Chapter 5

Danielle woke up that morning in Brian’s arms. She thought she must of fell asleep on the way back home from the concert. Danielle looked up and saw Brian sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face. She smiled and got up quietly out of his arms and changed her clothes since she was in her clothes from yesterday. She then went downstairs to the kitchen and heard the TV going in the living room. She raised her eyebrow thinking who could be here. As she walked into the living room she saw AJ, Kevin, Nick, and Howie watching TV.

“Hey Dani”, Nick said as everybody else greeted her.

“Hi”, Danielle responded confused, “How did you guys get in here?”

“Oh we spent the night last night in the guest rooms cause we were all too tired to drive home”, Kevin told her.

“Yeah and we were looking for a good home cooked breakfast”, Howie said giving he puppy dog eyes as everybody else looked at her.

“Ok fine I was just about to make breakfast”, Danielle laughed as she went back into the kitchen to cook.

(An Hour Later)

“Yo Breakfast is ready”, Danielle yelled from the kitchen as the guys came running in and sat down an started eating down the food.

“Where’s Bri?”, Danielle asked.

“He’s getting dressed he should be down any minute”, Nick said as Brian came walking in, “There he is”

“Hey Dani”, Brian said as he kissed her on the lips.

“Hey Bri, you better sit down and get something to eat before they eat it all”, Danielle laughed as Bri nodded and got some to eat.

“Aren’t you hungry?”, Howie asked Danielle.

“Uh no I gotta get going anyways”, Danielle told them.

“What, you do? Where?”, Brian asked.

“I gotta go home and get ready for a photo shoot and see if I’m gonna get a modeling contact to Tommy Hilfiger”, Danielle explained

“Ok, call me when you get home”, Brian told her as he kissed her goodbye.

“Thanks for the breakfast Dani it was really good”, Howie told her as everybody else agreed.

“Your welcome guys c-ya later”, Danielle said as she left the house and got back in her corvette and left.

Chapter 6