging up the phone.

He walked over to where she was sitting, and sat down beside her. By this time she was gazing at the stars "They are nice, aren't they?" He asked slipping his arm behind her.

"uh yeah" She said feeling his hand on her shoulder. He looked over to her, obviously waiting for her to look at him. When she did he leaned closer coming in for a kiss. His phone rang just as he was seconds away from the kiss.

"Damn" He said "I'll be right back, can you stay here and wait for my pal to come get me?"

She nodded realieved that he didn't kiss her. He walked off and she sat staring at the stars until a black prowler pulled to the curb and the driver looked over to her. She hugged her knees closer to her chest and thought to herself 'oh my god he's a babe.'

"Where's the dude that owns that car?" He asked her.

"He went inside," she said "He should be out soon"

"Thanks" he said not taking his eyes off her. He turned at the sound of a door closing "AJ, come on" he said "I'm 'sposed to be with my brother"

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming" the guy who answered to the name of 'AJ' said. He walked over to Jen first... "Kiss me," He said. and smiled.

"Um, I..." Jen started. And looked over to the driver of the prowler, who watched in awe

"Never mind," AJ said and Jen sighed in relief "I'll kiss you" he finished and pulled her close and kissed her

When he pulled away, the driver of the car was laughing. "Nicky shut-up" AJ said "Love ya babe, I got your number" AJ said walking toward the car. jen quickly headed back into the hotel and went directly to her room, into her bed and fell asleep.

She was awaked the next morning by sunlight and the voice of her friend singing "I Turn to you" smiling about her episode last night she figured it was just a dream until the phone rang. Evan went to answer it "Okay, hold on" She said handing the phone to Jen. "It's for you, and he sounds really hot" she finished.

Jen looked over to the clock and groned it was only 10am and already she was begining to feel her start of a day turn bad. "Hello?" She asked.

"Hey babe" Came the voice on the other end

"Oh, hi" Jen said trying to put a name to the voice. Then remembered. "Aj, nice to hear your voice" She lied

"Wanna come for a dip in my pool?" AJ asked her slyly.

"Gee, AJ. I'd love to but I sort of made some plans with a friend of mine" she lied again

"Gee babe" he said. "Maybe later then, call me when you get in" he said and gave her his number and she pretened to write it down.

"Okay AJ, I will call you when I get back in" she lied yet again.

"Great, can't wait." he said.

After saying their good byes, Evan came to sit beside Jen on the bed. "Ok, so how come you get the cute guys and I get nothing?" she asked.

"Ev, first of all, he isn't that cute, and second of all I have no idea what he's talking about." Jen sighed and fell back wards on the pillows.

"What do you mean" Evan sighed and leaned over her friend.

"Oh God, how do I get myself into these situations?" Jen asked.

"I have no idea?" Evan smiled obviously amused. "But you're gonna tell me about this guy, how you met him, and what you know about him" she finished

So, after filling Evan in with all the details not even leaving out her new crush for AJ's friend. Evan sat and admired Jen. "You've got it goin' on girly" She said to her friend. "Now can we go out shopping please?" So that's what they did. They kept each other busy for the next 3 days as well. Mostly because Jen dreaded calling AJ, or having AJ call her and catch her at the hotel.

And Jen ignored AJ's calls and messages, his flowers, candies, and stuffed animals that seemed to apper out of nowhere. Until finally she couldn't take it anymore. So she did what she had been dreading to do for the past 3 days. She called AJ. She asked him to meet her at the Hotels resteraunt. And when he arrived he had a dozen roses, a box which was obviously a gift and of corse a kiss for the lady. After laying a long lingering kiss upon Jen's lips he sat down. AJ smiled "I thought you'd never call me" he said

"Sorry," Jen mumbled. "Look AJ I gotta...." She started to speak. But was interupted by AJ.

"Oh, yeah I almost forgot that's for you" He said handing her a box.

"Thanks" Jen said pushing it to the side of the table.

"Oh Come on, aren't you gonna open it?" AJ winked and smiled.

"Maybe later"

"Why not now?"

"Look AJ, I really have to tell you something important." Jen sighed.

"Well, okay" AJ said starting to look nervous "Tell me what you have to say"

So with that Jen started to spill her guts to AJ, telling him how she really felt for him and how this whole realationship came too fast, she finished it off with "AJ, you're a great guy, and I think you're so sweet. But I just can't see a realationship between the two of us, we are two different. I don't wanna hurt you but I think I am doing the best thing for both of us" She said.

"Wow," AJ breathed. "I admire you, but just because we can't date, I still wanna be friends" he laughed

"I wouldn't have it anyother way" she laughed back.

"Now you must know that I hold grunges against all my ex-girl friends but I think I can make an exception this time since I have only known you for 4 days." he said still laughing

"Great" Jen said realieved that all had gone well.

After they had a dinner, AJ had insisted that she keep the gift, in which she said she'd open after he left, they went up to Jen and Evan's room to watch tv. It was pretty late and at about 9 Evan came out of the bedroom in her pajamas.

"Hi" She said to Jen not noiticing AJ. Evan was wearing a pair of backstreet boxers and a t-shirt. AJ snickered when he saw her. Evan sat right in between AJ and Jen on the couch. But still she didn't notice AJ.

There was a backstreet boys video on MTV and Evan sang along to it, as well as AJ. When they showed clips of Evan's favorite boy she hooted loudly. Then turned to AJ as if finally noticing him. "Hey, you look like AJ" she said and laughed.

"oh my god" Jen said out loud, and finally it hit her, AJ was a backstreet boy. In a group that Jen had liked for 6 years, you'd think she could tell who they were in person. "Oh my God" She said again. Then remembered the guy who had picked AJ up from the hotel a few nights before. The guy named Nick. "Oh my God" she said for the third time.

She looked over to Evan who was staring at AJ, "I know you from somewhere" she was saying. She looked and sounded like a drunken woman. "You're kinda funny lookin' too" she said.

AJ smiled then I guess what hit Jen 3 days too late, funally hit Evan. "Holy Shit, you're AJ McLean. I am sitting beside a backstreet boy, Jen you're dating my man, Holy crud, How can this be happening?" Evan screamed while jumping around the room, still not taking her eyes off of AJ.

Finally Evan slowed to a stop, took in nice long breaths. And sat down again. "Hi" She said to AJ.

He laughed, looked at Jen and said "I have to go, I promise to call you tomorrow."

Jen stood up and walked him to the door, he gave Jen a kiss on the cheak, and looked at Evan and waved. When Jen sat back down Evan looked over to her "Oh honey you gotta send me a piece of that" she said

Jen rolled her eyes and imitated Evan "Oh honey you can have all the meat you want off him"

Evan's jaw dropped. "What the hell you talkin' 'bout?" Evan asked. So Jen yet again, explained her situation to Evan and what had happened in the resteraunt. That night when both girls went to bed, Evan talked in her sleep happily, obviously dreaming of AJ. And Jen lay staring at the celing thinking of what total chaos things had been since Evan and she had got to Florida. But finally she fell into a deep sleep dreaming about the waves lapping on to the beach.

The next morning the phone woke Evan and Jen up, Jen groned but Evan reached for the phone as fast as she could. "Hello?" Evan asked excitedly. Her smiled faded and said "Oh, okay hold on" She held the phone out to Jen. "It's for you, It's a guy but it damn sure isn't AJ" she said returning to her own bed.

"Hello?" Jen asked

"Hey" Came the voice "This is Nick, do you know where AJ is?"

"Nick?" Jen asked confussed then remembered "Oh, right"

"Have you seen him?" Nick asked

"Um, Nick no, the last time I saw AJ was last night" Jen replied.

"Oh" Nick sighed

"Did you try calling his cell phone?" She asked

"uh-huh, but I think he has it turned off" he replied.

Then Jen remembered that she hadn't seen AJ with it the night before. "Can you hold on for a second Nick?" She asked.

"Yeah sure" was his answer.

Jen put down the phone and went into the room with the tv, she searched the table, chair and couch. There was nothing, then she thought to check with Evan, Evan was asleep on her bed though. But from under the pillow Jen saw a piece of black plastic, she carfully took it from under the pillow, doing her best not to disturb her friend.

Finally in her hands, she held the cell phone that was obvously AJ's. Taking it back over to her bed, she sat down and continued her coversation with Nick.

"Well I know where AJ's phone is, but I don't think that will put you in touch with him" she laughed.

"Did he forget it there?" Nick asked.

"I'm not sure if he forgot it, or if my friend took it off him" she giggled "Either way it's not doing him much good"

"Well thanks" Nick said "If you hear from him please tell him to call me?"

"Sure Nick" Just as she was about to hang up, he stopped her

"Wait," he said "Um, well I was wondering, If well, uh,..." he sounded nervous

"wondering what?" she asked him, hiding excitment.

"Never mind" Nick said.

"Oh, okay then" she said to him hiding dissapointment.

After Evan had woke up, Jen had asked her about the cell phone in which she insisted he left on the couch. 'why would I wanna take it' she had replied. Pushing that out of her mind, Jen concintrated on playing twister with Evan. "I have no idea why I am doing this" Evan said

"Because Ev, it was your idea" Jen laughed. And both giggled as they twisted themselves up.

There was a knock at the doot and since Jen was twisted up with Evan, she couldn't move, so she called out "Come in, it's open" The door opened and in came the backstreet boys, 3 of them anyways. AJ, Nick and Brian were standing in the doorway watching the two girls get twisted some more. Jen saw them but could only go red in the face. But when Evan saw them she lost all her strenght and went down knocking Jen over with her.

Nick and Brian walked over to them "And there down for the count" Nick screamed.

"1, 2, 3... and the winna'" Brian said in his best referee voice. Then picked up Evan's hand and waved it in the air. Nick came over to Jen and helped her off the ground.

"Thanks" Jen smiled sweetly.

"See what did I tell you guys, ain't she something?" AJ asked coming over to give Jen a hug.

"Aww, so you're Jen" Brian said taking her hand to shake it.

"Jenny" Evan cut it

"This is Evan" AJ said and Brian and Nick each greeted her. While she smiled and hid her embarrasment.

"I beleive you have something that belongs to me" AJ said

"Oh right, your phone" Jen said slaping her head. "ouch" she said while running into the bedroom to get it.

When she came back she saw AJ flirting with Evan, Evan was blusing and giggling. Brian and Nick had taken over the couch. When Brian and Nick saw Jen, they came over to AJ, someones cell phone phone rang and they all took out their phones except for AJ who took his off Jen. "Mine" Brian said.

"Shit" Nick said

"Damn" AJ laughed

Brian walked into the corner of the room, talking on his phone while AJ turned to Jen.

"You busy today?" he asked.

"Naw I don't think so" Jen said. "It's still early so Ev and I haven't made plans."

"Cool," Nick broke in "Me, Brian and 'age' were gonna go to universal studios to goof around, you could come" he smiled at Jen looking hopeful.

"Count me out" Brian said returning to the group "Leighanne's having car problems, I gotta pick her up" he said

"But Rok, you said you'd go" Nick said sounding pissed off

"Sorry Frack, maybe tomorrow or something" he answered. "Nice to meet you two" he said to Jen and Ev, "Later guys" he said and left the room.

"Don't let him get ya down Nick" AJ said. "I bet you'd do the same if your girl was in the same situation"

"Maybe" Nick mumbled.

"Come on, lets go" AJ said pulling the two girls by the arms...

"'age' they're still in their pj's" Nick noted. "And nice ones at that"

Jen got lose from AJ's grip and punced Nick playfully. "Get dress girls" AJ said sounding stern, but laughing along.

Jen and Evan looked at each other and giggled "Yes father" they said giggling and running off into the bedroom closing the door behind them. As they were dressing,

Jen listened to Evan chatter away about how AJ could be so sweet. Jen dully noted that Evan was warming up to him, she wasn't embarrased to be seen in her pajamas by him.

After dressing and finding themselves a parking space in the crowded parking lot. They walked toward the entrance. AJ and Nick got them in free because they were known as "special" customers. The first thing they did was try some little kiddy rides. Bumper Cars was Nick's specalty. And AJ's was mini go cars. After 3 hours of little kids rides, Nick announced "It's time, one and all, for the terrifying tower of terror, the thrill of a life time"

"I'll pass" said AJ

"Me too" Evan said, Jen guessed she wanted to stay close to AJ

"I guess it's just you and me" Nick said chuckling

"Oh, I don't think so" Jen smiled nervously "I can barly stand on a chair without freaking out" she said

"Oh come on, I'll hold your hand if you get scared" He said and if that wasn't enough he added "I'll carry you in if I have to, but you're gonna go" Evan laughed and squeled as Jen protested "No way jose"

"Fine" Nick said walking a few feet ahead

"Nick you forgot something" AJ called. Jen looked around but didn't see anything.

"Oh right" Nick said laughing and stopping in front of Jen, "Here we go" And with that he picked her up with little effort and carried her off to the ride, all along the way Jen protested ordering Nick to drop her. No such luck. But Jen didn't admit that she loved having Nick carry her off like that.

They got to the line and Jen looked behind them, AJ was carrying Evan as well. "We didn't wanna feel left out" AJ said and Evan giggled.

The line was huge but Nick kept walking toward the front of the line, little girls squealed as they noticed the boys. "Nick what are you doing, the end of the line is that way" Jen said not wanting to rush in going on the ride.

"Who needs lines?" AJ asked from behind them.

"This way gentleman" the man at the doors said.

"Gentlemen my foot" Jen snarled and people behind them laughed.

After Nick had secured Jen in a seat between him and AJ he took her hand. "You'll thank me for this later" he said.

From the other side of AJ, Evan giggled. Evan was holding on to AJ's hand waiting for the ride to begin. Finally an annoucment came over the speaker. "This is your elevator operator... up" He said. As Jen listened to the cables creaking she felt her heart jump in her throat. She knew there would be no way, she would enjoy this ride. Finally at the top, the elevator jerked to a stop. Evan shreaked and giggled, Jen closed her eyes but Nick squeezed her hand making her open them.

"look at me" he said and smiled.

"Fine, but it doesn't mean I'll look at you later" she said

Just then the ride started to move slowly downward "going down" a spooky voice said over the p.a. system.

Jen looked at Nick who was laughing and smiling. She heard the other people on the ride screaming. And heard Evan giggle with excitment. AJ was whooping and cheering. Jen was probably the only one who was too scared to make a sound. The ride lasted maybe less then a minute but when it was over, Jen couldn't move. She was scared.

"Come on," Nick said taking her hand and helping her out of the seat

"I think I have to go die now" Jen stated and walked outside to the nearest rest room.

"Is she okay?" AJ asked Evan looking worried. Evan shrugged and hurried off to Jen.

Now in the girls bathroom, Jen leaned against the wall. Evan burst through the doors "Jen, are you okay?" she asked fixing her friends hair. Jen nodded. "Are you sure?" she asked. Jen nodded again. "Cause the guys wanna go on that roller coaster at the other end of the park" Jen gave her friend a wierd look. The at the same time they both said.

"Let's beat 'em"

They both walked calmly out the doors of the bathroom. Nick and AJ rushed over to them and Nick started to speak "Are you okay, I'm really sorry." Jen nodded and smiled.

"Hey guys?" Jen asked they looked at her "You wanna go to that roller coster now or what?" She asked.

"Yeah let's go" The guys said and they started to walk in the direction of the coster.

"Race ya" Jen and Evan bust out and started to run as fast as they could. Can you guess who won?

**INSIDE NOTE** We're not gonna tell you.

The day went by pretty slow. But all in all, they had a great time. Jen got close to Nick and AJ and Evan seemed to have their own little thing going. After a short ride back to the hotel each of the guys gave them a kiss on the cheak and were on their way. And as soon as the girls were back in their hotel room, they had a surprise waiting for them.

"Jen turn on the light I can't see" Evan called from accross the room

"I did" Jen called back.

"Ouch" Evan screamed "I tripped over the table, it's on it's side"

"Are you okay?" Jen asked her

"Yeah, I think so"

Jen searched the room for a light... using the walls as a guide, she clicked a switch and the room filled with light. She looked around the room and saw furniture upturned and clothes all over the place.

"Ev?" Jen asked her friend who was looking around the room from her spot on the floor.

"Yeah?" She asked

"Are you sure all you did was knock over the table?" Jen asked looking shocked.

"Jen!!!" Evan screamed.

"Sorry" She said back jumping over things to get into the bedroom, there was personal items all over the place. Jen looked in one of the drawers that was still intact for the money they had been givin for the trip. It was gone.

"Evan" Jen called.

"Yeah?" Evan came in the room beside Jen

"Oh no," Evan wined "That was all the money we had"

"Stay here, we have to do something about this." Jen said rushing out of the room and down to the lobby.

After explaining the situation and calling the police, they went back to the room where they were told to make a list of all the things they had brang with them and check off what was still in the room, or at least in one piece.

The room was a bussle of police officers and hotel managment. Someone came in the room to talk to the manager and a police officer. They were huddled in a corner of the room talking in quiet voices.

The manager came over to the two girls who handed him the lists. Then he spoke. "We will have everything returned to you as soon as possible, not to alarm you or anything, but there have been a few other robberies as well" he nodded his head and walked off.

For the night the girls were givin a new room and clothes from the hotels store. First thing in the morning they would be givin certificates for clothing, and a cheque to replace what had been taken. Althoough they had been assured that the theif was no longer in the hotel, it wasn't enough to help Jen and Evan sleep. They were too affraid that it would happen again. They stayed up playing 20 questions which turned out to be 100 questions. At around 3am they had run out of questions, so they took a walk down to the lobby. They sat down there for about an hour looking through magazines, until they got bored and decided to explore the hotel. They walked down hall ways and opened doors. They stopped in the exercise room that was deserted. They tried out some of the tredmills and bikes.

They went off to explore again and came accross a gym, this was the kind of gym that would hold well over 1000 people. They walked to a door and when they opened it they were blasted with the sound of loud music. The music stopped and 5 heads turned to look at the girls. "Jen, Evan, what are you guys doing down here?" AJ said turning to walk over to them.

"We honestly don't know" Evan laughed.

"Come in, you can meet the other guys" AJ said.

The obeyed and were introduced to Kevin and Howie.

"so you're the girls that have taken AJ and Nick away from us" Kevin said.

Evan giggled and looked at the ground.

"What are you guys doing here at this time?" Jen asked them looking around.

"Oh." Kevin said "We have an early concert on tv tomorrow"

"yeah," AJ said using his hands to visualise a banner saying "The backstreet boys on the morning show" Evan giggled again

"Now, it's your turn" Nick said "Why are YOU down here at this time?" he smiled So after running the boys through what had happened AJ said "You guys shouldn't even have to stay in this hotel anymore" he shook his head.

"Wanna come stay with us?" Nick asked

"No, we're okay" Evan said.

"yeah" Jen answered "We're gonna be getting our money back from the hotel today so we'll just get a different hotel or something" Evan nodded in agreement.

"You guys wanna watch us practice for a while?" Howie asked looking at them.

The nodded and sat down on the floor against the wall.

After an half an hour of dancing and sweating the guys claimed that it was time for them to get a move on. So they said their good byes and we're off. After the girls found their way back upstairs to their temporary room, they managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours.

INSIDE NOTE** They got lost on the way back up to their room.

Part 2