Chapter 8

Two Days Later

“Come on Bri, you ready?”, Danielle asked coming into his hospital room.

“Yeah I’m ready baby”, Brian smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and they kissed.

“Brian Thomas Littrell if I didn’t know better I would say you are up to something, you’ve been acting different lately. What are you up to?”, Danielle asked smiling.

“Dani now what would I be up to”, Brian laughed as they left the hospital and for the airport.

“I don’t know but i am gonna find out”, Danielle said, “But all I know is that you are gonna have some peace and quiet and rest up”

“Yeah I know, that’s why we’re going back to Kentucky”, Brian smiled. Danielle smiled and shook her head knowing he was up to something as they got on their plane to Kentucky.

(In Kentucky)

Danielle and Brian got out of the car and stood there.

“Well home sweet home”, Brian smiled as they stood in between both of their houses, “Which house we going in?”

Danielle then remembered about something they haven’t done in a long time and said, “Follow me”

“Ok”, Brian said confused as they held hands and walked to the back of their houses and went into the woods on the trail that led to their treehouse.

“The treehouse”, Brian smiled, “Man we haven’t been in that in a long time. This was like our home together. We talked about everything together”

“Come on lets go in it and see if everything is still the same”, Danielle said as she climbed up and Brian did behind her. Danielle went to open the door to get in but it was locked.

“It’s locked”, Danielle said.

“Yeah remember we always locked it cause we didn’t want anybody getting in, the key should be right under the mat where we always hid it”, Brian said as he picked up the mat and got the key and unlocked the door. Danielle then opened the door and they both walked in.

“Wow”, everything is still the same as it use to be”, Danielle smiled as they looked through the treehouse. It had their bunkbeds and everything like a normal house cause Brian’s father had people help him build it like a normal house.

“Man I never knew how much I missed this place till we came back here”, Brian smiled as he sat down next to Danielle on the couch. Brian and Danielle then looked into each others eyes. They both leaned in and were caught in a passionate kiss. Brian then picked Danielle up in his arms and carried her over to the bed and sat her down gently. Brian then laid on top of her gently kissing her soft lips.

Chapter 9